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Little Alamo, New Hampshire: Ed Brown's Statement to America

From Rick Stanley, Constitutional Activist

January 23, 2007

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OPINION RELEASE: Ed Brown's statement to America today Jan 23, 2007

Press release

January 23rd 2007

News from Little Alamo

Little Alamo N.H

"This is Little Alamo and its time people dug their heels in and say, no more!" stated Ed Brown to Kristin and Aaron, reporters from the Valley News in an Interview at the home in Plainfield. "This is Operation Little Alamo" Hundreds of supportive e-mails and phone calls flooded the home from people all over the nation. Requests from news organizations seeking interviews with Ed were being solicited as well.

Some callers were in tears expressing their approval of Ed's stance as he faces up to the tyrants against all odds.

Everyone was in good spirits today and the attitude was calm and collected. Ed's wife Elaine was in better spirits today and was visited by friends in Worchester Massachusetts. Ed had a chance to speak with her a couple of times today.

Numerous future interviews were planned today with other news organizations, but considering the situation, who knows what will happen. Everyone knows what odds they are up against and no one here feels that they can prevail against a super power, but all have agreed that there are no solutions left to the injustice that has befallen this once great nation.

Ed Brown was accused, tried and convicted of tax crimes in abstentia and not allowed to provide a defense while the courts failed to provide Due-Process; the main missing ingredient in his trial and like many other trials which go on daily and deprive millions of Americans their God given rights.

Despite the mainstream media's having a field day, by legitimizing the "legal" claim that Brown is a felon, tax cheat, tax evader and while using those terms in their headlines as they have been , support for Ed Brown is growing immensely. "This man called and told me how happy he was that I stood up, he was crying..." Ed said which caused him to tear up.

The legal claim that Brown has been convicted in a kangaroo hearing is nothing new. The former Soviet Union used the same tactics and China still uses it today and as the mainstream media fails to report happens here everyday.

Irwin Schiff, Dick Simkanin, Steve Swan, Eddie Kahn and numerous others who were tried in similar fashion are imprisoned today for tax crimes and their unconditional release is now demanded by the men and women of Operation Little Alamo.

It's so much easier to pretend that something "fair" happened throughout the proceedings. The problem is that most Americans give the rulings by these judges legitimacy because they really don't know or understand what happens inside the courtrooms, but being deprived the right to due process does not legitimize what the government is doing to Americans today in most courts Federal, State and local. The conviction is therefore void and appealing the decision just brings it in front of the same self policing group. There is no more oversight to hold these judges and prosecutors accountable.

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