Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA: Archives by Title

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Notice: This website is under reconstruction. Until such time as the archives by title are restored, please use this list of titles to locate individual reports.
Each volume (beginning with Volume 1) contains various reports and will be posted as time permits.
This site was originally designed to house archives of the work of Barbara Hartwell. It is not (and has never been) a "news" site; nor was it created for the purpose of posting regular "updates".
The archives are NOT listed in any particular order, by date of writing; nor by subject matter. However, each report is dated, after my by-line at the end of the report.
Dates of "posting" (as per the blog format) do not necessarily (and most often, do NOT) correspond with dates of writing. Please note: this is an important distinction.
Additionally, as it may happen, due to circumstances beyond my control, that I will be unable to complete the reconstruction of this site; and since, due to various factors, it is possible that this site may be taken offline in the near future, those who wish to have access to selected reports may want to download them.
All reports and articles are for information purposes only. The readers may make of them what they will.
April 21, 2009
Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA: Archives by Title (Volume 1)
Photo of Barbara Hartwell and Son Keith Maximilian Hartwell
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Testimony of Barbara Hartwell, Target of Political Persecution
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Truth or Dare: Tales from the Patriot Brigade
Polluting the Patriot & 9-11 Truth Movements
Open Letter to Ex-FBI Agent Ted Gunderson
Ex-FBI Agent Sosbee on Ted Gunderson's Character
Ain't Nobody's Business If I Do
Open Letter to Noreen Gosch
The Scapegoating of Barbara Hartwell
Ex-FBI Whistleblower Attacked by Former Supporter
Honey Trap Trickster? Or CIA Assassin?
CIA Drug Running, Gun Smuggling & Much More...
Riding Herd: Micromanagement by Consensus Vs. Individual Liberty
Retrospective on a Man of Dishonor: Why I am NOT a Todd Brendan Fahey Fan
"Educator" Ken Adachi: Stooge & Apologist for Crooks, Liars Whackjobs & Porno-Mongers
Open Letter to Constitutional Activist Rick Stanley
Report on Todd Brendan Fahey: July 2004
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