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Radio Program on Former IRS Agent Turned Whistleblower Sherry Jackson

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Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA
Saturday, January 2, 2010
The American Awakening hosted by Michael Herzog
Oracle Broadcasting
Please tune in to The American Awakening on the first Saturday of the new year. Host Michael Herzog, Barbara Hartwell and Colin Jackson, Sherry's husband, will be discussing the case of Sherry Jackson, the courageous former IRS agent who is now a political prisoner, for the simple reason that she told the truth about the IRS, "federal income taxes" and related issues.
Sherry was one of the presenters in Aaron Russo's documentary film, America: Freedom to Fascism.  (If you haven't seen this film, order it --preferably multiple copies-- and then loan or give it to everyone who might benefit from seeing it.  That probably means most of your friends and relatives, who may not be aware of what is really going  on in this country.)
As for the price Sherry paid for her valor and honesty in trying to help others, perjury was suborned from false witnesses, Sherry's former colleagues, even those she considered friends. Sherry was set up, railroaded, unlawfully arrrested, tried and convicted of a "crime" she did not commit. 
But back to the present. The last anyone heard from Sherry was on December 17, 2009.  I've been in contact with Sherry's husband Colin and we are trying to get as much publicity for Sherry's situation as possible.
At the time of this writing, we still do not know the state of her health, which was at one point so bad that Colin put out a public appeal for assistance to get proper medical care for Sherry while at the Coleman prison in Florida.
Recently, Sherry was moved to another facility in Talahassee, Florida. We believe this was a punitive action taken against her because Sherry's friends and supporters were able to generate too much publicity (and scrutiny on them) for their liking. Sherry was blamed, falsely accused of contacting the media, which we know she did not do.
Sherry's husband and children were separated from her at Christmas, though they had been looking forward to visiting her at Coleman during that time.
I once had the honor of sharing a radio broadcast with Sherry Jackson, on Michael Herzog's program during his tenure at RBN (January, 2008). We shared our stories, and talked about the hazards of being a whistleblower.  Now, I consider it an honor to be back on Michael's program with Sherry's husband Colin.  The topic will be the same, but this time the stakes are much higher.
Please join us for this important program with Colin Jackson; and please join with us in our efforts to help Sherry and to hold government/prison officials accountable for all the harm done to Sherry Jackson. Let's all work together and do all in our power to see that Sherry Jackson is set free and returned to her home and family. 
Free Sherry Jackson!
Barbara Hartwell Percival
December 30, 2009
The American Awakening Website

Monday, December 28, 2009

Healthcare Reform is a Lump of Coal

Barbara Hartwell Percival
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Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA

Note:  Here's a report by Ron Paul on "healthcare reform". True, I'm far more radical than Ron Paul, but he still makes some good points, worth taking the time to read and consider.

The usurper (unlawful...unconstitutional...ungodly...un-American...non-citizen, etc. etc.) "president", Barack Hussein Obama, continues his march to implementing full-blown communism in these United States, adding the finishing touches to the destruction of our once great Republic.

This year, we saw the (unconstitutional) "legislation" which resulted in the abomination of "Hate Crime" laws, making criminals of Christians and designating our Bible as "hate speech."

Meanwhile, pedophiles, child abusers/rapists and sodomites now have "special protection" for their diabolical activities (some of which are felony crimes), and are encouraged to pursue their perversions, while concerned parents are expected to stand by mutely and allow these atrocities against their children. If they move to defend their children and to stop these monsters, they could be arrested for a "hate crime". Is this unbelievable, or what?

Then, there's Obama's semi-covert attempt to keep the treasonous Patriot Acts on the books, all the while engaging in the usual double talk, promoting the pretense of his respect for Individual rights as protected by the Constitution.  Get real, Obama! 

Haven't had enough yet?  There's more: Now, we face the communist/fascist (take your pick) "healthcare reform" bill. Since when does government have the right to dictate to citizens how they will care for their health, and that of their families? Since NEVER!

If you can't see where this is all going, then it's too late, at least for you. But for those with eyes to see, ears to hear, the writing is on the wall.

Stand up for your country, stand up for your God-given (natural) unalienable, Constitutionally protected and guaranteed rights!

Don't allow this usurper and his minions to control any aspect of your life, including health care!

Health care freedom is your God-given right!

Don't allow these evildoers/control freaks, Obama, Big Pharma, the Medical Mafia et al to determine YOUR future.

 I can guarantee they won't determine mine.

SAY NO to the "healthcare reform" plot.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
December 28, 2009

Texas Straight Talk
By Ron Paul 

Healthcare Reform is a Lump of Coal

Last week on Christmas Eve, after many backroom deals were made, the Senate passed the healthcare reform bill with a strictly partisan vote. I was pleased that my colleagues in the GOP are on the right side of this bill. Although this vote was a major step in healthcare reform becoming reality, they still have to reconcile the Senate bill with the House-passed version in conference committee. This could prove even more difficult and costly than the Senate vote.

There was a little bit of controversy surrounding one particular Senator who was initially against the bill, but then, coincidentally, a large amount of Medicare funding specifically for his state was tucked inside and he ended up voting for it. One wonders how much more of that will have to go on to achieve final passage.

But this is how politicians in Washington deal with problems: they throw your money at them. Healthcare reform is no different. The Senate version of the bill, at last count, will cost $871 billion. The House version tops $1 trillion. But they tell us this is for the health of Americans, and how dare we count the cost?

Such is the arrogance of politicians. There seems to be no end to the problems they feel capable and duty-bound to solve through legislative proclamation and plenty of your money. To hear them talk, one might think that a few words spoken on Capitol Hill would make problems just disappear. All it takes it good intentions.

But no good can come from 2400 pages of Washington’s good intentions.

I have observed quite the opposite throughout my political career in the House of Representatives, and fear that with this immense legislation, our healthcare problems are only just beginning. Over the last few decades, I have seen healthcare subjected to more and more creeping red tape that only creates bottlenecks and increases costs as new bureaucratic hurdles are put in place.

