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May, 2005

From the Revolutionary Coalition Forum

STANLEY NOTE: A wonderful post Barbara Hartwell. I can only thank you from the bottom of my heart for the sentiment, the credibility, the message that was sorely needed for this forum. I am going to post this to the Scoop as well.

This was absolutely incredible writing. I hope that the forum will take it to heart. Each new member brings something more to the table. This was right on the money. May we all be like Barabara Hartwell in our efforts to unite. Check out the last three lines of her signature block. Definately, RIGHT ON

By the way, Barbara Hartwell has taken a beating on the internet from some of the scumbags that I have taken heat from as well. Good enough reason to welcome Barbara Hartwell with open arms. When one gets attacked for standing up for America, the Constitution, you know that we are doing something right.
We must continue...

Rick Stanley

Liberty or Death, Don't Tread on Me

I only joined the Revolutionary Coalition recently and from reading many of the messages on this forum, it seems to me that there are more arguments about minutiae, secondary issues and personal opinions than information which would be useful in the cause of uniting.

Over and over, I have seen that Rick has to reiterate the purpose of the coalition. As I told Rick when he invited me to join, most of my frustration over the years has come from having to battle the government for the most part alone, because I could never find a group of people who were actually working for the same goal:


There you have it, the hard line. As I also told Rick, most people I've encountered are not hard-core enough for my blood.

INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS are what real liberty is all about, because these rights come directly from God on High, not from government.

It is a very simple concept, and yet many fail to grasp it. For any true defender of Liberty, it is so much more than just a "concept", it is a mandate written upon the heart. For those who understand this, in their hearts, no explanation is necessary. For those who don't, no explanation is possible.

Sure, most of the groups I've interacted with would claim they were working toward the same goal as I, but their actions told a different story.

The problem, as I see it, is that most people are willing to compromise this very basic principle, in one way or another; they are willing to "go along to get along"....with whatever. Even if that means sacrificing, here and there, some of what God has given them as a birthright.

Some have another agenda which supercedes this basic principle and which they allow to derail them. But failing --first and foremost-- to defend INDIVIDUAL rights, we have already lost the battle, united, in any part of the cause, or not. Yet without uniting, for this most important of causes, we stand little chance of succeeding in effectively defending individual rights.

In my case, the open "guerilla warfare" with various government agencies, including CIA, FBI, DARPA and others, has been going on since 1994 when I broke out of CIA's black ops (Psychological Operations) became a government whistleblower and took a public stand against the crimes and corruption, the massive violations of human rights which I personally witnessed and experienced while being utilized by CIA as an intelligence operative, under Non-Official Cover, and as a professional CIA asset, between 1969-1994.

But even during the years I was inside, I was continually at war with them for their many violations of my rights, and if not for that, along with the much more important Grace of God, I could never have broken free.

I, like many people here, have a "problem with authority". Especially, ungodly, unconstitutional "authority". Thank God we have this "problem", or we wouldn't be here.

Because I come from an intergenerational OSS/CIA/Military Intel family (on both sides) most of my family relationships were destroyed because my relatives (some of whom are still employed by and/or aligned with them) sided with the government as opposed to throwing off the shackles and taking the side of defending Liberty.

Trying to find backup, and really wanting to unite with other genuine defenders of Liberty and the U.S. Constitution, I finally joined the John Birch Society in 2003, after many years of attempts to recruit me by associates who were members.

Which didn't work out for various reasons, foremost among them that the JBS operates mostly through "education", though they claim that their main focus is activism. I for one, have not seen such activism, at least not in the local chapter here in Maine.

There's certainly nothing wrong with educating people, it is necessary; and my purpose is not to malign the JBS, there are a lot of good people, sincere patriots, involved. I know many, from all around the country. But I have found that "education" does not motivate people to TAKE ACTION to defend their Constitutional rights, nor to actually STAND UP, ONE BY ONE against tyrants in government or unconstitutional legislation, especially that being dumped into the system since 9-11-01.

Witness the treasonous Patriot Acts and the fascist behemoth, Department of Homeland Security. How many people do you know who have actually confronted them directly? Not many, I'd venture to say. Probably more exceptions in this group, as I learned from reading some of the posts.

Like many people here, most of my time is already taken up with my own efforts to do what is in my power to fight this utterly corrupt government and defend my own liberty. I also devote what time I can to disseminating educational materials; but networking is not my strong suit, never has been.

I'm not an organizer, either. That's why I'm thankful for people like Rick Stanley, who has some of the talents I lack. I believe that God has given each of us our own special gifts, to be used in the service of defending Liberty. If we are able to unite in that cause, each person's gifts can be used more effectively.

Still, having given it some thought, what I am willing and able to do is devote more time to distributing information, specifically about the Revolutionary Coalition, to every person with whom I come in contact.

What I have found, going back many years, is that there are people, all over the country, who feel the way I do, the way all of us here do, regarding the Police State takeover. In the years before 9-11, I called it "the encroaching Police State".

I tried to warn people that it would soon be a lockdown if they did not take action to stop it. Now, it's a de facto Police State. Why? Because too many people were apathetic and refused to believe "it could happen here".

My own son used to tell me that he was tired of being asked to support what he called my "one-woman crusade against the government." But over the years, as my "predictions" about the escalating outrages by Big Government came to pass, he has witnessed (and experienced) far too many violations to argue against my activism or the stand I have taken.

Still, there are people of all ages and from all walks of life, who are outraged, mad as hell about this country going to hell in a handbasket, but don't know what they can actually DO to change things.

They are tired of the liars, cowards, thugs, criminals and traitors who run our government. And most of these folks have not been in a position (not yet anyway) to be subjected to some of the outrageous injustices which people like Rick Stanley, myself (and I'm sure many others in this coalition) have been targeted for.

Outrages such as illegal phone taps; surveillance vans; bugs; stalking by government goons; SWAT teams; illegal confiscation of weapons; illegal search and seizure; set ups for false arrests; "black bag jobs"; harassment by helicopter and even military fighter jets at rooftop level....and on and on.

I've also been targeted by the same government-sponsored COINTELPRO-style operations, which Rick mentioned in a few of his posts here. False patriots who are organized in a network (and used by the government) for the specific purpose of harassing sincere patriots, people standing up for America and defending the Constitution.

I call these minions of Satan (for that is what they are) "time wasters". Anyone interested in finding out more about the COINTELPRO ops and their minions may read my OPEN LETTER TO CONSTITUTIONAL ACTIVIST RICK STANLEY, posted on the Stanley Scoop, Yahoo group.

One thing which I think would be helpful, in motivating people to get involved, to UNITE for this cause, would be a simple basic list of networking projects for activism. Something that would fit on one page, comprehensive and consise, which could be distributed in hardcopy, like a flyer.

It could also be posted on the Internet and forwarded by e-mail. I have found that having something concrete (printed out in hardcopy) helps people to focus, to be more specific about their goals and the steps needed to work toward them. Everyone who cares enough, can do SOMETHING. If this sounds like spoon-feeding, maybe it is, but it's better than nothing.

And lastly, just a few things which I have found effective, despite being the lone gun I am.

1) I have a Liberty or Death, Don't Tread on Me flag, flying on my front porch. Actually, I have two flags, one on my upper porch as well. Since my house is on a major thoroughfare, in a beach community where cars pass by and people walk, many, many people see it.

They talk about it too. I've overheard the conversations, as people walk by. Some have stopped to say hi to me, or friends and family, sitting out on the porch. I'm always willing to discuss what the flag means.

2) Whenever I go out to a public place, I engage people in conversations about the Constitution. This could be after a church service, in a restaurant, walking on the beach or even in line at the supermarket.

If I'm with a friend or family member, sometimes I'll just announce, loud enough to be overheard: "When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty"....Stuff like that.

It's amazing how people respond. Some laugh or look at me like I'm a nutcase, but more often, I can see from the look on their faces that they agree. If nothing else, it brings the issue to light and gets them thinking about it.

3) Whenever I am confronted with a violation of my Constitutional rights, however small, I make a big deal about it.

Example: I was at the Western Union, picking up some money which was wired to me.
The lady at the counter (The WU is at my local supermarket) asked me to fill out a form. The form asked for my street address. I explained that I was not going to give my street address, as that would be a violation of my privacy.

The clerk told me it was "required by Homeland Security". I said, "Screw Homeland Security! I don't answer to them, I just want my money. And I'm not leaving here until I get it."

I said it as loudly as I could without shouting. The lady actually laughed and said she agreed with me. I then started a conversation with a few people on the line about violations of Constitutional rights and gave them some literature I carry around for occasions just such as this.

In one instance, while out in Denver Colorado, I went to a Western Union, also in a supermarket. In this case, I could not believe my ears when the man asked me for a THUMBPRINT.

I said, "Are you out of your mind?" The guy told me, "It's the law. You can't get your money without it".

I told him he was dead wrong, that it certainly is NOT "the law" and that I would get my money. Without it. Right here. Right Now.

