Thursday, April 19, 2007


Rick Stanley
Constitutional Activist
We the People Scoop 4/19/07
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RELEASE: Rick Stanley Released on original bond with ankle monitoring bracelet addition today Apr 19, 2007
STANLEY NOTE: I was released from the Adams County Detention Center today at 9:00 AM, Apr 19, 2007, by judges order pending a bond revocation hearing on next Thursday at 10:00 AM at the Adams County Judicial Center in Brighton, Colorado. I was released on the existing bond with the added order of a ankle monitoring device. I was arrested Saturday morning, was in the Denver jail for 4 days and the Adams County jail for two more days. I lost eight pounds (Rick's jail house diet - really works well, don't recommend you try it). I am stiff and sore from the wound and burns received as a result of the projectile bean bag weapon fired at me illegally by the Denver Swat Team. As always, I will continue the fight for liberty. My wife, while shaken, has a renewed feeling and commitment to fight for liberty. Once again, she got a brush with the tyranny that I have been dealing with for 6 years now. The "truth" will prevail. Liberty will prevail. I just don't know how much longer it will take, or the continued cost... Whatever...
Below, is the motion filed in the Adams County District Court that was the object of the special hearing yesterday, Apr 18, 2007 at 1:30 PM, regarding quashing the wrongfully issued arrest warrant.
[See Revolutionary Coalition forum to read motion; not included here.]
My vehicle has been released from hold and my wife and I will be securing the vehicle this evening from the Denver Impound lot. My bond remains in place until the hearing on Thursday Apr 26, 2007. I am free to roam Colorado, with my ankle bracelet in tow... attached to my leg. "It ain't heavy, it's my ankle bracelet", sung to the tune of "He ain't heavy, he's my brother". However, life is like a bowl of cherries, sometimes you get a few pits. I get a bowlful, in dealing with the POLICE STATE OF AMERICA. I have to say, for an FYI for anyone who cares, many Denver Sheriffs and Adams County Sheriffs deputies came up to me over the six days and expressed their dismay over the treatment I continue to receive in the entire 6 year ordeal. Three years back, they were not that kindly. They are being educated, as well as us. Many have spent time at my website. One deputy was the nephew of Steve Byfield of Arvada, Colorado, who has also been charged with "Influencing a Public Official by threat" charges, as have I. He and I had may lengthy converstaions regarding liberty issues, as well as other deputies. Seems I had an answer for every issue they brought up, based upon the Constitution. Imagine that.
A federal lawsuit regarding the entire incident will be filed in federal court in the coming weeks by my attorney's Jim Bull and Bret Davies, against all the parties involved in the excess of force used in the arrest and the attending issues surrounding the warrant. This will not continue anymore without lawful legal retribution. Each and every abuse will be responded to, with a federal lawsuit. I will be forwarding each bit of information as it comes up and is available, including filings.
God bless the fighters for freedom, liberty, and justice.
LIVE FREE or Die! LIBERTY in our Lifetime!
Rick Stanley
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