Politicians cannot solve the problems created by ever-increasing intervention by exponentially increasing their intervention. Similarly, they cannot improve the quality of healthcare and expand access to it for all Americans simply by legislative decree. If only it were that simple! 

The reality is the free market, when allowed to function, naturally increases access and drives prices down through competition. The free market keeps service providers accountable by allowing people to take their business elsewhere.

This government intervention will eventually create a near monopoly of providers in health insurance as smaller companies are squeezed out and innovation comes to a grinding halt due to formidable barriers to entry. The government will determine prices and levels of service that will apply to everyone, regardless of want or individual circumstances. The true insurance model of healthcare cost management, meaning major medical coverage only, will basically become illegal. Opting out of the system will incur heavy tax penalties.

Expanding government reach so deeply into this very sensitive area of our personal lives and such a major part of our economy means more opportunities for waste, fraud and abuse of the system. One need only remember the recent bailouts for an example of how government handles systemic waste, fraud and abuse.

So while the Senate patted itself on the back last week for delivering a Christmas gift to Americans, time will prove it was instead a great big lump of coal.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Urgent Appeal for Political Prisoner Sherry Jackson

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust
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Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA

Urgent Appeal for Political Prisoner Sherry Jackson

I've been posting updates on Sherry Jackson ever since I heard about her illness at the beginning of December. 

I spoke to Sherry's husband Colin by telephone earlier this month, and the last I heard, he thought they had moved Sherry to another facility, but he was not sure where she was. That was on December 17.

In hope of finding an update, each day I kept checking the Free Sherry Campaign site:

But the last update was on December 17.

I am very concerned for Sherry's welfare.  I have been praying for her and her family, and today I called Melanie Phoenix, a mutual friend of mine and the Jacksons, to see if she'd heard any news.  She hadn't, so I asked her to call Colin.

Here's what she found out:

No one has heard from Sherry since Thursday, December 17th.  They did move her, as they told him that they had, to investigate why she "may" have contacted the press, which would violate rules.  They know she did not do this.

Colin is quite confident that Sherry has been moved to Talahassee, FL.   He thinks a federal prison but yet does not know the exact name but suggested I look on google for the location.  I did and this is what I found.

Bureau of Prisons website    

He said her inmate number remains the same: 59085-019

Name: Sherry P Jackson
Register#: 59085-019
Age: 47
Race: Black
Sex: F
Release Date: 08-08-2011

I find this situation very distressing. Sherry was prevented from having Christmas with her family, and has not even been able to speak to them.  And I happen to know that Sherry did NOT contact the press. But a lot of us who care DID contact as many journalists as possible. Sherry should not be blamed for that, nor should there have been punitive measures taken.

We do not know anything about the current state of Sherry's health.  And I repeat: NO ONE (including her husband) has heard anything from Sherry since before the last update was posted on the Free Sherry Campaign site.

Christians, Patriots, Defenders of Liberty, Messengers of Truth, Everyone who cares:


Please post/forward this message far and wide!

And don't stop with that, there's a lot more you can do!

Please pray for Sherry Jackson and her family.

To write to Sherry Jackson:


For more information on media campaigns and what you can do to help:

For a recent feature article/commentary by investigative journalists Barbara Hartwell and Joe Lanier see:

Special Message to Radio Talk Show Hosts: Please plan a special program to publicize Sherry's case.

To Radio Listeners: Call in to talk shows and start a conversation about Sherry's case, even if another topic is being discussed.

Thank you all for your consideration and God bless every one of you who does something to help Sherry.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
December 27, 2009

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.
2 Timothy 1:7

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust
PO Box 7487
Ocean Park, Maine 04063
Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA
By Greg Evensen
December 25, 2009

From the top of virtually every flag staff in our country flies the emblem of The United States of America. Our national flag is a moving symbol of what we believe the country has stood for since our victory against the British. It has flown as the rallying cry for men and women in combat. It has been seen by some as the single sacred goal for refugees in hostile lands who were literally crawling for the protection of its embassy or a U.S. Marine detachment protecting the soil on which it flies. And for still others, it has flown border to border and coast to coast as our “guardian angel” spreading its majestic colors for the world to see and know that America stood for something greater than self, a visual picture to all who see it from a distance, that the might and glory of her history was truly something to cherish and die for if necessary.

I believe with all that is within me that we still have an unassailable claim to the unbendable and unshakable rule of law found in the Articles of Confederation and to a lesser degree the Constitution itself, for which “old glory” perpetually stands in silent honor. Before that flag flew for the first time, the Declaration of Independence was written by imperfect, flawed men who sought a Republic in which to chart their own and others—destinies. We may argue vociferously about whether or not our founding generation was Christians, atheists, deists, or cultists. It matters only in that we may VERY soon have the opportunity to do it right again—or perhaps for the first time.

To our ultimate shame and utmost agony, we are now a mere shadow of that symbolized greatness. We have become a pathetic caricature of the strong, independent and “righteous” embodiment of liberty, freedom and justice for every citizen. No longer are there patriotic and moving renditions of our national anthem. Sousa marches are heard once or twice a year at service academy graduations or on Memorial Day. Veterans are shunned. People complain about service honor guards use of “real guns” to volley for the deceased. A flag draped casket is a symbol of foreign intrusion and reckless use of force by our military and that may indeed be true.

What has driven us to such a deep trench of despair and an ongoing sense of detachment from who we are, why we knew our duty and were not afraid to hold others accountable if they strayed from the well worn path of common sense, honest lawmaking, courage and devotion to freedom?

Patriots, real, honest to goodness uncompromising stalwarts of a national treasure held in the hearts of men and women, are now faced with the most vicious pack of rabid beasts to ever walk within the district limits of Washington, D.C. This putrid pack of evil human beings deserve hell fire so hot as to burn the guts out of our own sun. What they have done to this nation’s hopes and aspirations for generations yet unborn (if the child survives the womb) is a war crime against humanity if there ever was one defined. They have legislated for the corrupt. They have labored to provide safe haven for criminals and perverts. They have stolen from the people and created an island of slavery so vast and inescapable that even suicide seems sweet to those entombed in its grip.