I told him I needed to speak to the manager. I gave him hell and told him that he had better have a talk with this employee, as he was attempting to violate the Constitutional rights of the customers and would be held accountable for it. The manager apologized to me and admitted I was right. I got my money and there's a clerk out in Colorado who (hopefully) learned a lesson.

But anyway, I've ranted on long enough. Except to say that if somebody wants to come up with a list of activist projects for networking for the specific purpose of UNITING to defend the Constitution, I'd be happy to distribute it far and wide.

Since leaving the JBS, I don't know anyone in my area to "network" with, but would like to meet some serious no-nonsense defenders of the Constitution for that purpose. I'm sure there must be a few here. This is "Maine, The Way Life Should Be".

Thanks for listening and God Bless,

Barbara Hartwell

Believer in the Gospel of Jesus Christ
Defender of the U.S. Constitution
Enemy of the New World Order Police State

May, 2005

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Another Tiresome Attack From Among the Masses of Asses

June, 2006

On Friday, June 2, my good friend Geral Sosbee received the following message (below) from a person calling herself Christina Cook.

Her spelling and syntax are atrocious, but when a person shows herself to be as ignorant as this one, I suppose that is to be expected.

Personally, I don't have a public e-mail address and after reading this silly little tirade, maybe you'll understand my reasons. If it's one thing that makes my blood boil, it's a meddlesome fool who feels the need to launch personal attacks while bypassing the larger issues.

I've certainly been targeted for many such ad hominem attacks over the years and normally, I don't bother responding to these small-minded scandal mongers. They're a-dime-a-dozen and tiresome as hell.

But I decided to make an exception for Ms. Cook. Every once in a while, in service to the truth, I like to make an example of one of these morons in the hope of nipping others in the bud.

[My comments are in brackets, preceded by my initials, BH.]

Christina Cook's letter to ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee:

While i believe the things you are saying are true & i have met people who have suffered a lot of ridicule, hurt, damage to their life & reputations, much, loss etc.,because of the telling of the Truth, truthfully i have a very, very, very, very hard time with Hartwells version. i acknowledge that she is pure genius the
way she writes BUT and it is a big BUT.....

She seems to me to be without concious in the way she wields the poison pen toward others which is slanderous to people who are trying to expose the evil that is going on as well but it appears to me she attacks everyone & isolates herself from anyone who might want to help her. It is positively hateful the way her version of things is being spewed out. It makes you wonder if people want to destroy her just because she is so hatefull.

[BH: Ms. Cook says I am "without concious" . Did she mean to say "conscience"? I think it's likely this woman missed the boat in second grade. Be that as it may, how in hell does she come to these totally unwarranted conclusions? Evidently, Ms. Cook is not only a busybody, but also an amateur psychoanalyst.

How could she possibly think she knows who "might want to help" me? Maybe I don't want their "help", whomever they are. And it's my business whom I choose to associate with. As it happens, I am a recluse by my own choice. I choose my friends and professional associates carefully. She does not know me nor anything about me and apparently gleans her misinformation from reading the libelous trash fabricated by my enemies.

As for being "hatefull" (hateful), exposing crimes and corruption is a dirty job, but someone's got to do it . I have zero tolerance for liars of any stripe. If that makes me hateful, according to Ms. Cook, then so be it, she's entitled to her opinion. As my father used to say, There's no substitute for stupidity.

Next item: As for why certain people want to destroy me, there is nothing new under the sun. Evil-doers always want to destroy those who expose their evil. It's a given and that's just the way the world works. Psychology 101. It might behoove Ms. Cook to learn to distinguish good from evil, right from wrong, hate from righteous outrage.]

It almost seems like she has read every single document on every expose on evil out there and made it her story. Her own book she has written in her mind and it sounds credible except for the hate spewing against those trying to truly expose the real evil as well. She should be on the same team. It appears you are the only friend she has. It makes one wonder what the hold is on you that she has. If you have a "wife" relationship with her that would explain the hold. Your too close to see the truth.

[BH: Well, in my case, for the most part, I did not need to read documents or the work of other expositors to learn about the vast range of evils which are destroying this country. Unfortunately for me, the evil I've witnessed and been subjected to comes from firsthand experience, not parroting the reports written by others, as is clearly the case with Ms. Cook.

I do not enjoy talking about it, or even thinking about it. But it is my duty as a Christian and as a defender of liberty to expose what I know. I call a spade a spade. My reports are based on facts. I do my own investigations and research.

What's more, I do not coddle evil-doers, criminals or liars. Why should I? My agenda involves exposing them for what they are and putting them out of business so they can't hurt anyone else --especially the innocent (such as children) who can't protect themselves.

As for the individuals named in my reports, without exception, they were the aggressors, who attacked me without provocation. They drew first blood, not I. They got what was coming to them and I have no regrets about exposing the truth.

Furthermore, I've got a serious problem with tyranny, corruption, terrorism, war crimes and the like. So sue me. Quite a few of the criminals in government and their cronies and minions have already threatened to do so.

Some have even threatened my life. Just another day in the Police State of America. And I'm far from the only one receiving such threats. Just standing up against these government rat bastards is enough to qualify anyone as an enemy of the state. In my book, it's a badge of honor.

As for being "on the same team" with those (she does not name them, but it's not hard to figure out to whom she refers) she claims are "truly exposing evil", no thanks.

Firstly, I am not a team player. Secondly, even if I were, I certainly would not team up with provocateurs, liars, con men, shakedown artists, drugs-for-arms dealers, psychopaths, thugs, porno-mongers, blackmailers or any other type of criminal.

Let Ms. Cook join their team, if that is what she feels compelled to do. Most likely, she already has, as her letter to Geral Sosbee strongly suggests.

Like so many others, among the masses of asses, Ms. Cook really needs to learn to mind her own business and leave me to tend to mine.

Just because I have gone public as a whistleblower on government corruption does not mean that my personal life is an open book; and I surely don't appreciate gossips of this woman's ilk speculating about it.

And I'm sure Geral Sosbee would greatly appreciate it too, if she took her idiotic unsolicited advice elsewhere. As he is under attack on a daily basis from criminals in government trying to destroy him, I'm sure he has more important concerns on his mind.

But I will say this: For Ms. Cook's edification, Geral Sosbee is my friend, as well as my professional colleague. We have been working together, fighting the battle for liberty for over five (5) years. Before we knew each other, we were each engaged in the same efforts for many years. We seek justice. I guess that
is a concept which Ms. Cook finds it difficult to comprehend.

And just because Geral and I stand in agreement about the issues we are exposing (crime and corruption in government, including FBI and CIA) does not mean I have any "hold" over him. Her innuendo that I wield some Svengali-like power is pure foolishness. And no, I am not his "wife" or any facsimile thereof, contrary to the erroneous speculations presented by Ms. Cook.]

If i hadn't had personel experiece with someone similar to her, she would pass me by like a speeding bullet & i would never see her error for what it is.

Ms. Harwell sounds just like a friend of mines wife. I tried to warn him about her 'mudslinging contests ' and her superlatively serpentine highly intelligent (GENIUS even) of her "the usual" 'song & dance numbers' but they were, his favorite lies, (i.e. me & you against the world babe, etc.,.... )

My friend-long story short- was lied against, a restraining order given & during that time the woman sold the house & disappeared. So much for me & you babe against the world....

Don't isolate that very people who are in the same boat you are in and are trying to expose the evil that is going on in America and around the world.

[BH: Now, Ms. Cook feels qualified to cite the "error" of Barbara Hartwell, a person she does not know. A person she knows nothing about. What she thinks she knows has apparently come through the grapevine from her cohorts, the provocateurs and criminals whom she believes are "exposing evil".

Further, she compares me to some woman she once knew who ripped off her husband and flew the coop. Golly gee, I'm sorry to disappoint her, but there is no such parallel from my life, never has been, never will be.

Since she has taken it upon herself to attack me and by extension, my friend Geral Sosbee, here is a list of suggestions to the presumptuous and moronic Christina Cook:

Learn to respect the privacy and personal boundaries of others. In other words, mind your own business.

Try discussing the real ISSUES for a change; that is, if your pea-sized brain can accomodate and process any more than petty gossip about people you do not know.

Instead of attacking the messenger, look for the real perpetrators of "hateful" behavior. Then, if you truly have concern (unlikely) become active in working to stop it. Stop gossiping and DO SOMETHING.

Do some research to ascertain the facts before shooting off your mouth. By blathering on about people and subjects you know nothing about, you only expose yourself as a fool and show the world who is pullling your strings: the very people you claim are "exposing the evil" or are "in the same boat." Speaking for myself, I'd jump ship if I found myself in such despicable company.

Shut off that boob tube. Watching too many soap operas can fry your brain. (Maybe that's where your silly plot lines come from?)

Get a basic education. Take some courses, especially in history, psychology, philosophy and English. Maybe then people might take you seriously when you write your hate mail. You sound like an undergraduate high school student, not yet wise in the ways of the world. If that's what you are, there may be hope, but only time will tell. On the other hand, maybe you're just a bored housewife looking for some excitement. Who knows? Who cares?

