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Readers Guide to Barbara Hartwell vs. CIA

Barbara Hartwell
Legal Defense & Research Trust
P.O. Box 7487
Ocean Park, Maine 04063
Website: Barbara Hartwell vs. CIA

Barbara Hartwell vs. CIA is the one and only legitimate website of Barbara Hartwell. I make this point in the banner heading because the opposition --those who wish to discredit, neutralize and generally destroy the good name, the efforts, the work, the livelihood and the person of Barbara Hartwell-- have engineered websites, blogs, "news groups", message boards and whatnot, using my name in the URL, or in special sections of their websites, which have also polluted the search engines with many libelous falsehoods about Barbara Hartwell.

There is also the issue of forgery, plagiarism and identity theft, which certain criminals among this network of my adversaries engage in. So, I will state for the record that I, Barbara Hartwell, authorize ONLY this website, and ONLY the material published herein.

Because there are a few legitimate persons/websites who have supported my work and published my reports (past and present) I will do my best to acknowledge them on this site, and to provide links where and when they are relevant.

The enemies of Barbara Hartwell are for the most part government agents and officials (former and current.) These government rat bastards (as I call them) have, over a period of many years, also recruited dozens of stooges, dupes, minions and useful idiots, whom they exploit to target legitimate government whistleblowers, patriots, government ops survivors, and sincere Christians, including Barbara Hartwell. Many of these workers of iniquity are exposed in considerable detail in reports on this site.

I will openly state, for the record, that anyone who is aligned with, affiliated with, in collusion with, or giving aid and comfort to, one or more of my enemies, is persona non gratis to me. I am a straight arrow by nature and intent, and have no tolerance for liars, those who play spy-games, who meddle/interfere where they have no right, who do not respect the privacy/personal boundaries of others, or who subscribe to the "enemy of my enemy is my friend" philosophy.

In fact, it's reached the point where I must, for my own protection and in my own defense, adopt the opposite philosophy: I must consider any "friends of the enemy" to be my enemies. Such is life, at least for me.

Who is The Enemy? Anyone and everyone who would violate in an way, shape or form, the God-given Rights of others, individually and/or collectively. A very simple concept. Amen.


The main purpose of Barbara Hartwell vs. CIA is to present archives of the writings of Barbara Hartwell, including reports, articles, editorials; this site is meant first and foremost, to preserve the integrity of my work in one collection online.

As I have always done, I include the work of other authors which I find informative, valuable, or sometimes even just entertaining. So let me state the old standby disclaimer: I do not "necessarily" endorse the viewpoints, the opinions or the credibility of the writings of other authors presented on this site.

This is not meant to be a "news site"; and although I have worked as a professional journalist, in both print and electronic media, for over thirty years (both "inside", under the auspices of CIA, and "outside", as an independent) I do not consider myself a member of the "alternative media." God forbid!

My experiences with "alternative media" have been, for the most part, just as dreadful as with the mainstream media. Most are unprincipled scavengers, shills and prostitutes, willing, and even eager, to sell out for ego-gratification and/or financial gain.

News items will be presented at my discretion, including as I find them relevant to DEFENDING LIBERTY and the God-given (natural) Constitutionally Protected and Guaranteed Rights of the Individual.

All material published on Barbara Hartwell vs. CIA is FOR INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY. The readers may make of it what they will. Caveat lector.


Because of the limited format of the "blog", as well as my own lack of expertise in web design, the archived reports have not been listed in chronological order, by date of original writing and/or publication, as they were on my old website.

However, each report is dated at the end, along with my by-line and/or preceding the report itself. I also often include notes, brief commentaries, or an addendum, when I find that further information, clarification, corrections, or explanation are necessary.

Neither are the reports listed by subject. There is quite an eclectic mix of reports, and so I've decided it is best not to impose any sort of rigid order.

Each report is listed by title in the INDEX/LINKS section on the right hand column of the site.