We have been constant witnesses to the mutated process that is called government in Washington and in many of our states as well. Layer upon layer of bureaucrats have taught each other the ropes in a game of how much can we do to the citizens before they roll over in their fast food haze of stupidity and pass some gas. Real pretty picture isn’t it?

And up on that flag staff? Fifty stars have fallen onto the dirt and the red and white stripes have entwined themselves into a sickly anemic pink more to the liking of the sodomizers among us than men and women who still believe that the “stars and stripes” have promise and mean something more virtuous than a sold out America battered by lecherous politicians writing demonic law and calling it “change we can live with.”

It is far too late in the game to cover the reasons why we are where we are. If you don’t know, then find out. If you don’t care, then get out of my way. As Sam Adams said, “……let posterity know that you were never my countryman.” Be gone, be silent and hide. You will not fair well in what is coming. Abortionists deserve what they give out to the innocent. Sodomizers need radical surgery where it counts. Politicians deserve a bunk in a FEMA camp. Bankers need 20 years of living in a dumpster. Corrupt business leaders require 12 hours a day in the heat of the south picking strawberries while the former mistreated workers relax in the Virgin Islands.

To some, what I have described is NBC’s version of a “right wing fanatic and his rantings that are a danger to this socialized bastard democracy.” To millions of freshly educated, formerly dead on their ass liberals and entitlement vampires, truth just went up a notch or two.

Now, let me be very clear. Americans have been brutalized by tyrannical government long enough. Soviet style law making must be ended. The politicians responsible for our economic, military and banking catastrophes must be arrested, tried and sentenced for their crimes—without exception and everywhere they have ruled. Nazi style security, surveillance, cameras and satellite GPS census systems must be located and shut down. Lawless judges, police officials, and rogue military personnel must themselves be brought to justice for the violations of their oath of office and the corruption left in their wake.

I cannot emphasize enough that this all needs to be done in a quick, peaceful and dignified manner and done so immediately. Forget the damned feel good “tea party” speeches that these scurrilous bastards laugh at and do something. You, who complain that writers like me outline problems and offer no solutions and you want action paths, then convene Grand Juries in every county of America, WITH OR WITHOUT THE “CONSENT” OF THE JUDICIAL SYSTEM.

Failing that, recall elections should be run against every targeted elected official that holds office.

Finally failing the previously peaceful two options, hundreds of thousands of people must leave the comfort of their homes and mass around every state capital building in the 50 states. Hundreds of thousands of others must do the same around the capital in Washington, D.C. Voices from these crowds must drown out all other sounds and it must continue for many minutes. Utter silence must then replace the noise with one well spoken citizen in each location rising to read a brief demand. It must be the same in all the states and in D.C. It should read something like this:

“On behalf of the citizens of this republic representing the Constitution of this nation and of the individual states, we hereby claim our right of SUPERIORITY and final AUTHORITY over this place and those who are inside. We have fired you from your office by common consent and demand that you leave this city immediately never to return. You have one hour to vacate.”

Then all who have come to make the final plea must leave the area. When the expected failure to comply has been duly noted, the military should be notified to arrest, detain and try each former legislator.

At this point you are processing my suggestions and have come to the inescapable conclusion that this is pointless and cannot succeed. First of all do not be so sure that any one of these suggestions may not be possible.

What follows this potential plan of action is all that would be left and that is open, outright, and undeterred rebellion against the wickedness in high places. To continue “business as usual” with the corrupt government entities would be unthinkable and you would be part of the corruption. Working “within” the system would be siding with the enemy and your lot would have been cast with the devil himself.

Make no mistake. Whether it is the smallest most corrupt nation in Africa, Asia, South America, or the United States of America, rebellion is the choice of last resort. Outcomes are tenuous and the path to victory is a tragic admission that government tyranny ALWAYS results in civilian misery. Fighting for one’s country then carries a new and deeper meaning.

We are just moments and one horrible piece of corrupted law from facing that choice. The people who will determine this nation’s fate are neither in uniform nor in plush power soaked suites on Capital Hill. They are you and live in your communities. You will choose the means by which this nation lives out its historic future, or you will preside over its ultimate death. That choice is in your hands and is quickly going to be pushed into your gut. If your gut is soft, you will collapse with your breath taken away and the fight will be over. You WILL be taken away in shame and agony.

However, if your strength of conviction is equal to the task, then you will be able to speak softly these words, while preparing to do battle against these usurpers of freedom with fellow heroes yet to be named.

"O thus be it ever, when free men shall stand, between their loved homes and the war’s desolation. Blest with vict’ry and peace, may the Heaven rescued land, praise the power that hath made, and preserved us a nation………

Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just, and this be our Motto, “In God is Our Trust.” May the Star Spangled Banner, in  triumph forever wave. O’er the land of the FREE and the home of THE BRAVE.!” *

Our flag may once again fly proudly over us, having witnessed courageous people doing great things in desperate times. For the indicted traitors among us, it is a time to count the cost of your betrayal. For many the ultimate choice for crimes so great will be dishonor and prison or the wall. For the patriotic heroes of the American Revolution of 2010, whatever form our struggle will ultimately take, our posterity will be able say, “Thank God Almighty, the Patriots of 21st Century America were Forever our Countrymen.” …………Steady boys, steady as she goes………….

*Final verse of the Star Spangled Banner by Francis Scott Key.
© 2009 Greg Evensen - All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust
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Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA


I am a devout Christian, a believer in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I am also someone who celebrates Christmas. This year, I plan to go to the High Mass (Episcopal Church) on Christmas Eve, a tradition I try to keep whenever possible.

Let me take this opportunity to wish all my Brothers and Sisters in Christ, all my Friends and Family, a Blessed Christmas.  And despite these dark times, to wish you a Happy New Year, filled with Love, Light, Healing, Truth and Liberty!

May the Peace of Christ be with You.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Christmas, 2009

For your consideration, I also offer this Christmas message from Rev. Ted Pike, of the National Prayer Network.