Find a new set of friends and team mates. Since you clearly don't think for yourself, the ones you're hanging with now are guaranteed to keep you from ever seeing the light.

Stop assuming you know about issues in the private lives of others. You apparently have time on your hands. Use it to straighten out your own problems, the worst of which seems to be some serious psychopathology. Get some therapy, before it's too late.

It is people like you, Ms. Cook, whose ignorance and sheer stupidity are contributing to the downfall of this country.

I've run across dozens and dozens like you and they all spout off the same party-line, accusing anyone who works to expose crime and corruption of being "hateful". They all attack the messenger, yet refuse to learn the facts behind the message.

Meanwhile, get lost, Ms. Cook, and leave me and my colleagues alone.

Barbara Hartwell
June 7, 2006


Note, December 28, 2006: Needless to say, I was not in a hopeful frame of mind when I wrote this rant. My faith had worn thin, which happens from time to time. It was written at a time when it looked as if all was lost, and I just could not take anymore.

Since that time I have managed to change my viewpoint, and have attained more peace of mind, at least in a spiritual sense, and that is what counts most, at least for me. God has blessed me again and again; and delivered me from my oppressors, and even if I don't have reliable people in my life, my lapses of faith have become (mostly) a thing of the past.

Nonetheless, this report consists of factual information, and if nothing else, shows some of the extreme abuses perpetrated by rat bastards from the U.S. Government.

When I first put this site up, several people told me they thought I should "soften" my approach. They said I should REMOVE the words Government Rat Bastards from the front page of my site.

They feared I would not receive contributions from readers, because I would be considered "too extreme".

My answer? The HELL with those who have their heads in the sand! If they can't see these RAT BASTARDS for what they are, I don't want their money. I'm not in the business of pleasing people, my business is to fight for Liberty and to see Justice done!

But interesetingly enough, shortly after I put the site up, I made a flyer, Barbara Hartwell vs. CIA, which described the contents (as on the front page summary) and which I handed out to everyone I know. Business owners; shop keepers, gas stations, neighbors, etc. etc.

In EVERY case, these people read the flyer and said, YES, THEY ARE RAT BASTARDS!

And these folks had fire in their eyes when they said it.

And they passed my flyers on to others. Because the truth is, most people DO KNOW (even if only intuitively, in their hearts) that there is something very wrong with the government in our country.

Most have not had my experiences, which are certainly not those of the "average person" --but the "average person", in my opinion, does not exist. God created only unique individuals, not "average people". And many of them have the discernment to see the truth. Maybe they just need a little help in waking up to that truth.

And so, money or no money, donations or no donations, I will continue to EXPOSE these Government Rat Bastards until God sends the chariot to take me home!


February, 2003

It is with some degree of regret that I have had to make a decision I was hoping I would not have to make. But given my current circumstances, which are now worse by far than at any time since 1994, when I disengaged myself from CIA's black operations and broke the last hold of the mind control programming, I have little choice in the matter.

That is, unless I want to sacrifice myself totally in order to continue doing the work I do. And I refuse to sacrifice myself any longer just so that others may benefit from what I have to offer, when I myself am just NOT receiving the help and support I need. Not by a long shot.

If you have been a regular reader of my articles and reports for some years, you will have heard some of what I am going to say before. If so, please forgive what you may see as redundancy or worse, the same old sob story. Or just stop reading right now, since you may not hear much of anything that's new.

The brutal truth is, I have reached the absolute limits of my endurance at having to live in abject poverty; working long hours seven days a week, without being able to earn the most basic living for my efforts; suffering from physical disabilities and chronic illness for which I have not been able to afford medical or even 'natural' health care; and living under the constant anxiety of losing the very roof over my head.

I'm ill, exhausted to the bone, and flat broke. Enough already!

For the past four months I have suffered from acute and serious illness, which worst of all, has affected my eyes, putting me at risk of losing the vision in the one 'good' eye I have, and even for that eye I need very strong corrective lenses, as I have for both eyes since childhood.

I lost the vision in my right eye in 1986, after I suffered severe head trauma from an 'arranged' car crash. The date was October 13, 1986, a date that has had ominous significance throughout my life, as many strange (and always dreadful) events have occured on that date.

Coincidentally, my Knights Templar ancestor, Jacques de Molay, found that date of significance as well. I believe in Fate, Predestination and Kismet...what else can I say? Of course, I believe in free will too, bestowed by God. And though it can't be apprehended by logic or reasoning, there is no contradiction whatsoever between Fate and Free Will....something one can only know in spirit and in the deepest recesses of the heart.

I guess somebody decided I was supposed to die in that crash, but evidently God had other ideas for me, as I survived through Divine Intervention.

I was driving alone, on a lonely country road, when suddenly my car went out of control for no apparent reason. I let go of the wheel and prayed for help. Somebody, out there in the spirit world, heard me. (Likely the angels, who have been with me all my life and performed miraculous rescue missions many times in the past.)

The car came to a stop by jamming itself between two metal posts which made a convenient break in the guard rail. It was the ONLY break in the guard rail, on the edge of a rocky cliff. Far below, at the end of the rocky embankment, was a reservoir. The car fit perfectly between the two posts and stopped me from going over the edge of the cliff.

The seat belt on the driver's side was broken, so I was thrown hard from one side of the car to the other, striking my head three times. I was in shock and trauma and wandered the road side for a long time before a passing motorist stopped to help me and called the police.

I was taken to a hospital by ambulance. The idiots at the hospital gave me a neck brace and released me. Apparently, they didn't realize that I had a severe concussion; temporary amnesia and that my vision was blurred in the right eye.

Perhaps because they saw no blood, and because I was trained by CIA to always keep control of a situation; a stiff upper lip; never to show my feelings and to keep things close to the vest, they thought everything was just fine and dandy. (As you might imagine, I'm a great poker player.)

A few days later, I was readmitted to the same idiot hospital, when the symptoms became severe and I realized that I could no longer see out of my right eye. I was given all sorts of tests, but not one of the idiot doctors, not even the neurologists, could explain the loss of my vision. I later realized that the loss of vision was caused by a government implant which had jammed into my optic nerve on the impact to my head.

Naturally, I was not able to file a lawsuit for damages, nor to get the continuing medical attention I needed. I was left with a permanent loss of vision in my right eye, where now there is only a mass of scar tissue behind the eye, along with an atrophied optic nerve. That little 'accident' should have set me up financially for life, if nothing else. Instead, I was left with permanent damage for which no help was available. The story of my life.

My attorney (who also happened to be my boyfriend at the time) naturally, worked for CIA. I refused to marry him and then all hell broke loose...That about sums it up...betrayed, as usual, by the unscrupulous bastards whom I was led to believe I could trust. But that's another story....

Getting back to the present day, 17 years later......

In addition to the chronic illness there is the political persecution, the ongoing and escalating slander and libel campaigns by malicious adversaries, the corupt government officials and their minions and dupes, in attempts to discredit me; and the dearth of support and financial donations.

There you have it: A formula for a final and irrevocable disaster. I'm long past running on fumes, I'm running on empty. It's time for me to get off this train.....

Every week I receive hundreds of e-mail messages from people asking for information; professional advice; beseeching me to investigate their cases; asking me to publish their material on my website or on others for which I have posting privileges.....and on and on it goes. I also receive thick dossiers and long letters by post, in which people tell me the stories of their lives, along with lists of questions which they apparently expect me to answer, post haste.

I don't have time to even READ most of this mail, much less answer it. And then I'm expected to be an UNPAID consultant to boot? Where in hell would I find the time, much less the energy?

Most of these folks have never offered any financial support, not even a small donation, for my work, even those whom I have been able and willing to help. Despite the lack of remuneration, I have continued for years to work cases and provide consulting services on a selective basis and always pro bono.

I am trained as a journalist in both print and electronic media; a Jungian analyst; a Transpersonal psychotherapist; a hypnotherapist; a forensic investigator; and have studied enough law to be competent in working legal cases, though I don't have a license to practice law. I have a Doctorate of Divinity degree from seminary school, and was ordained and licensed as a minister, specializing in pastoral counseling, in 1979. I am also trained in Psychological Operations, specifically my area of expertise is creating psychological profiles and debriefing military and intelligence personnel.

Talk about being overqualified......

And yet, for many years, I have been unable to earn the most basic living using these professional skills, simply because the perpetrators have arranged things to make sure I was isolated, alienated and deprived, the classic Psychological Operation for neutralizing a target.

For many years, I have also been writing and publishing material from my own research and based on my personal experience and professional expertise, which I felt could be helpful, enlightening or informative for the general public. And never have I been paid a penny for my work.

To add insult to injury, I have had videotapes of my lectures and TV interviews pirated and sold all over the Internet. Again, I have never been paid a penny by those who have exploited my hard work. And these scavengers continue to violate copyrights merrily along the way, while raking in the cash.

