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The following Opinion Releases are from Pam Stanley.
Rick Stanley is NOT a criminal. He has been wrongfully and unlawfully convicted and jailed for exercising his GOD GIVEN (NATURAL) UNALIENABLE CONSTITUTIONALLY GUARANTEED AND PROTECTED RIGHTS.
More importantly, Rick Stanley stands for YOUR rights.
How many people have had the courage to confront these government criminals and tyrants directly and demand God-given rights FOR ALL?
How many have worked tirelessly for years to educate Americans and distribute vital information to the public?

How many have Stood Up for America, despite the consequences to themselves?
Precious few, but Constitutional Activist Rick Stanley is among the best of them. In the two years I have known Rick as a friend and ally, he has demonstrated a remarkable consistency in his stand for Liberty.

I haven't always agreed with him on every issue, and yet the MAIN ISSUE --DEFENDING LIBERTY WITH NO COMPROMISES-- was one we could always agree on.
If you are not familiar with Rick's background or the facts of the case, go to all the websites listed here and posted as links on this site.
For a summary on the Rick Stanley case also see:
I urge all liberty-loving Americans to TAKE ACTION in supporting Rick Stanley in whatever ways possible.

Rick Stanley is imprisoned because of corrupt judges, prosecutors, police, FBI, Joint Terrorism Task Force, et al, all enemies of We the People and traitors to these United States.
Unfortunately, some of the people connected to the Revolutionary Coalition (founded by Rick in December 2004) are not helping the Cause of Liberty. The original purpose of this coalition was to UNITE to defend God-given rights as protected and guaranteed under the Constitution.
Some of them are actually promoting and defending 'gun-control' morons like Rosie O'Donnell, and gun-grabbing socialists like Kucinich. Time and time again, I've seen Rick patiently try to set these people straight, but they just don't seem to get it.
Now that Rick's daily newsletter has been suspended (the last ones I received are below, from Pam Stanley) I went to the Revolutionary Coalition forum to see what kind of support there might be for Rick or if there were any updates on his situation.
I was outraged to read the comments of one woman, in response to another RC member, regarding Rick's unlawful incarceration. Here, just a short excerpt:
"I don't consider Rick as being swept under the rug. I'd like to think of him as being away continuing his education, on a scholarship at university. He'll be back and he'll be smarter."
Such, apparently, is the level of ignorance and foolishness among people who claim to be activists for Liberty. Has this woman ever done time in a jail? Has she ever even SEEN the inside of a prison? I doubt it.
To minimize and trivialize Rick Stanley's situation in such a way is redolent of New Age secular humanist pop-psychology. And this mind set has no place in the Battle for Liberty.
Forget about these useful idiots. They are not helping anyone, and are actually undermining Rick Stanley by spouting out their uninformed garbage; and by their willingness to compromise on the Main Issue: Individual Rights as bestowed by God.
These folks need to either Stand Up for Truth, Liberty and Justice with no compromises, or stand down.

Barbara Hartwell
June 20, 2007
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RELEASE: Rick's bond has been revoked and he has been taken into cutody to start serving his sentence.
Judge Plank ruled today, at the end of Rick's 1:30PM hearing in Adams County, that Rick's bond should be revoked and he should start serving his sentence. Judge Plank feels that, even if Rick is granted an appeal at the Colorado Supreme Court, that they would uphold Rick's conviction and that based on arguments the D.A. presented Rick could possibly be a danger to the community and should therefore start serving his sentence now. All Rick's remaining appeal remedies need to be sought while Rick is behind bars. This is all quite absurd but, none the less, anticipated by both Rick and I. We were both quite certain that eventually they would get their wish to have him in prison.
Our attornies are going to file the appeal with the Co. Supreme Court within the next 45 days and they also plan to file a petition for reduction of sentence based on his good standing in the community and the fact that he's never committed an act of violence or harmed anyone in his life.
Mean while, this is obviously devestating to myself and the rest of Rick's family, but we are strong and we will manage as best we can while he is away. As soon as I find out what facility he will be serving his sentence I will put the word out so that anyone that is so inclined can write to him. I know he would want to hear from his supporters.
I would like to request that you ALL stop emailing Rick at his email address. I will have enough on my plate without the added responsibility of checking his emails. If there is something of great importance that needs to be communicated you can email me at I do repeat that I only want communication that is absolutely necessary as this is also my business email.
I thank you for all your support and prayers.
Pam Stanley
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Also check out The Revolutionary Coalition!
This group is working to unite all third parties that defend the constitution, independents, and non-voters (making up 60% of Americans) into one SUPER THIRD PARTY!
This group has a single line platform: "To defend our (Natural) God-given, unalienable, Constitutionally protected and guaranteed rights."
RELEASE: Rick's address and booking number at ACDF.
For those of you who would be so kind as to write Rick and show him your support while he is at Adams County Detention Facility here is his address and booking number:
ACDF-Richard Stanley #07-7975
P.O. Box 5001
Brighton, CO. 80601
He is expected to be there for at least a couple months until they have an opening at one of the prisons in Colorado. Apparently they are all over crowded.
Thanks, in advance, for corresponding with Rick and showing him that he may be in jail but he is not forgotten.
Pam Stanley