Editor’s Note:
As we approach Christmas, Holy Scripture reminds us that Jesus was a Jew. The Christmas story, beginning in Matthew 1:1-17, chronicles His descent from Judah, one of the twelve tribes of Israel.
All the great prophets, including Christ, reproved sinful Israel. Yet, they never forgot that, despite Israel’s sins, God has a long-term destiny for His chosen people. These are that remnant out of Israel who believe in Christ, both now, and at His second coming.

This article, posted previously at, attempts to embody such Biblical balance and perspective.


By Rev. Ted Pike
21 Dec 09

Thousands of years ago, storytellers discovered that to most effectively keep the attention of their hearers, a story should have the following elements: a hero; a villain; romance; and a happy ending.

God also wants to create high interest for his human audience. If he loses their attention, how can he save them? Therefore, he planned his whole story of redemption to include all the lively and enduring elements listed above.
Let’s consider, in its simplest form, God’s fascinating story of Redemption, particularly as it involves the Jews.

At the very beginning of God’s great drama is the arch-hero, Jesus Christ. Christ, the Son of God, is the creator of the universe and of man in his image, for “All things were made by Him and for Him” (Col. 1:16). Christ is also the creator of the nation Israel. She was chosen as his unique bride among the nations (Ezek. 16), the first to have a spiritual relationship with him. She was ordained as the special vehicle to make his eventual incarnation possible, bringing redemption to all peoples.

Yet Christ’s bride became a harlot, committing spiritual fornication through idolatry. In fact, Israel, being the first to “marry” Christ, became the “mother” of the principle of spiritual whoredom, the “Mother of Harlots.” Christ divorced her (Isa. 50:1; Jer. 3:8), but He yearned for the affection of their children, the children of Israel. Finally, he came to earth in human form in a bold attempt to become their friend. Yet, she violently prejudiced most of her children against him. Together, they crucified him.

As a result, Christ vowed that she and her unbelieving children would be spiritually desolate and would never see him again until they call him blessed (Matt. 23:38-39). But before he ascended back to his Father, he married a beautiful Gentile bride, clothed in a wedding gown of spotless white linen.

Christ had given his harlot bride a glorious land and jewel of a city, Jerusalem. But it came with conditions. Although the land was to be held in trust for her obedient children forever, nevertheless, if she did not respect and obey him, she would be cast out of her land. She could never return until she or her children were chaste and obedient.

Consequently, after the crucifixion, Christ allowed the Romans to smash the harlot’s walls and exile her to the nations. For nearly 1900 years, the harlot, Israel, wandered with her children, which now included a host of adopted children from the Khazar nation. (See, "The Khazars: Do They Destroy God’s Plan for the Jews?") She yearned for the legitimacy and security of dwelling in her ancestral home and city. She vowed to return someday to live in her native land, whether her former husband liked it or not.


During the twentieth century, the harlot persuaded the nations to allow her and her children to re-occupy the land of Israel – a land sacred to faith – reserved only for the obedient Jewish bride of Christ in every age.

Since such a return was spiritually lawless, it naturally produced every kind of friction and discord, inflaming its occupants, the Palestinian Arabs. The Palestinians, like the ancient Samaritans in the time of the Babylonian captivity under Nebuchadnezzar, were allowed by Christ to occupy his holy land until the time when his children become obedient. Then, and only then, will Christ authorize the peaceful removal of foreign occupants and re-entry by its rightful owners, the believing children of Israel.

But the harlot brazenly continued to occupy the promised land, brutally mistreating its temporarily legitimate occupants. Eventually, flaunting God’s law, she dominated not only the Middle East, but the entire world. The prophet Ezekiel describes her and her children in this period as having been gathered from the nations and dwelling at peace, militarily uncontested, “without walls and having no bars or gates” (Ezek. 38:11). They are in supreme control, for “there is no one able to make them afraid” (Ezek. 39:26).

Yet such seeming millennial peace and safety is not a result of divine blessing. Ezekiel also sees her as profaning God’s name (Ezek. 39:7), iniquitous and treacherous against God, transgressing and unclean (Ezek. 39:23), and in disgrace (Ezek. 39:26). In fact, the harlot and her children are so wicked that God is hiding his face from them! (Ezek. 39:23)

It is during this time of world dominion that the harlot at last finds her long-anticipated, substitute husband, the “Beast” or “Antichrist” to replace the one she crucified at least two millennia earlier. No longer bearing the reproach of being a widow that killed her husband, the harlot rides upon the Beast’s broad shoulders, proudly proclaiming, “I sit as a queen and I am not a widow, and will never see mourning.” (Rev. 18:7)

Yet she is ripe for judgment. Her garments are soaked with the blood of Christ’s Gentile bride, the saints and martyrs (Rev. 17:6). Soon, the Antichrist tires of his cruel, conceited lover. Suddenly, he throws the harlot from his back, goring her with his seven heads and ten horns. He burns her with fire, slaughtering two thirds of her children. (Rev. 17:16, Ezek. 5:12)

Fulfilling God’s timeless law, the children of Israel are once again exiled from a land devoted to obedience. The Jewish remnant is ruthlessly persecuted and hunted down among the nations. The Arab world rises in bitter revenge, keen to destroy every last Jew from planet earth.

After about three an a half years of the greatest “holocaust” of suffering that her children have ever known, and just as extinction of the Jews is imminent, suddenly, like lightning flashing from one part of the heavens to the other, Jesus Christ, the Great Harlot’s first husband, appears in the skies. (Matt. 24:21-28).

As Christ comes, he judges and destroys, in the Battle of Armageddon, the armies of those nations that have tried to destroy his people. He kills the Beast and casts Satan and all his demons into the bottomless pit. There they will be unable to deceive the nations for one thousand years. (Rev. 20:1-3)

Seeing his great judgment and deliverance from the heavens, the harlot’s surviving children look upon him, the holy Son of God, whom their mother once pierced. They mourn bitterly, realizing the enormity of their mother’s sin. At last, they believe in their true Messiah, and the Holy Spirit is poured out upon them (Ezek. 39:29). From that moment, Christ becomes again Israel’s spiritual husband (Ezek. 39:22).