Up to this time, I have just barely scraped by on a combination of financial donations (few and far between) from supporters and what I can only call charity from family and friends. There's nothing wrong with charity in and of itself, but I'm literally sick and tired from being a 'charity case' instead of simply BEING PAID for my work. Quid pro quo, and all that good stuff.

The way I see it, if people find my work valuable, they will just have to be willing to pay me for it. If not, they'll have no problem doing without anything I have to offer.

Some people may be wondering how I earned a living in the past. For my entire adult life, I have been 'self employed', at least when I wasn't doing contract work for CIA under various fronts and cut outs as an 'independent contractor'.

In a nutshell, I offered various professional services to private clients and corporations, for which I was well paid. But once I broke out, as part of the neutralization campaign directed against me, I was blacklisted from every professional field in which I could have earned a living.

Due to disabilities which are a direct result of many years of abuses in the black operations, and let's not forget those 'arranged' car crashes, the latest of which happened in October 1998, I am simply not capable of working any 'regular' job with regular hours.

Naturally, the perpetrators have arranged things so that I am not eligible for any disability benefits, despite the fact that THEY are responsible for those disabilities. I am also NOT eligible for any pension plan, and not even social security benefits, as I have no employment history. How convenient for the perps.

One of the worst things I have experienced is that some of those people who claimed to be 'supporters' and 'friends' have had a sub rosa agenda regarding me. Being the straightest of straight arrows, I have always made it very clear that I will not accept financial donations if there are ANY strings attatched. In other words, if people want to give me money, it must be understood that this does not 'buy' them any of my time; nor my cooperation in matters of importance to them; nor does it make me beholden to them in any way.

I explain that if they make a donation, it should be of their own free choice, simply because, for whatever reason, they have decided my work is valuable and/or that my survival is worth contributuing to. Period. End of story.

And yet, many people seem to think that I owe them something for their contributions or other forms of assistance. Some offer unsolicited advice, which I neither want nor need, and become angry with me when I ignore it or refuse to follow their advice.

Some have attempted to meddle in my personal or professional affairs. Some, who seem to have some sort of savior complex, think it is their duty to 'rescue' me.

Most of these 'rescuers' have been men. And it usually turns out that these guys have some sort of romantic fantasy as regards me. It becomes clear that their REAL reason for wanting to offer 'help' is based not on REAL concern or the 'love' they profess for me as a person, but on the (mistaken) idea that I may be willing to become a girlfriend or wife, once I recognize how 'wonderful' these men are, and how much they 'care' for me.

Oddly enough, once I set them straight, that their romantic interest or 'love' is unrequited, and that romance is the last thing on my mind, they tend to just disappear. Suddenly, there are no more financial contributions, nor offers of other assistance. In fact, from all appearances, it seems not to matter to them if I live or die. Oh any case, these are the type of 'friends' I can definitely live without!

I have never understood why so many people simply don't listen, and worse, why they just can't seem to mind their own business. But I do not allow anyone to violate my spiritual integrity; and I refuse to have dealings with people who do not respect my personal boundaries.

And so, based on these recurring negative experiences with so called 'supporters' and 'friends', I have grown somewhat cynical, to say the least.

This is not to minimize the help I have received over the years in terms of financial contributions and other forms of assistance, from many good people, who in fact had NO agenda regarding me. I am truly very grateful and appreciative of their support. It's just that these people are few and far between, and that I cannot RELY on these sorts of sporadic donations to pay the bills.

There have also been some people who promised or offered continuing financial support, which I was led to believe I could rely on; but which for one reason or another never materialized.

But the bottom line is this: I have decided that I will no longer be an unpaid worker. I am simply no longer willing, nor able, to continue working for nothing, struggling for basic survival, while having no life of my own.

Certainly, I will still welcome and be grateful for contributions. If I happen to get enough contributions from supporters to continue writing and posting material on the Internet, and to maintain my website I will be happy to 'keep up the good work' as so many people have encouraged me to do.

If I do not receive enough donations, then I will use all my time (assuming I have figured out a way to recover my health and survive) writing material for publication and working cases FOR WHICH I WILL BE PAID. Quid pro quo.

Just like the good old days, working for CIA. True, they exploited me, but at least I was able to PAY THE BILLS and put food on the table for myself and my family.

In those days, I actually took vacations. Imagine that. I have to imagine it, I haven't had a vaction in over ten years. I even had husbands and boyfriends...all relationships arranged by CIA....but damn it, at least I had a 'life' which is more than I can say for 'life' out in the cold, where I have been living for too many years.

No, I'm not 'coming in from the cold' to go back to work for 'them', which is what my detractors have been accusing me of for years. I'm simply determined to be paid for my talent, my expertise and my hard work and to 'get a life' .

Maybe I'll take a vacation. Maybe I'll find myself a new boyfriend or even a husband, a man of my OWN choosing, not hand-picked by the stupid CIA bastards. Maybe --mother of all miracles- I'll actually fall in love with someone who's not a spook; a government plant; a religious zealot; a gangster; or a macho-minded moron.

The way I see it, where there's life, there's hope. But before there can be life, somebody will have to SHOW. ME. THE. MONEY.

Barbara Hartwell
February 20, 2003

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

EXPOSED: Criminal Network Targets Whistleblowers

September, 2003

Here, find a lengthy, comprehensive report on the criminal network involving Ted Gunderson and some of his minions, including Tim White; Brenda Negri; Ken Adachi; Doug Millar.

Contributors: Barbara Hartwell, Geral Sosbee and Stew Webb


By Barbara Hartwell

The following is a public letter written by ex-FBI agent Ted L. Gunderson, regarding the fact that his speaking engagement at a conference in Chino, CA was cancelled.

The letter here is unedited, and given in it's entirety.

Since my name is mentioned in the letter as well as the names of two of my friends and professional colleagues, Jackie McGauley and Stew Webb, I find it necessary to set the record straight, in my defense and theirs, by telling the truth as I know it, from my own personal experience and involvement; years of research and the testimony of reliable witnesses, about some of Gunderson's allegations.

[My comments are in brackets in the main body of the letter, preceded by my intials, BH.]

Ted L. Gunderson, FBI Senior Special Agent in Charge (Ret) California License # 12878 750 Royal Crest Circle # 324 ,Las Vegas, NV 89114

Ted Gunderson, retired FBI head of Los Angeles, 2nd largest office in USA: Kicked Out of Conference, Chino, CA. September 27, 2003


My friend, Shirley Moore, was kind enough to invite me to sit on her speakers' panel today, September 27, 2003. She called me September 24, 2003 and advised than an "unidentified female" called the Chino Police. the Champion Newspaper and numerous government officials and politicians in Sacramento. The female informed them that I accepted money from individuals to work on the McMartin Preschool Case and didn't perform. This female also said I stole money from her. Shirley advised me that because of these accusations, she was removing me from the panel.

[BH: Jackie McGauley first contacted me in 2002, saying she had been wanting to get in touch with me for years, regarding my experiences with Ted Gunderson. I have since spent many, many hours on the phone with Jackie, in which she provided her testimony re Ted Gunderson; the McMartin Preschool case and other related matters and I have also received documentation which corroborated much of her testimony.

At first, I think Jackie wanted me to make the information public, being that I am an investigative journalist with an established readership on the Internet; but I encouraged her to do it on her own, telling her that I would help in any way I could.

I can no longer afford to work cases and write reports for which I am not paid. My website has not been updated since June 2003, due to lack of funding for my Legal Defense and Research Fund. Most of the contributions I was receiving to fund my work have dried up as a result of the massive libel and slander campaign being waged against me. It now seems to be the consensus among many of those denouncing me, including Ted Gunderson --and those who believe them-- that I am still working for CIA.

But I have taken the time to write this report today for two important reasons. One is that I want to support Jackie McGauley and Stew Webb in any way I can. They are my friends and they too are the targets of similar libel and slander campaigns.

The other is that I feel it is imperative that the truth be exposed.

One thing I'll say about Jackie: She is not a liar. And I have a really well-tuned radar for liars. Sooner or later they reveal themselves, if you listen long enough and intently enough. In listening to hours of Jackie's testimony, I always found her to be consistent and she never contradicted herself. Ted Gunderson, on the other hand, is quite another story.

Jackie explained the whole sordid tale to me. Everything she told me had the clear ring of truth and thus I believe Jackie McGauley rather than the version of the McMartin case being promoted by Ted Gunderson.

I would welcome any additional comments that Jackie has to make about the allegations in this letter, as I can only address those issues on which I have facts and evidence and of which I have personal knowledge.]

Then I called Lt. Beckman with the Chino Police Department. He advised that he received a phone call from a female in Manhattan Beach, CA who refused to identify herself. She stated she did not want me to discuss the McMartin case or talk about her daughter who was a McMartin victim. After that I called Mark, a reporter at the Champion Newspaper, who stated he received a call from an unidentified female and a second call from an unidentified male. The male stated that if I appeared at the conference, I would be arrested and there would be trouble.