Titles usually reflect the contents and subject matter, and I suggest that readers use their intuition in choosing which reports may be of interest to them.

The titles where persons are named may be self-explanatory, at least in regard to the identities of the persons/subjects being addressed.

For those readers who would like a general overview of my background and of the most important issues addressed on this site, I suggest that they begin with these reports:

Testimony of Barbara Hartwell, Target of Political Persecution (July, 2005)

COINTELPRO Revisited: Targeted by a Legion of Liars (January, 2006)

Another thing: I don't use a spell-check function, as my regular readers have probably noticed. My spelling is fairly good, though I might not win a spelling bee. Sometimes there are typos, as well. I'm not the best typist, and I don't worry about small issues like misspelled words. The spell-check is simply more trouble than it's worth!

And lastly, my suggestion to readers is that they PRINT the reports in hard copy form. This suggestion is made for several reasons. Firstly, my reports tend to be lengthy. Secondly, they are written with the serious readers, those who have the "hunger for tangible paper", in mind. And lastly, hard copy prevents the eyestrain of reading from a computer screen.

As for myself, I am an adoring fan of hard copy and rarely use the Internet, except to read brief new items or summaries. I'm blind in one eye, and praying not to lose the vision (already poor) in the other. So, for the older folks and those with vision problems (both of which categories I fit into), try hard copy. I can almost guarantee, your reading pleasure will be greatly enhanced.


Here is something I find it very important to clarify:

I speak about the political persecution being directed at me mainly to expose the outrages and crimes committed by the perpetrators. It's more about them than it is about me.

I'm only one of their many targets but I want to see justice done --FOR ALL OF US. It is very important to me that there is a public record of this persecution and the many injustices I have been targeted for. In this way, I also build my case with documented testimony, facts and evidence.


Though I sometimes reveal certain personal information in my reports, and often find it important and necessary to express my personal feelings in order to make my point, I am careful to protect my privacy, security and safety as best I can.

There are those among my enemies who have violated my privacy, compromised my security and endangered my safety through such unscrupulous (and in some cases, criminal) acts as publishing my PRIVATE, UNLISTED e-mail addresses; telephone numbers; and street address on the World Wide Web.

For the record, all personal contact information for Barbara Hartwell is, and shall remain, UNLISTED, UNPUBLISHED and PRIVATE. The exception is my postal mailing address, given at the top of this site.

It is very simply NOBODY'S BUSINESS, as to the location of my home. As for my private e-mail addresses and telephone numbers, they are for use by "authorized persons only." Case closed.

If there is anyone who feels it is urgent or otherwise important to contact me, for personal or professional reasons, you may do so through my postal address. That is the reason it was made public.

I have found that this weeds out most of the curiosity seekers, the "salesmen", the busybodies and the crazies. And again, I prefer hard copy, in mail as in all reading material.

One last item: For years, I have continued to receive, by post, thick files of "legal cases" with appeals from readers that I take on their cases, pro bono. I am not a licensed attorney, nor have ever claimed to be. I don't know where so many people have gotten that idea, but I hope this sets the record straight.

Personally, I could use a good, honest lawyer myself....assuming one exists, who'd be willing and able to take on some government rat bastards, pro bono, just for the purpose of SEEING JUSTICE DONE!


The government has driven me into complete destitution, just as they have many other whistleblowers. I live in what I can only call desperate poverty. I own nothing of any substantial material value.

Having no regular source of financial support, no "income" and no one I can rely on for the concrete assistance I would need to survive, I have lived for many years only through donations, "love gifts", and care packages of food and other necessities, mostly from family and friends, but also from supporters in the general public.

Donations are gratefully accepted, if given in the spirit and intent of Christian charity. If you would like to make a donation to support me and my work, please see 'About Legal Defense and Research Trust' for more information.

Thank you for your consideration.

Barbara Hartwell

Sovereign Child of God
Believer in the Gospel of Jesus Christ
Enemy of the New World Order Police State

January 27, 2007