Imprisonment of the world’s arch trouble-makers, Satan and his demons in the bottomless pit, makes it possible for a radically different order to be established on earth, one of international obedience. Christ, the benevolent king, nevertheless rules the world by a “rod of iron” – by law.

After polluting and being polluted by generations of spiritual whoredom, both Jews and Gentiles are morally degraded and confused to an extent probably unknown in human history. They will have to re-learn the difference between the sacred and profane, clean and unclean. Christ effects this through the same legal system he designed to enlighten his people when they first came out of the defilement of Egypt – his mosaic law.

Thus, the Gentile nations must send ambassadors to the Feast of Booths annually – or go without rain (Zech. 14:17-19). Similarly, the remnant Jews, only lately delivered from defilement in Sodom and Egypt, are required to live by faith, but they must also observe the ancient mosaic law with all its strictures (Ezek. 40-47; Zech. 14:16-21).

That law is charged with symbols that looked forward to Christ; however, Christ’s harlot wife had never allowed her children to honor him through that law or its symbols. Now, the nation of Israel must look backward to the law, keeping it perfectly for one thousand years, celebrating all that the law says about the great hero and husband of the true Israel.

After a thousand years of peace under Christ’s kingship, the devil and his demons are released for a short period. This is so that man’s free will can be honored. Most of humanity rebels against Christ, but, in just judgment, he incinerates their bodies and casts their souls into the lake of fire with the demonic hosts (Rev. 20:7-10).

Christ’s great experiment called LIFE has been a resounding success! It has been foretold through a prophetic story-line that keeps us gasping until the final curtain begins to close.

Scripture gives us one last glimpse into the future. It is of the New Jerusalem coming down from heaven (Rev. 21). In it dwells Christ’s precious treasure, no longer called Jewish or Gentile Christians, but the Bride of Christ. They are united like diamonds in his crown, loving their great hero and being loved by him forever.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Government Stooges' War on Whistleblowers: Spotlight on Tim White & Francine Kelly

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust
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Ocean Park, Maine 04063
Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA

Government Stooges' War on Whistleblowers: Spotlight on Tim White & Francine Kelly

Most of the world's problems would be solved if only aggressive people would leave other people alone. Some of us (including me) just want to be left alone. Others (control freaks, aggressors and government officials) just won't leave us alone. Therein lies our problem.
--Barbara Hartwell quote (letter to a friend), 1967, age 16

For as long as there's been an intelligence community, there've been intel groupies and camp followers. These rank amateurs, these wannabes, attempt to attach themselves to (former or current) intelligence professionals.  Some of the professionals claim to be "whistleblowers", and the groupies, seeking attention and approval for themselves, and having no experience, training or background of their own, are hoping to latch on and bask in the reflected light.

What a sorry lot!  Without exception, they are loud, rude and aggressive. Their methods are crude and bumbling, and their profound ignorance of the topics they address is glaringly apparent.  Ignorance and arrogance: it's a bad combination and these intel groupies display it in spades.

But the bottom line is this:  In their self-serving aggression, they just refuse to leave others alone, no matter how many times they are warned to stop their aggression, interference and meddling. They are gatecrashers whose aggression knows no bounds. And like their government masters, they won't stop until they are forced to stop.

I for one, intend to stop them, by any and all lawful and ethical means necessary! Some people have asked me why I bother exposing these little nobodies (Tim White, Francine Kelly et al) when I could be focusing on those evildoers at the top. My answer: They may be nobodies, but the damage they do is not to be dismissed or forgotten. They need to be exposed and their lies refuted, from time to time, inconsequential though they may be. And like their government masters (whom I do also expose), they should be held accountable for their lies, their harassment and their wrongdoing.

Should any of them escape exposure simply because they are mere slugs, nobodies and low-level lackeys? No, no, no! Each and every one of them has exercised their free will and decided on aggression as opposed to loving their neighbor as themselves; and respecting the rights of others; they have rejected the philosophy of live and let live, meaning leaving others alone to live their lives as they see fit.  They have brought upon themselves any and all criticism and exposure by their innocent targets, myself included.  And I have no doubt that they will certainly see God's Justice, whether in this life or the next.

Would any legitimate whistleblower tolerate the behavior of these hangers-on? Would they associate with them? Would they promote or support them? Would they call them "friends"? Would they share "inside information"?  In a word: no.  In several words: no, never, not in this life or any other. Rather, we will expose them and warn others about their self-serving, self-aggrandizing deceit and treachery.

But unfortunately, there are many others, who, while they may have a legitimate claim to the background and training in intelligence work which their fawning groupies lack, are all too eager to enlist these stooges and exploit them for their own ends. Certainly such is the case in the COINTELPRO-style operations.  This gaggle of amateurs and wannabes  (including Tim White and Francine Kelly) are nothing but useful idiots, though they fancy themselves "players", and even "intelligence assets".  Absurd! Preposterous!

One of the most notorious of  these intel groupies is Timothy Patrick White, a career criminal who latches onto anyone who will lend an ear to his bizarre conspiracy theories (none of which are backed up by facts or evidence); and who is used as an attack dog by corrupt government officials (former and current) to harass, stalk, libel and slander legitimate whistleblowers whom the feds want to neutralize.

Tim White is nothing more than a loud-mouthed aggressor, who slings around obscene language and threats. Yet oddly enough, Tim White promotes himself  (among other self-aggrandizing titles) as: "Investigator"; "Whistleblower". But White has no training or experience whatsoever as any sort of  "investigator."  He is, in point of fact, uneducated and has no background in any professional field or discipline.  As for "whistleblower"?  You can't be a whistleblower unless you were INVOLVED in the operations and/or were a direct witness to the corruption/crime(s) being exposed. And White was never involved in anything of consequence.

But worst of all, Tim White has wreaked havoc in the lives of countless journalists, radio talk show hosts, genuine whistleblowers (former law enforcement/intelligence professionals/military, etc.) I call them Messengers of Truth.