Because of this, I called a lady who is at the conference today and is aware of the above allegations. She advised that she reviewed the Internet and noted there are allegations claming that I am a government informant.


Since retiring in 1979, I have been actively investigating and exposing government corruption and cover-ups involving violent crimes against children throughout the nation.

Although most people in law enforcement are honest, a few dishonest police, district attorneys, US attorneys, FBI, CIA, and military leaders are destroying the reputation of their agencies.

[BH: Ted knows damn well that "most of the people" especially in CIA and FBI are NOT honest. He's stated that publicly more times than I can count and I've discussed it with him at length, many times. So why would he be now saying it's only a "few" bad apples?]

One of my accomplishments, since my retirement, involved initiating and coordinating the McMartin Preschool tunnel discovery and excavation in Manhattan Beach.

[BH: Wrong again, Ted!

Jackie's testimony has made it clear that Gunderson was uninvited, by her, or any other of the parents of the abused children; nor was he asked to participate in the investigation by anyone involved!

Yet he claims full credit, ever since I've known him, for the whole damn thing! In fact, the McMartin Preschool case was one of the reasons I at first considered Ted a hero and made the mistake of trusting him with involvement in my own case. What a fool I was ....]

Many sexually abused and tortured children said there were tunnels under the school. In an effort to resolve these allegations, I hired and paid Dr. Gary Stickel, a geologist and UCLA graduate, who subsequently documented that the tunnels had existed at one time, but were filled in. I coordinated the excavation project and handled payments to the contractors. Dr.Stickel and Jackie McGauley, who claims to be the mother of one of the victims, prepared a 200 page report.

Some of the more important pages from this report are available today at my table, including a one page summery of the evidence found in the tunnels that included over 40 animal bones, photos taken of the tunnels, and other valuable, irrefutable evidence.

Later, Ms McCauley collected thousands of dollars from individuals, and then refused to send them the copies of the report. One nationally prominent child advocate told my associate, Doug Millar, and me that her friends said she paid $3,000 for a one copy of the report, but Ms. McGauley refused to deliver it.

Ms. McGauley also refused to give me a copy, even though I spent $17,000 of my own money on the project. I donated my time and received no compensation for the 34-day project. Total cost of the project was approximately $55,000.

Throughout the years I have lectured about the McMartin case on many occasions, but at no time have I identified the victims or their parents, until now.

[BH: If you want to know who Doug Millar REALLY is.....Please see a report exposing Doug Millar at the bottom of the page. This is an excerpt from an article, The Denver Connection, Part 3, written by me in March 2002.]

Several hundred children told the same story about being sexually abused and taken into tunnels under the building by the owners of the day care; yet Los Angeles County District attorney Ira Reiner refused to acknowledge the tunnel evidence during the second trial of Raymond Buckey, Ms. McMartin's grandson.

After Buckey's jury failed to convict him, the jury forewoman made public statements quoted by the media that jurors believed the children had been sexually abused, but the prosecuting attorneys failed to furnish the jurors evidence that would have convicted him.

Many of the child victims reported that they were taken through the tunnels and transported in vehicles and prostituted to prominent Los Angeles individuals. They reported seeing animals tortured and killed in the tunnels. They were also taken to a site, mortuary and church where the children reported witnessing adults in black dresses with hoods and human sacrifices of adults, children and babies. The children described many of the murder victims as "brown babies."

Over the past two decades, there have been attempts by the federal government to prosecute me, attempts on my life and extensive efforts to slander and defame me. Most recently, a government informant, Stew Webb, and some of his cohorts, including Ms. McGauley, have spread false rumors about me being an informant for the FBI and CIA. This is a technique used by the government that is called "disinformation program."

I have a copy of a letter Mr. Webb wrote to the Las Vegas Police and a video interview of him, wherein he identifies himself as an FBI informant, with a symbol number and boasting that he is working for Las Vegas FBI agent Robin Sandoval.I also have a copy of a letter in my file from Barbara Hartwell, one of his associates, stating that Webb and Ms. McGauley are working together.

[BH: Yes, I know about the so-called "evidence" Gunderson claims he has on Stew Webb. It's a videotape, which Ted himself sent to me last year, along with a handwritten note, telling me to "stop putting out the b.s." on him (the b.s. apparently meaning the truth I was exposing about him). But there is NO such evidence against Stew on the tape, as Gunderson claims.

Stew talks about the fact that he is a Federal Whistleblower, NOT an "FBI informant". Federal Whistleblower is a legal term, for which the status no longer exists, since the passage of unconstitutional legislation. Having the status and being issued a NUMBER was supposed to provide protection for the whistleblower to TELL THE TRUTH about government corruption, which Stew Webb has done.]

It should be noted that Mr. Webb has a criminal record. His friends have has identified him as an illegal drug user. I have documentation that he spent 7 months in a mental hospital. Recently he solicited a Vietnam veteran in Denver to arrange for the murder of Tim White, one of Webb's former associates.

On August 26, 2003 I spoke with the individual who Webb approached to commit the murder and confirmed that Webb attempted to hire this veteran to kill Mr. White.

[BH: Now Gunderson accuses Stew Webb of attempting to hire a hit man for a murder? This is an outrage! Especially since Tim White, a convicted felon, transvestite and himself a low-level FBI snitch and provocateur, who made a deal with the Feds to cut his own incarceration time on a drug bust, has made threats on my life, on Stew's life, and on Al Martin's life. I have the witnesses and evidence to substantiate this.

White is also involved in disseminating a plethora of lies and disinformation about myself, Webb and others. White calls me "that CIA bitch". He posts his lies about me all over the Internet, claiming that I "take orders directly from the basement of the White House"; that I am NSA AND CIA; that I am "George Bush's trollop"; and of course regularly calls me a "whore" along with his sleazy lying cohort Brenda Negri.

Both Negri and White are rank amateurs. Both are clinically insane. Both are loud, vulgar wannabes who answer directly to none other than Ted L. Gunderson, who is using them both as his dupes in COINTELPRO-style operations.]

Federal agents are attacking me because rogue government bureaucrats are attempting to destroy my credibility and reputation and prevent me from effectively exposing the corruption within their ranks. This exposure includes a covert CIA child kidnapping ring operating out of Washington, DC, known as THE FINDERS. After THE FINDERS was publicly exposed in 1987, they moved their operation to Wichita, Kansas, where they are active at this time.

(See my table for documentation that includes three U.S. Customs reports, and a USNews and World Report article dated January 24, 1994. If I had appeared on today's panel, I would have show you pictures of THE FINDERS' two locations in Washington, DC. Mr. Millar and I took them on Father's Day last year, after visiting the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial.)

[BH: I know the original source who provided Ted Gunderson with information about The Finders (a CIA operation), a source I must protect. Yet Gunderson tries to claim credit for this one too.]

Regarding the 9-11 terrorists' attacks, documentation available at my table confirms that the FBI had six months advance warning, but ignored it. In my opinion, had they taken proper action, 9-11 would have been prevented. Enclosed is a copy of my August 29, 2003 letter to U. S. Attorney General john Ashcroft that addresses this issue. I encourage you to obtain a copy of my 45-page or 90+page 9-11 report.

"Terrorists' Activities: Advanced Knowledge Furnished to the FBI 6 Months Prior to 9-11." These reports are available at my table or you may order them from my enclosed order form.

I invite you to visit my table and review the above referenced documentation and other material that exposes corruption at the highest levels of our government. It includes "Conspiracy of Silence," the Discovery Channel's one hour documentary on "the Franklin Cover-up: Child Abuse, Satanism and Murder" that was never shown. After advertising it nationwide, certain member of Congress blackmailed the Discovery Channel by introducing restrictive legislation against the cable industry. Passage was threatened, if the documentary was shown.

The cost of reproduction, well over $25,000, was reimbursed and all copies were ordered destroyed. You can read about it in "The Franklin Cover-up," an important book by attorney John DeCamp.

He documents that many Nebraska children were shipped to Washington, DC for sex parties with members of Congress. This book and a bootleg copy of the video are available today. I also encourage you to visit my web site for additional details and documentation. Most people will not believe the corruption, without the written evidence. The truth is the truth; one can attempt to distort or manipulate it, but the truth remains the truth!

[BH: Yes, the truth remains the truth, I'll have to agree on that one.

In November of 1999, I had a private conversation with Ted Gunderson, while I and my bodyguard were visiting his family in New Jersey. At that time I confronted Ted with information I had on ex-Senator and attorney John DeCamp, author of The Franklin Coverup. I asked Ted if he knew that DeCamp himself had been INVOLVED in the child sexual abuse his book exposed.

Ted admitted to me that yes, he knew about it. When I asked, WHY IN HELL then, would you be working with this man, and worse, COVERING FOR HIM?!

His answer was that DeCamp had "still done a lot of good" by exposing the whole thing. So I guess, in Teds' book, that made DeCamp A-OK.

I told Ted that was NO EXCUSE, that if you were going to tell the truth, it should be the WHOLE TRUTH and NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH!

