Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA: Archives by Title (Volume 3)

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Web site: Barbara Hartwell vs. CIA
Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA: Archives by Title (Volume 3)
May We Forget You Were Ever Our Countrymen
Irrefutable Evidence: The Truth About Brenda Negri
Strange Bedfellows: The Wannabe Meets the Spooks
Down to the Crossroads: My Strange Encounter with JBS
Osama Bin Laden & Promis Software
Anatomy of Psy Ops: Witchcraft & Classic Torture
A Matter of Honor: My Resignation From Rumor Mill News
Exposed: Pam Schuffert, That the Mouths of Liars May Be Stopped
Political Persecution in America: Case of Irene Adrian
Is Treason "U.S. Friendly"? RMN on the Patriot Act
Time to Set the Record Straight (Part 2)
Ken Adachi & Educate-Yourself: Promoting Fallacies on CIA & MC Ops
Suspicious of Ex-FBI Agent Ted Gunderson (?)
Tim White: COINTELPRO Provocateur & Stooge
Showdown in Montana? CIA Dirty Antics?
Patriots Speak Out on Loony Larry Lawson AKA Lyin' Larry
Christmas Message: My Travels With God
Seriously...I am sick of this!
Time to Set the Record Straight: Part 1
Pam Schuffert: Liar, Manipulator, Grifter, Betrayer, False Witness