As for anyone who exposes real truth, based on facts and supported by evidence, White will home in on these individuals like a heat-seeking missile. He'll first try to get their attention and insinuate himself into their good graces by claiming he has "important inside info" on.....fill in the blank.....

Then, he'll drop a few names he thinks will impress the target, stating that he is a "personal friend" of this so-and-so...or that so-and-so....(Examples: Ted Gunderson, John DeCamp, James Rothstein, Eric Phelps.) What White, in his ignorance and stupidity, does not realize, is that these very names will throw up a red flag which will cause any intelligent, discerning person to avoid contact with the likes of Tim White.

I've heard the same story from numerous acquaintances, friends, colleagues and even strangers, who have contacted me, stating that they have read my reports about this criminal stalker, Tim White; and further, stating, in their outrage, that White has targeted THEM for stalking; criminal harassment; threats (including death threats); libel/slander; outrageous violations of privacy (publishing private info like telephone numbers, street addresses, etc.).....and in certain cases, all of the above!

In reality, White has no access to any "inside information" on any subject. His so-called "inside info" is nothing but:  1) wild speculation;  2) old news/common knowledge recycled by White; 3) information which White scavenges off other people's work on the Internet, then claims as his own; 4) disinformation fed to him by corrupt (former or current) government officials, which he then disseminates far and wide; 5) His own false assumptions, delusions, etc, etc.; 6) malicious gossip fabricated and promoted by his fellow stooges and wannabes.

For just a little background on G-Man wannabe, government stooge, Tim White, here's an excerpt from a report (April, 2009):

Unbelievable as it would seem, Tim White is still on the loose...harassing, stalking, threatening the lives of targets. His libel and slander of targets is more prolific than ever, and may be found on numerous message boards and websites all over the World Wide Web.

In fact, White has more accomplices than ever before: those who support and/or defend and/or promote him (including his libelous and defamatory writings and malicious lies, some of which are disseminated as gossip and slander); and/or are using him to do their dirty work in targeting legitimate whistleblowers and journalists.

Some of the accomplices of Timothy Patrick White (only a partial list): Ken Adachi; Pam Schuffert; Ted Gunderson; John DeCamp; Todd Brendan Fahey; Brenda Negri; Larry Lawson; Charles Bruce Stewart; "Xena Carpenter" (identity unknown); Francine Kelly; James Rothstein; Mark Hostlaw; Marilyn Guinnane; Don Nicoloff; Craig Oxley; Eric Phelps; Aaron James.

For those who may have been reading the outrageous lies disseminated by White and his cohorts, but who have yet to learn the real story, the unvarnished truth about Timothy Patrick White, here it is. This comprehensive summary was written in 2003.

A True (But Stranger-than-Fiction) Crime Case: Tim White, the Cross-dressing Conspiracy Theorist

Earlier this year (2009) White, on one of his usual libelous rampages against Barbara Hartwell,  teamed up with one of his silly intel groupie cohorts, a woman named Francine Kelly. See:

Fed Snitch Timothy Patrick White: Criminal Harassment, Stalking & Death Threats

I had never heard of this Francine Kelly, until one day it came to my attention that she was sending out public group e-mails to a whole list of people, most of whose names I recognized. What's more, most of those on her list are connected in some way to Tim White.  And finally, a number of them are known to be gov't shills, bad guys and their stooges (also bad guys), and the usual crew of demonic liars, whackjobs and criminals. (See Francine Kelly's e-mail below for names/addresses.)

And, of most importance to me personally, many of these persons have libeled/slandered and/or harassed/stalked/persecuted Barbara Hartwell, over a period of a decade, and in some cases, longer.

To make myself crystal clear, I should state that given the persecution I have been targeted for these many years, anyone who supports, defends, promotes, or is otherwise associated/aligned with my known enemies, I consider an enemy.  That is my decision, my prerogative and my policy.

My way of looking at it is diametrically opposed to those who say: The enemy of my enemy is my friend. No, not for me. Rather, I say: The friend of my enemy is my enemy. That's the way it is, and I don't care who likes it or who doesn't.

Francine Kelly has become an aggressor.  She is now harassing me and like her pal, Tim White, is making absurd demands. Though I've tried to ignore this buffoon, Francine Kelly, as is typical of her ilk --the government stooge and intel groupie--she apparently just will not allow this.

So okay, Ms. Kelly, intead of ignoring you, let's give you the attention you are so desperately seeking. You are now exposed for who and what you are. Does this make you happy? Maybe it will teach you to leave others (namely me) alone and to mind your own business. Maybe it will teach you that if you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas. But if not, it will at least expose you as the parading idiot that you are.

Here's an e-mail header from Tim White to accomplice, Francine Kelly.  Note that White, as always, describes Barbara Hartwell as a "CIA BITCH".  The message is simply White's copy of some comments (not included) I wrote about Francine Kelly.

From: Tim White
Francine Kelly
Sent: Thursday, April 2, 2009


Now, let us look at an e-mail sent by Francine Kelly to my good friend and professional colleague, investigative journalist Janet Phelan.  As I understand it, Janet is on some e-mail lists and/or belongs to some groups which also  include Tim White and Francine Kelly. Janet forwarded these e-mails to me, as she considered me to be a concerned party. Janet is also a target of criminal stalker Tim White, who in fact fled to Canada in fear for her life as a result of the harassment and persecution of this madman and his accomplices, including criminal stalker Pam Schuffert.

My comments, refuting Francine Kelly's misinformed opinions and idiotic speculation, are contained in brackets, in the body of the text, preceded by my initials, BHP. Other comments by me (from original reports) are also included and should be obvious.

From: Francine Kelly
Subject: Barbara Hartwell's Defamation of My Character
Date: Friday, April 24, 2009, 6:23 PM

Dear Janet Phelan,

It is incredulous that Barbara Hartwell is not reachable by email, but she has access to emails that I have written that weren't even sent to her.