What about all the people who were murdered as a result of DeCamp's and Gunderson's "investigation"?

And what about the later suspicious death of ex-CIA director Bill Colby?...also a friend of DeCamp?

Well, it's much more complicated than I have time to get into here, but for now let me just say that DeCamp was also deeply involved in Operation Phoenix, the assassination program which utilizied Manchurian Candidates.

This was the last time I ever saw Ted Gunderson. Shortly thereafter, I broke off my association with him. I have never, until today, explained precisely why. I was very concerned about the safety of my family, that's why.

Death threats were made, and attempts on my life.

One of these death threats, which turned out to be bogus, was made by Tim White, who claimed a former Special Forces man, Jeff Swedenburg, had been hired to kill me by CIA.

As I've exposed in several reports, Swedenburg is innocent of all such was all a set up to "kill two birds with one stone".

But now, enough is enough. Enough lies from Ted Gunderson, his dupes and cronies!

Enough slander and libel from Ken Adachi, Brenda Negri, Tim White, Shirley Anderson and all the other pathetic liars and provocateurs.]

Today I'm sorry that you will not have the opportunity to hear what I have to say. But this is how the rogue, corrupt government wants it. Do you agree that we must lay aside our differences and TAKE BACK AMERICA NOW? Do you agree that when children are not safe in America, your and my freedoms and loved ones are not safe?

When we leave here today, let's make a commitment to join forces and build a unique. NON-PARTISAN and NON-SECTARIAN coalition, TAKE BACK AMERICA, NOW!

I invite you to see my web site for details and volunteer to join forces with us.

Will God bless America, if America doesn't bless God? WAKE-UP AMERICA! WAKE-UP!

For Christ, Children, Constitution, Country and Justice,


Ted L. Gunderson

Now, please DO take the time to read this brief report on Gunderson's crony Doug Millar, mentioned in the above letter by Ted. Hopefully this will connect a few more of the dots........



Doug Millar is a government plant, a low-level penetration agent (Millar reputedly works for DCS) and FBI/CIA stool pigeon --a seedy character known to hang out on the fringes of patriot, militia and Christian groups.

As I learned from several witnesses, Millar was something of a fixture at the Global Sciences meetings and conferences in Denver, peddling his anti-government wares (blurred and barely readable photocopies of documents such as the Church Committee hearings on MK Ultra and poor quality videotapes featuring the testimony of black ops survivors); and spouting hackneyed anti-government propaganda to the attendees, while acting as a sort of all-purpose factotum and gopher for ex-FBI agent Ted Gunderson, a frequent speaker at the conferences.

As a finishing touch, Millar touted and sold his own little newsletter, called EXPOOOOOOOOSED!!!

I first encountered Millar in 1997 when I was a speaker at the annual Global Sciences Congress in Denver. My first memory of this sleazy con man was when he approached me with his burning questions about my experiences of being persecuted by the government in their attempts to neutralize me, the topic I had chosen for my lecture at Global.

Millar's affected persona is that of an outraged zealot; a fierce advocate of human and Constitutional rights, crusading to expose the corruption and egregious abuses perpetrated by the U.S. government.

But unfortunately for Millar and his overlords, he lacks the inner fire to pull off the act. Any real patriot or sincere human rights advocate can see him coming a mile away.

At one conference in Daytona Beach, Florida, Millar followed me around like a puppy dog, begging for video interviews about my experiences with mind control and asking me to "step up to the mike" onstage during breaks between the scheduled events to tell more of my "tragic story", while he acted as master of ceremonies.

Millar asked stupid questions; repeatedly interrupting me with his spurious interpretations of my comments; and referring to me as a "tragic victim" of CIA mind control, rather than a "survivor "...which makes all the difference in the world.

I later found out that Millar was selling videotapes of my impromptu testimony at other meetings and conferences around the country, complete with copyright violations, just as a number of others have been doing for years.

The only reason I gave Millar the time of day, or the benefit of the doubt, was because he was an associate of Ted Gunderson, with whom I was working at the time. (I have since distanced myself from Gunderson, ironically at first because he claimed that Kurt and Lee Ann Billings were CIA plants. At the time, I defended the Billings' against these accusations. But my later and more compelling reasons for changing my mind about the credibility of Ted Gunderson will soon become clear.)

In the course of my later investigation, I learned that Millar would routinely show up at various meetings, gathering names of participants and skulking around in the parking lot, taking license plate numbers of those in attendance, which he then turned over to various Federal agencies engaged in Cointelpro-type operations.


Colorado Investigations Bureau Capitol Hill Branch PO Box 300234, Denver, CO 80203. Phone: 303-936-1384 Fax:303-936-7017

But back to the Denver Connection. Millar moved from Las Vegas and took up permanent residence in Denver just two (2) days after the Columbine massacre, setting up an ad hoc committee to 'investigate' the shootings at Columbine High School.

As I learned from several confidential sources, Millar's real purpose was to find out how much other independent investigators knew about the incident at Columbine, in order to report back to his handlers.

His agenda? To contain the flow of information; to target those who knew too much of what REALLY happened at Columbine; and to suppress the truth about government involvement, specifically CIA mind control operations instrumental in the shootings, by creating a smoke screen of diversion and disinformation.

In December 2001, Millar approached Tim Hall [real name: Daryl Sturgis], the Special Forces veteran from whom I had received the second death threat warning about Jeff Swedenburg, seeking information in relation to Tim White, Stew Webb, Jeff Swedenburg, myself and others.

When I learned that Millar was having meetings with Hall, I warned Hall of Millar's real agenda, and told him Millar was not to be trusted. Hall chose to disregard my advice, and within a week I learned that Hall had decided to go back to work for the government.

I was told by Hall at that time that the government agents who had re-recruited him had threatened to "bring the roof down" on Barbara Hartwell, and Hall urged me to reconsider my position; to get rid of my website and to destroy any evidence I might have of the government corruption I had taken a stand against. Naturally, I refused. So far, my roof is still intact.

At least for me, it is still an open question whether or not Hall was a part of the operation to set up myself and Swedenburg from the beginning. But at the time when Doug Millar oh-so-conveniently showed up on the scene, intent on scavenging information and documents from Tim Hall and others asociated with him, I was still under the impression that Millar had been planted on Hall, as he had surely been planted on many others, and considered it my duty to warn Hall about Millar's real role and his purpose in making the contact.

Tim White was incarcerated at this time in The Canyon City Penitentiary, and had been remanded to the mental ward.

Many of the documents which Doug Millar was so desperate to get his hands on were the same documents confiscated from Tim Hall by the Federal agents who said they needed them as evidence to file more criminal charges against Tim White.

The same documents instrumental in the Grand Jury investigation being filed by Stew Webb. In fact, Stew was the legal owner of most of these documents, which had been stored temporarily at White's residence before his arrest and later removed by Hall and another man Mike Floyd, at White's request.

These documents contained incriminating evidence against a number of those targeted in the investigation. A short time later, on September 22, 2001, an attempt was made on Mike's life which he barely survived. As Hall told me, he himself had made copies of all the documents before they were confiscated by the Feds.

When Millar learned that I was coming to Denver, he got out of town, fast. As I heard it, Millar went to California to meet with Ted Gunderson. As told to me by several sources, Millar was afraid of what might happen if he ran into me.

Being a traitor, a coward and a liar, he had good reason to be afraid, but even though I may have been tempted to put Millar in hammerlock, knee him in the balls and knock his sorry ass to the ground, I take more satisfaction in being able to expose him and his fellow toadies to the Bush Boys on the World Wide Web. I never claimed to be a pacifist....but then again, the pen is mighter than the sword......

My last phone conversation with Tim Hall was in mid-December 2001, shortly before he turned and went back to working for the government. Hall told me that Doug Millar had written a report focusing mostly on 'criminal activities' in Denver in which he had named a number of individuals. Among those mentioned in Millar's report were: Tim White; Stew Webb; Jeff Swedenburg; Tim Hall; Mike Floyd.

I asked Hall to e-mail me a copy of this report, but I never received it. It wasn't until I arrived in Denver that I managed to get a copy of Millar's 'expose'. And reading it made my blood boil.

Though my name was never mentioned (I'm sure Millar would not have dared) it was filled with lies and disinformation about certain others, including Stew Webb and Jeff Swedenburg; as well as an attempt to characterize them both in the most negative way, though Millar had nothing whatsoever in the way of evidence to support the theories he promoted.

On the first page of Millar's poorly written, sensationalistic and melodramatic 'expose' in large bold type, were the following catchy headlines:


The sad story about a Vietnam veteran who was exposing the subversion of America by the CIA, FBI & others paid to protect us!

How did this patriotic young man become paranoid, a pusher of marijuana, & a pervert in a pornography filled lifestyle of perverson?


The alarming saga about another patriot exposing the subversion of Denver, CO & America by the Bush family & leaders of the CIA, FBI & military!]

In the next report we will take a short look at this ludicrous report by Doug Millar, and believe me folks, a short look is all it's worth. But a word to the wise is sufficient and we will clearly see the plot behind the disinformation campaign being waged by Doug Millar and his gov't handlers. What will also become clear is what they are trying to hide......


