Friday, January 01, 2010


Barbara Hartwell Percival
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Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ and Defenders of Liberty:

I need your help!

If you find this website of benefit, of value, educational or otherwise; or simply because you care, please consider making a donation, in the form of Christian charity or love gift.  No amount is too small, and no amount too large. Donations are my ONLY source of material support.

I am a 25 year veteran (1969-1994, not "retired", but rather an escapee) of CIA black operations.

Since escaping from CIA black ops, I have become a CIA whistleblower and have devoted most of my time to activism for Liberty.  As an independent investigator, intelligence analyst and journalist, I have written and published hundreds of reports and articles on the World Wide Web and for hardcopy periodicals.

My activism and writing, in a word, focuses on Liberty.  Individual rights as bestowed by God, protected and guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.  My fight is not just for myself, but for all true Americans, and as a Christian, as a patriot, as a mother and grandmother, I care tremendously about ALL our children and grandchildren.

My mission is to secure Liberty for future generations...can you agree with that? Or would you rather just allow the tyrants and globalists to take over and trample our rights, to destroy our precious country, which the founders fought and died for? Do you understand how very precious are our liberties and God-given rights? 

Or are you willing to live under socialism or its inevitable slide into communism? Do you want a totalitarian one-world government, where YOUR indivdual rights and liberties are subsumed under foreign powers? Do you want freedom or slavery? Which will it be?

Are you willing to support a foreign invader/imposter/usurper as alleged  "president" of these United States? Did you know that he is NOT a natural born citizen, and was therefore never even eligible to run for president?  Did you know that he is NOT a Christian, as he has falsely claimed, but a Muslim?

Why has he never produced a viable, dated birth certificate, showing the date, time, location of his birth?

Why are there no witnesses to corroborate the bogus birth certificate, stating that he was born in Hawaii?

Why is everyone ignoring the ONE witness (his grandmother Sara Obama) who states that she was a witness to his birth in Kenya?

Why are there no records to substantiate that he attended Columbia University? No witnesses to say they knew him, even saw him, during the years in question?

Do you wonder WHO placed him in the Oval Office? Do you wonder WHY?

Do you understand the totalitarian globalist agenda, that of the New World Order?

Do you even care?

What about YOUR children and grandchildren? Would you fight for them, for their freedom? For the love of God, I hope so, and I also hope you will find valuable information on this website which will assist you in that battle.

I am periodically forced to go offline, due to my computers being destroyed by government hackers/saboteurs (last such case, June, 2009-December, 2009). Having no money, and no one I could rely on for help, there was nothing I could do.  I just recently got back online, only due to the donation of a computer by a friend.

Over the past 10 years, I have been diagnosed by three (3) doctors (medical and naturopathic) as disabled, unable to be employed in any regular capacity.

The source of all my various disabilities is abuses and attacks (chemical/biological warfare; psychological warfare; directed-energy weaponry, etc.) by the United States government. These criminals are fully responsible for the massive damages (including to my health and my finances) which have all but completely destroyed my life.

Going hungry; not having adequate heat in my home; deprived of basic necessities to sustain life; unable to get medical care...all this and more, have I endured, with no one to care, and no one I could rely on.....and unless I can get some relief, I can't imagine there is much time left for me.

I am in desperate need of various types of medical care, which I cannot afford.

I have no source of income and I am alone in the world, with no spouse, family, or friends I can rely on for material support.  As God is my witness, this is my situation, and has been, for years.

And yet, if you place my name in any search engine, you will be assaulted by disinformation, outrageous lies, libelous falsehoods and character assassination. Some of these diabolical liars claim that I have all the money and support I need. They claim I am being supported by a "boyfriend", or even more than one such "boyfriend" (the liars go so far as to name these alleged "boyfriends", but nothing could be further from the truth).  

Some of the demons would have you believe that I am a CIA agent, and worse yet, that as an agent of the government, I am "targeting"  others for harassment. The blackest of lies, by the most evil of malicious liars!

Then, yet other demons are claiming that I am "homeless".  (I have never been homeless in my entire life, nor am I homeless now.) They are also spreading lies about my family, about family names, bloodlines, and relationships, and just about anything else you can imagine. And so it goes...... 

The tall tales and outlandish stories abound....

Who is doing this, spreading these outrageous lies? My enemies, ranging from high level officials in the U.S. government, to their low level minions, toadies, stooges and shills.

These demonic liars all have something to lose as a result of my reports.  They have been exposed!

(Check the reports on this site to learn their names, and then avoid them, shun them and discern them for who and what they are!)

They are extortionists; blackmailers; identity thieves; con artists; sex perverts/predators; porno freaks; sodomites; child abusers; forgers; scamsters; globalists; communists; fascists; totalitarians; snake oil salesmen; drug/weapons dealers; enemies of humanity and of God. They are the lowest scum of the earth, and they typically accuse those who expose them, and/or who threaten their criminal activities (including Barbara Hartwell) of EXACTLY the offenses and crimes of which THEY are guilty as sin!

Please use your God-given discernment, and do not believe these minions of Satan!

A number of former supporters have unfortunately been deceived by these demonic liars and have withdrawn their support. But please, if you have an open mind and compassionate heart, do not let these demons stop you from considering my message; nor, if you are so inclined, and able to do so, from making a donation to support me and my work.

All donations (in the form of Christian charity/love gifts, no questions asked, no strings attached) are gratefully accepted.

Thank you for your consideration and God bless you.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
January 1, 2010


Postal money orders preferred. Pay to the order of "Barbara Hartwell".
Send to: PO Box 7487, Ocean Park, Maine 04063
If sending cash, please secure by wrapping in heavy paper or aluminum foil.
Thank you!

PS: The demonic liars have been posting bogus "appeals" for donations to Barbara Hartwell on the Internet, giving false addresses and other false information, even stealing my identity!

FYI: I am NOT homeless, nor can I receive postal mail at a street address. Ocean Park, Maine, where I live, does NOT deliver mail to any street address, but ONLY to a PO box.  The ONLY way to send a donation is at the postal address given above!