[BHP: Contrary to Ms. Kelly's claim, I am certainly able to be reached by e-mail; except by the likes of government stooge, Francine Kelly. My e-mail address is private, and will stay private. Again, contrary to Ms. Kelly's claim, e-mails she has written were in fact "sent to" me, by a third party on her e-mail list.]

Following are Barbara's libelous comments about me. Under her comments are my comments about which statements I would like her to remove from her blog.

[BHP: Do not call me by my first name, Ms. Kelly. You do not know me, nor ever will. Your familiarity shows you to be a low class gate-crasher, like your pal, Tim White. And I don't give a tinker's damn what you would "like". Your self-created problems are of no interest to me.]

As Pat and Mike Shupe and Will Wilson have probably told you, as Will's CIA MK-Ultra asset, I am deeply involved with life-threatening investigations of drug trafficking in homeless shelters, CIA MK-Ultra and The Alien Agenda.

[BHP: Personally, I do not know (nor have ever heard of) "Pat and Mike Shupe" or "Will Wilson". As I do not know these people, I have no reason to attribute credibilty to anything they may say. 

As for Ms. Kelly's so-called "life-threatening investigations", this sounds typical of a delusional wannabe, just like her whackjob cohort, Tim White; or other wannabes like Brenda Negri and Shirley Anderson (also accomplices of Tim White.)  And I would bet my life on the fact that this buffoon, Francine Kelly, knows nothing at all about "CIA MK Ultra".  As for this "Alien Agenda" nonsense, it is most likely gleaned from her delusional fantasies.]

Obviously, I cannot risk flaws to my impeccable reputation on the Internet, even from people with tarnished reputations.

[BHP: This woman is a flaming whackjob! What impeccable reputation? Nobody has ever heard of this little brainless twerp, except possibly those on her e-mail list.  I can assure you CIA doesn't know her name, nor has ever had any dealings with her.  As for the "tarnished reputation" she imputes to Barbara Hartwell? Well, I wonder who is responsible for that? Ms. Kelly, you are truly a parading idiot and clueless fool!]

If Barbara Hartwell does not remove her libelous comments about me by Friday, May 1, 2009, I will visit the Google office in Fremont, which is about an hour's drive from where I live to discuss the issues with Google executives.

I do not object to this visit. I enjoy having lunch at a restaurant in Fremont, and the Google office is only a few blocks away. It will also be a very interesting experience since I've heard that Google is CIA.

[BHP: Well, May 1 has come and gone.  And I doubt that this fool, Francine Kelly, has made good on her threat. And so what if she had? Does she really believe I would care where she goes, or what she does? And does this pathetic, ridiculous creature really believe that Google will take down my website as a result of her statements? Her buddy, Tim White, made the same impotent threats long ago. My website is still online.

If these morons want the truth, here it is: Google is interested in only one thing: money. If the websites sponsored by them are generating money (one way or another) they don't give a damn about anything else.]

A couple of months ago, I met a CIA agent from Europe who works at Google. He told me he is very interested in cleaning up the pedophile and drug trafficking rings in Fremont.

[BHP: Just more hearsay. Nobody cares, and I doubt if anyone from CIA would bother speaking to a buffoon like Francine Kelly.]

Here are Barbara Hartwell's libelous statements and my comments about them:

Public E-mail from Francine  Kelly

1) This was not a public email. It was sent to selected individuals. Barbara Hartwell was not one of them.

[BHP: Again, the moronic Francine Kelly gets it all wrong. She quite obviously fails to understand what the term "public" actually means. Once you send out an e-mail, addressed to more than one recipient, the e-mail is automatically "public".

Recipients are free to forward/distribute the message to all and sundry; to publish it on any message board or website. And unless you are a complete fool (obviously the case with Francine Kelly) you cannot expect your message to remain "private".

I recieved the very PUBLIC e-mail message from one of the recipients. And considering the content, I decided to comment on it.]

From: Francine Kelly
Subject: Resolving this once and for all
Date: Thursday, April 2, 2009, 3:24 PM

Note some of the recipients. Some may be recognized by name, others by e-mail addresses: Tim White; Ted Gunderson; Doug Millar; John DeCamp; Sue Arrigo; Don Nicoloff; James Rothstein. 

For the record: I know from reliable sources that all of the above individuals have, at the very least, been spreading malicious and defamatory lies about Barbara Hartwell (and certain of my associates); at worst, some have done so publicly, via libel and slander.

2) I have never spread malicious and defamatory lies about Barbara Hartwell. I only recently learned about Barbara Hartwell's existence.

[BHP: Once again, Francine Kelly displays her ignorance and stupidity. I never mentioned her name, as one spreading malicious lies. Check my statement above: The ONLY names I mentioned were: "Tim White; Ted Gunderson; Doug Millar; John DeCamp; Sue Arrigo; Don Nicoloff; James Rothstein. " Francine Kelly's name was NOT among them.] 

Excerpt, opening  paragraph:

"Dear Pat, Mike & Will,

I don't want to be called an accomplice by Barbara Hartwell. I'm not an accomplice to Tim White. Just like Ted Gunderson told me, Tim has helped me. He has educated me about this sleazy Intel world, and he has been right about many things since May 2008 when I was thrown into the drug-infested homeless shelters in Seattle. As you all know, I do not approve of how Tim talks to people."

Note that Francine Kelly claims that Tim White has "educated" her about "this sleazy Intel world".  
According to Ms. Kelly, Ted Gunderson is in agreement with this statement.

3) Ted Gunderson told me that Tim While has helped him with investigations. Please clarify this statement.

I do not know Francine Kelly; but I have
seen numerous public e-mail messages written by this woman, correspondence between herself and Tim White (among others);

4) My emails were not public. They were addressed to selected individuals. Janet, did you send Barbara these emails? And, if you did, where did you get them? Did you get them from Pat Shupe?

[BHP: I'm sure that Janet Phelan did not bother answering these questions from the nutcase, Francine Kelly. In any case, once Ms. Kelly sent out her very public e-mail, it was fair game for anyone to forward it/use it/ publish it as they chose.]