Sept. 30, 2003


By: Stew Webb Federal Whistleblower

All the statements made regarding me, Stew Webb Federal Whistleblower, in CIA-FBI Ted L. Gunderson's so called letter Dated Sept 27, 2003, Stating I hired some one to murder Denver FBI Cross-Dresser Child Porno Queen Drug Addict Tim White. Stating I am a drug user. Stating I spent 7 months in a mental hospital. Stating I have a criminal record, are nothing but pure LIES from a professional GOVT. OPERATIVE STILL WORKING FOR THE GOVERNMENT AS A PATRIOT SPY & one scared on the run Govt. Plant known as CIA Ted L.Gunderson.

First: Tim White is an attempted extortionist, a slanderous punk, who will lie to anyone who will pay him. He is a declared mental case feeding Denver FBI with perjured information, which is a felony. He has been declared mentally unstable by the Colorado Department of Correction (Prison) system who evaluated him after being busted on dope charges in 2001 and a convicted felon.

I had him busted after he tried to extort me for money $100,000 for boxes of documents he was storing in Colorado for me. I did not know this punk except by others who claimed it would be safe to leave these vital documents there.

He has been playing snitch to the Denver FBI in exchange for his freedom and his probation dropped (Oct 2002). He had continuously lied to the Denver FBI, but after nothing checked out they dropped him, and my former father in law hired him at the direction of Denver FBI to criminally harass and stalk me on the internet, he has made death threats to my self and others.

Tim White Further Criminally harasses and slanders stating Stew Webb is on Lithium, I am not on Lithium or any Medication. I have never hired or attempted to hire anyone to murder anyone.

Second: I was held as a Political Prisoner from 1992-1993 for exposing the Savings and Loan (Silverado Saving & Loan Scandal Neil Bush Director),the HUD Scandal, the Denver International Airport Scandal, The Keating 5 MDC Holdings 200 Illegal Political Campaign Money Laundering, involving my ex father in law The Bush Crime Family Boss Hog Leonard Millman, aka "The Denver Connection".

During the 10 1/2 months I was Illegally held as a Political Prisoner I was evaluated by the U.S. Governments Shrinks, who stated there was nothing the matter with me. This was part of The Bush Crime Family's game to try and get you declared crazy. This failed.

The charges of Death Threats that never occurred and reported by Leonard Millman were Dismissed with Prejudice, Aug 20, 1993, By U.S. Federal Judge Richard Matsch Denver Colorado.

Third: I have been Illegally arrested 30 times on false charges for exposing the Bush Crime Family's Denver Connections. All Charges have always been dismissed.

There are no conviction against me.Yet to this day the U.S. Government has falsified the NCIC Computer system, record on me, which is part of My Federal Grand Jury indictments ready to present.

Fourth: Yes I have given the FBI and lots of other Federal Agencies, Congressional Investigations, Inspector Generals and others information relating to "The Bush Crime Family" activities. Yes I gave FBI agent Robin Salvador of the Las Vegas office information relating to Bush Terrorist activities, in particular the Ft. Worth Shooting in 1999, the Alaskan Airliner Crash and other terrorist activities of The Bush Crime Family during a short time.

I requested an informant number for my own protection. I was referred by FBI Denver Agent Mark Hostslaw, who now I know in a cover-up mister working for the Bad Guys in the FBI. I even gave them this info a week before each event, to try and stop it.

During this the period of time CIA Ted Gunderson had infiltrated me, I did not know he working for General John Singlaub and CIA George Pender, controllers for "The Bush Crime Family". Yes I was fooled by Criminal CIA Shadow Govt. Crime Family Player Ted L. Gunderson, like many of you are and have been.

Further Gunderson has referred to a video I have called CIA Terror In America were I state I went to the FBI to report this to the Las Vegas Office. See: Videos under Table of Contents. It is a great Video, and explains a lot 1 full hour, go to my web site to get your full copy. Yes I am a Federal Whistleblower against Government Corruption. I do not, and never have worked for the U.S. Government or any other Government, or Agency.

Except when I was in the USMC in my late teens, and discharged Honorable.

Fifth: I currently have a Federal Grand Jury Demand against The Bush Crime Family naming CIA Ted L. Gunderson as one who brought false charges to extort me out of documents with a convicted felon killer Tom Gaule of Las Vegas, those charges were dropped 1 month prior to a Jury Trial by the Prosecution,(Dec 2001) the prosecutors knew I was innocent of the false charges of Robbery which is a form of assault in Nevada. They were dismissed with Prejudice. Further Gunderson was involved in murder of a Black Panther acting as an FBI Agent in the early 1970s.

Gunderson sold Stinger Missiles to Terrorist Bin Laden for the Bush Crime Family's Shadow Government whom CIA Ted L. Gunderson still works for. This was why he was still working as the head of the FBI LA.

Is the FBI supposedto supply terrorist with Stingers?? Gunderson was involved in other murders of Adults whom were part of CIA-Satanic Sex rings, Gunderson is involved in a wet-ops operation to identify and kill those who are victims now adults who could finger Bush Crime Family Members and other Satanists. Gunderson was further involved with various Illegal activities, Iran/Contra Drug & Weapons shipments Inslaw software, neutralize of key witness, jailment, murder etc.

Gunderson further is a scamster for the Bush Crime Family,he offers Gold Scams with his Criminal Felon Partner Victor Hancock of Las Vegas, and Steals the Life Savings from little old ladies. Gunderson further sells as a scam condominiums on Baja, Island in Mexico, to patriots, and others he can con into purchasing these so called condos to be build in 5 years, with payments now on something that does not exist.

He further owes over one million dollars to little old ladies he has connd out of the money, claiming I need to borrow this money to break open the Nebraska case, and I have a client who will be paying me $300,000 in two months you loan me the $50,000 I will pay you back then. He never has a client and never pays them back. Several complaints have been filed against him. He further claims he retired from the FBI, Gunderson was relieved of duty kick out for holding a Satanic Ceremonies in his FBI Office, and was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic.

(A NUT CASE) 2 of his adult children have been repeatedly hospitalized for this condition. This is why the FBI Alumni kicked him out. Further Gunderson claims he is against Satanism, if this is the case, WHY DID TED L. GUNDERSON MARRY ANTON LAVEY's WIDOW IN 1998, THE FOUNDER OF THE CHURCH OF SATAN IN AMERICA ?????

For the record Tim White, Ted Gunderson, Doug Millar, Brenda Negri, Shirley Anderson, Larry Lawson, are all tied together as Agents Provocateurs working to do Criminal Harassment, slander and defamation of character, to try and ruin my reputation.

Since January 2003 when I got my internet site up with evidence on The Bush Crime Family, these Criminals have all worked daily to try and Criminally harass and slander, and threaten myself and others, including radio talk show hosts. I have proof these people are tied to Leonard Millman Bush Crime Family Boss Hog my former father in law and the Denver FBI offices for the Bush Crime Family.

Ex FBI Now CIA Shadow Government Player Ted L. Gunderson is the ring leader of these fools for the Illegal CIA.

There are so many indictments to present to the grand jury regarding the above named, including information I am not at liberty to discuss of Criminal activity they have all participated in.

I might add that since I released the entire full not blacked out CIA/George H.W. BUSH/Richard CHENEY CHILD SEX RING reports "Finders" in Aug 2003 on my internet site. Suddenly Ted Gunderson now claims in this letter he has been exposing the finders.

He passed out "blacked out" 3 pages as disinformation for the gov. to discredit the operation.

And John Decamps Neb. cover-up was not limited to NEB., it was nation wide, all the orphanages were used, and the operation was called "Brownstone" to blackmail congress and senate with kids. George Pender was in charge of Brownstone, Pender was a Partner of CIA Clint Murchison and CIA-FBI Ted L. Gunderson.

Gunderson was in Dallas living at the Murchison Estate for 1 year while he did a Radio show on short wave late 1990s, during that time he accused Radio Talk Show Host Art Bell of being a child molester, and Gunderson was suit and Art Bell Won The Case against Ted Gunderson for Slander.

Therefore I am going to conclude my report, and ask that anyone reading this to visit my internet site below, and review the link associated with these Criminals named above.

My reports and the reports by Jacque McGuley a mother of a victim of the McMartin Preschool case, who Gunderson broke her finger, made her deaf in one ear, and forced her to file bankruptcy as a result of his stealing her credit cards and using them, and his infiltration to cover up the Mcmartin case, these reports are here, I have tons of documents sent to me by Jacque relating to CIA Ted Gunderson and his Illegal Activities.

Jacque McGauley's Credentials & Reputation is impeccable.

And The Reports by Former CIA Operative Barbara Hartwell, all these reports are detailed about the named above Criminals, they can be found on either internet site.

Barbara Hartwell's Credentials & Reputation is impeccable.

