Saturday, January 27, 2007

Message From A Desert Storm Paratrooper

From Quest for Fair Trial in Concord, New Hampshire

Message from A Desert Storm Paratrooper

Jan 15, 2007
Subject: Waco in NH, on the Eve of War

To All Americans Who Value Liberty:

My name is William Miller. I strode the desert sands of Saudi Arabia and iraq. I was a hero then to my countrymen.

When I came "home" and began to discover the truth regarding the "new world order," and tried to tell people about it, I went from a hero to a zero in a matter of months.

The fact is, most people are brainwashed and comfortably numb and would gladly enslave the children of tomorrow, in exchange for "easy finance terms," or the illusion of some kind of "security" guaranteed by the very Big Brother machine that is responsible for most of the terror in the world.


Americans were murdered at Waco, and America stood by and did nothing as the victims were blamed for the crime.

It happened at Ruby Ridge, and America did nothing. The perpetrators went free and the victims were blamed for the crime.

Always the justification is shrouded in obfuscation about how the targets are religious "seperatisits" or white "seperatists" the same way the victims were vilified at Wounded Knee Parts One and Two. "Americans," most having never soldiered for their presumed rights and liberties, are content to remain oblivious to the true scope, depth and nature of the corruption of power, and would rather narcotize
themselves with their televisions, religion, drugs or whatever...than to make a stand.

I know what it means to draw a line in the sand, and this generation is one where, clearly, a line must be drawn. Cowards and denial ridden sheep be damned Sunshine patriots and summer soldiers may go to hell. That is where our country is headed if Americans do not WAKE UP.

In Plainfied, Nazi Hampshire (Living the "freedom" lie), right now, a group of real Americans, valiant defenders of the rights and liberties of one and all, are about to die. I will not abide it, if stand alone I must.

I do not stand alone. Many are those who are aware of the true character and beneficial intent toward all of mankind that is incarnate in Ed and Elaine Brown, and many millions more are going to be very angry, when the smoke clears, and, like after Waco and Ruby Ridge, the true facts begin to emerge. Then it will be too late for the Browns and Mike Avery. Ed and Elaine Brown are no "seperatists." Elaine Brown is a career dentist who has been righteously described as more like Mother Theresa than almost anyone alive.

Here are the facts of this matter:

1. The feral income tax and Federal Reserve System are un-constitutional scam operations responsible for countless acts of fraud, extortion and treason agains the People, the true Sovereigns of this land. (See the film, "America, Freedom to Fascism," by award winning Hollywood Producer Aaron Russo, which exposes the fraud/treason, with two Congressmen, including Ron Paul of Texas, another from Idaho, and various former IRS officials stating that there is no law requiring the average man or woman to pay this tax. Interestingly, the various members of congress, with retirement accounts totalling often in the millions, remain "exempt" from this tax, while selling us out to the "new world order" at every turn.


2. This is a police state. It meets with all of the signs and symptoms, which I have studied well, and at great length, in multi-disciplinary fashion as a man far better educated than most. History will prove these things true.

This police state creates acts of terror, in order to justify "security measures," for your protection of course, measures that "require," by "law" that you surrender your freedoms and rights, in incremental fashion, while being brainwashed into believing something else is really going on.


The film 911 Mysteries will leave you with no doubt that the Bush family and their associates orchestrated the 9-11/WTC bombings. Along came the Patriot Act in such a blazing fast sequence of events that only the brainwashed could believe that said Patriot Act was not already written and ready to go beforehand.

Adolph Hitler's henchmen bombed a govt. building, the Reichstag, and blamed it on the Nazi's political adversaries, in order to justify "security measures," consolidating Nazi rule.

3. The "trial" of the Browns in NH federal court has been a sham by all eye witness accounts. The judge has denied over forty defense motions all of which were based on legitimate US Supreme Court case law. He is, according to court records, about to instruct the jury, in essence, that they must find the Brwons guilty. The Browns evidence, and witnesses have been disallowed, by federal "judge," Steven McAuliffe,
husband of former astronaut, Christa McAuliffe.

So, we have yet another example of a sham trial, like in the Soviet Union. The Browns, knowing they are not criminals by any stretch of imagination, to anyone aquainted with the real evidence, have determined to die in their home, rather than waste away in jail. Mike Avery, a paralegal of Outlaw's legal Service
(, has been invited to leave, days ago, but refuses to go. he will stand alongside the Browns to the end.

Attached is an update by Bernie Bastian, NH Commander of the USC Rangers. He can be reached at David Ridley is the NH peaceful vigil volunteer coordinator and can be reached at He is affiliated with the Free State movement (

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Please copy and paste this email in such fashion as to pass it on without disrupting the text with the "divets," or whatever they are called. This is a police state. We the people of this generation have been tasked by destiny with liberating it.

Wake up America.

William Miller,
Desert Storm paratrooper
United States Constitution Ranger (

Contact Info:

Ed & Elaine Brown
401 Center of Town Road
Plainfield, New Hampshire 03781

Please contact the Sheriff's office in every way that you can at:

Michael L. Prozzo, Jr.
Sullivan County Sheriff's Office
14 Main St.
P.O. Box 27
Newport, NH 03773

PH 603.863.4200
FAX 603.863.0012

call 603-863-4200 for the local police station, too.

Please write the Judge at:
Judge McAuliffe,
55 Pleasant
Concord, NH