Was Pat Shupe forced to send these emails to you, or did she send them to you by her own free will? I am very interested in Pat Shupe's motives for sending you these emails.

[BHP: Now Francine Kelly gets even more aggressive in her interrogation of Janet Phelan. And who does she really think would care about her obvious delusional fantasies?]

Pat told me that she and her husband Mike, and Will P. Wilson are forced to be double agents. Answers to these questions may prove vital to the work I am doing in Seattle which I suspect would interest Google. In fact, maybe Google could help us sort this out.

[BHP: Double agents? Give me a break. I can assure the readers that none of these individuals were ever, at any time, any kind of "agents", much less "double agents". What the hell is wrong with these people? Francine Kelly and her friends have apparently been reading too many grade B spy novels! This entire concept is totally and completely absurd!]

...and she appears to me to be living in a delusional fantasy world. Her writings are far from coherent, as suggested by this excerpt:

Francine Kelly wrote: "I really thought you wanted me to help you expose the Draconian Reptilian Vampire Agenda and MK-Ultra. Pat, you even said that day when I arrived at the house and Carson was pulling at my clothes saying, "Go downstairs and tell Will that you can't live without him," and you were saying, "You have free will," that maybe Will and I could work together on MK-Ultra"

5) I need Barbara to talk with my psychiatrist Dr. Jim Hopfenbeck. Jim  asks me how I can be so equanimous after what I've gone through as a CIA MK-Ultra sex slave and intelligence asset. I'd like Barbara to post what Jim says about me on her blog.

[BHP: Talk to her psychiatrist??? Why in hell would I be interested in this whackjob, or in anything some psychiatrist has to say about her? And why does this self-important flake think that anyone else would be interested in reading about her psychopathology?

I can guarantee this woman was never, at any time, any kind of "intelligence asset". The very thought is ludicrous! But like her pal, Tim White, she obviously has delusions of grandeur.]

Did Barbara make this comment because she is working as a MK-Ultra asset for people who want to limit the exposure of The Alien Agenda and CIA MK-Ultra? Is this why she posted disinformation in a recent blog about MK-Ultra?

[BHP:  I won't even bother with this idiotic comment. Except to say that with every word that comes out of her mouth, Francine Kelly further exposes her own ignorance and stupidity.]

Google should be very interested in these topics. In fact, I am going to call Google's executive office, and them I'm going to send a copy of this email to the company.

As I address Barbara's libelous statements, it is becoming clearer that Barbara may have written them to discredit me to minimize the exposure of The Alien Agenda and  CIA MK-Ultra.

Did she also defame my character in an attempt to discredit my intelligence gathering on drug trafficking in homeless shelters in Maui and Seattle?

[BHP: Unbelievable, unmitigated stupidity! Where in hell does this woman get her twisted, harebrained ideas?  I don't know her; have never heard of her. But considering her loud-mouthed arrogance and her connection with psycho stalker Tim White, I find it necessary to at least expose her for what she is.]

So if Ms. Kelly wishes not to be named as an accomplice of this psychopath, Tim White, perhaps she should stop defending, supporting and promoting him; and cease and desist from parroting his malicious gossip.

6) I am not, nor have I ever been, Tim White's accomplice.

[BHP: Sure you are, Ms. Kelly. You promote Tim White; you support him and you defend him. You have stated that you find him credible and that he has "educated" you.  Tim White is a criminal. He harasses and stalks patriots, whistleblowers and journalists. You are an accomplice by virtue of your alliance with him. Again, your ignorance shows.]

Thank you for forwarding my comments to Barbara Hartwell. Since Barbara's site is under re-construction, I would appreciate if you would send me a copy of the revisions she makes relevant to her defamation of my character since I cannot find the blog on her current site.


Francine Kelly

[BHP: No revisions will be made. This further exposure of your ignorance and stupidity is all you're going to get, Ms. Kelly.  Furthermore, stating the facts and the truth about a person does not constitute defamation of character.]

But Francine Kelly did not give up her harassment in April. No, she decided to continue it right up to the end of the year. Here, find her recent (December 16, 2009) letter to my friend Janet Phelan, in which she pursues her foolish ideas about defamatory remarks by Barbara Hartwell.

So let's end this once and for all, shall we?  I do not know anyone named Patricia Shupe, nor have received e-mails from such a person. And I have no intention of removing any remarks I have made, at any time, about anyone, including this delusional moron, Francine Kelly.

Let her contact Google, it does not concern me in the slightest.

And FYI, Ms. Kelly, there is no project called "Monarch" which was ever connected with CIA's MK Ultra program.  Nor were you ever involved in MK Ultra. You're obviously a mental case, and you've obviously been duped, but that's not my problem.

As for your claim of being an "Intelligence Asset", no one (including CIA) uses nutcases like you. And were you actually such an asset, you wouldn't be boasting of it in public e-mails to your pals.

You're a "Writer"? I doubt you have ever published anything more than your delusional, self-aggrandizing fantasies, sent to your like-minded pals on an e-mail list.

Give it up, Ms. Kelly and stop harassing legitimate people.

But about those aliens: Why not ask them to get you a one way ticket to lala land. They could abduct you for good and we would all be rid of another harassing intelligence groupie, government stooge and CIA wannabe.

Get lost!...get off my case and leave me alone.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Harassed by whackjobs
December 21, 2009

From: Francine Kelly
Subject: Defamation of Character by Barbara Hartwell
Date: Wednesday, December 16, 2009, 8:02 PM

Dear Janet,

I asked you months ago to have Barbara Hartwell remove the defamatory remarks she made about me on her blog. I have highlighted the comments below in yellow that I would like her to remove.

I told you to tell Barbara that I would notify Google if this was not done. As I recall, I even said that I would visit the Google office near Seattle to make certain her defamatory remarks are deleted.

I don't know who would have sent Barbara Hartwell my emails except you and possibly Patricia Shupe.

Thank you for taking care of this matter.


Francine Kelly
CIA MK-Ultra Project Monarch Intelligence Asset, Alien Abductee & Writer