I have Named some of these "Criminal Government Agents" & Government Provocateurs (Domestic Contact Services) in My Federal Grand Jury Demand Dated July 3, 2003 Case Number 95-Y-107

Filed U.S. District Court Denver Colorado.

Stew Webb, Federal Whistleblower


I received this message from ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee, after sending him the piece today on Ted Gunderson, posted here.

If you want to read the testimony of a REAL GOOD GUY who was once inside the FBI, check out his website.

September 30, 2003

Geral Sosbee's message to Friends worldwide:

Thank you for the great work that characterizes your efforts to re-take our country from the treasonous thugs and assassins (primarily affiliated with the fbi/cia) who presently dominate the United States government and American politics.

As you know true leadership always prevails over incompetence and evil, and these two traits are exemplified by the fbi and the cia as their agents, operatives, thugs, assassins and handlers have brought us to brink of a global and Humanitarian crisis of universal proportions.

As I once mentioned to the splendid Barbara Hartwell, what an honor for me to be and to live on the right side of such a struggle (i.e.,a battle between the forces of truth and enlightenment against the applied and coupled doctrines of deceit and destruction).

Geral Sosbee

Also, I have taken from the archives of my website this letter that Geral wrote in support of me in 2002. My comments precede the letter. Geral has been repeatedly attacked and defamed by Tim White, Brenda Negri and other Gunderson dupes and provocateurs, as a result of his continuing loyalty to and support of me. Recently these morons have been spreading the lie that I am Geral's "CIA handler".

Thank you Geral, for your friendship, your support and for doing the right thing!

Here is a letter from Ex FBI agent Geral Sosbee, a letter of support and endorsement Geral wrote on my behalf, when he saw that I had come under numerous attacks by character assassination, malicious lies and attempts to impugn my sanity.

In particular, one mentally unbalanced and spiteful individual, a provocateur by the name of Brenda Negri, who pops up under many silly aliases on various message boards all over the Internet, has been a worse nuisance than anyone else I can think of, when it comes to spreading misinformation about myself and other legitimate whistleblowers and survivors of black ops, such as Al Martin and Stew Webb.

Although she has been exposed as a phony and a pathological liar, she just keeps on with her obsessive libel campaign...I guess she has nothing better to do with her time.

Negri has also sent derogatory messages about me to Geral, 'warning' him not to associate with me, which he forwarded to me. Otherwise, he decided it was best to just ignore Negri's ludicrous ranting and lies.

But anyway, I want to thank Geral for his support and his kind remarks regarding myself.

To Whom It May Concern:

I have known Barbara Hartwell through her superb writings and by virtue of my lengthy telephone conversations with her for many months.

When Barbara makes a statement of opinion I know that she has a firm foundation (and in many instances cogent scientific evidence) supportive of the phenomenon that she reports. I have the greatest respect for the person of Barbara Hartwell and I know her to be one of the most knowledgeable persons in our midst with respect to the terrorist practices of the fbi/cia and similarly chartered/motivated groups.

Barbara is helping to educate the world about the criminal activities of the fbi and the cia, especially in the areas of mind control and particularly concerning the "Non-Consensual Cover Research" program that I am also personally familiar with. More significantly, Barbara is saving lives and she is one of the most courageous human beings I have ever known.

Anyone who attempts to bring discredit on this marvellous woman (by the use of pejorative labels and absurd blasphemes) defeats his/her own transparent purposes by doing so and stands in total opposition/contrast to the humanitarian work that Barbara pursues (at her own great personal loss). I feel privileged and honored to be in her company and I will continue to work with her to help victims of fbi/cia terrorist activities worldwide.

Intentional efforts to casually defame one of this country's greatest treasures, Barbara Hartwell, reflects the sinister depravity of the accuser.

Geral Sosbee

Pam Schuffert: Liar, Manipulator, Grifter, Betrayer, False Witness

Note, December 27, 2006:

Pam Schuffert continues to harass me with libelous e-mail messages, in which my name is used in connection with Jeff Swedenburg. She claims to be "exposing" us. She accuses us both of being CIA and claims she is "investigating" and interviewing witnesses around the country.

I have not seen one truthful piece of information in these "reports." Pam's "witnesses" leave much to be desired regarding credibility.

But the worst part is the hypocrisy displayed by Pam. She uses the "cover" of being a Christian and claims she has compassion, when she clearly is filled with spite. She claims to be "praying" for all of us alleged "CIA" people.

I'll say it again: We are NOT CIA.

And spare me, Pam, from your "prayers". God has my back, that is, including when I am targeted by liars and frauds like you.

Mind your own business, Pam! You've got no idea the "unintended consequences" for your continued meddling where you don't belong.

Pam Schuffert: Liar, Manipulator, Grifter, Betrayer and False Witness

Nov 24, 2003

Here is the testimony of Fred and Katy Sasse, of Minnesota, re Pam Schuffert, sent to me, as well as to Stew Webb, by them.

I have included my response to Fred, and his letter back to me, following the main letter.

[Our contact with Pam Shuffert began with my wife reading her website, donating some money, and ordering (paying for) her book. Late July, we received a phone call from Pam stating that she was in an emergency situation, being evicted from her Bible College. She used the phone number on the check my wife sent her to call us up.
She stated that she would be passing through, and I repeat passing through, our area. Pam ended up staying exactly one month, until we simply could not take it anymore. At the breaking point, I told Pam she needed to leave in a week. She took that, and another four days to boot.

Anyway, about Pam's arrival from New York State. She needed $200.00 gas money to make it to St. Paul. We wired her the money. She arrived, and later that day she said her purse was stolen. I rushed home from work, to find out what happened. My wife and I both believed her completely, but in my spirit I knew something was wrong. We suggested she call the local gas station, it could be possibly left there.

I ran down the alley, looking for a discarded purse, with nothing in sight. Pam said this was impossible; she could never leave her purse. The normal thing to do is believe a theft took place, but as time went on, our suspicions grew. Pam is just now "filing" a police report. Doesn't it seem a little late? We said nothing and took Pam for her word.

During this time, Pam was doing very little, if nothing, to recover her lost driver's license, van title, and other documents that she needed. Pam quickly made herself at home. Then the manipulation began, slowly at first, but gradually building to the point where we were put in the position of "I can't leave here until this need is met".

We are in the process of adopting an orphan from India. Pam yelled at my wife while she was driving to various stores for items she needed (which we were paying for) about what a terrible decision this would be. My wife nearly got in an accident because of this.

Later, while taking her out to dinner, she began to chew me out as well. She said we should not do this; we should be using our money to store up food for the upcoming martial law. My wife was devastated by her intrusive, bullying, "I know God's will for you" attitude.

All the while, we kept paying for things for Pam. The total bill was over $2000.00. Pam would pile things at the counter at the last minute, and expect my wife to pay for them. Our checking account was nearly closed; we were put on the bad check list with the credit bureau (Telecheck) due to Pam's manipulation of my kind-hearted wife.

During this time, I also learned of Pam's work ethic. Like some of the extreme survivalists and anti-govs, Pam Shuffert does not believe in paying taxes to the IRS (in her mind, because the federal government subsidizes abortion). While we oppose abortion as well, why was it our responsibility to support her, with our money that WE (my wife and I) have to report to the IRS?

So, Pam does not believe she really needs to work a regular job to support herself, believing that in doing so she is betraying her beliefs. We tried to arrange for Pam to speak at our local church, but the Pastor refused. He had some insight that I did not have at the time.

We also helped Pam set up a TV show taping with a wonderful healing/worship/deliverance ministry that is located in downtown Minneapolis. This ministry, after praying about the taping, immediately cancelled it. These other believers and church leaders were seeing something that I was not at that time. But now it is all clear to me.

The reason I believe Linda Newkirk's prophecy is this. I believe Pam Shuffert hid her purse in her van to stay with us for as long as possible, to use as an excuse so she could get what she needed, and of course have a place to live.

Pam Shuffert plainly stated to us that she could not leave unless she had her driver's license and other documents replaced. Do you believe that this was our responsibility to her? And to extend a visit that was only supposed to be a couple days into a month long spending spree?

Of course, everyone forms his or her own opinion. After living with this for three months, a heartbroken wife (who now really needs counseling after the backlash for adopting an orphan from India) I had to come forward and tell my story.

This boy will be raised a Hindu and have a terrible future unless we act. Pam had no business touching something so close to our heart and God's. I had to come forward with this, even if it means Pam's wrath. If you get in her way, prepare to be bulldozed. I have heard her criticize just about every known ministry, except Dimitri Duduman (he has universal respect). So now, we are the liars according to Pam. I refuse to be intimidated by Pam Shuffert. She owes my wife a huge apology, which she has refused to date. She has plainly stated that she has done nothing wrong and my wife is mentally ill!!!!

Sincerely, Fred and Katy Sasse]

Dear Fred,

I will post your testimony on my website, as soon as I can get it updated. I too have had many troubles caused for me by Pam Schuffert, which I will also be writing an article about.

I am very sorry that you were abused in this way. This woman is nuts!...there is no other way to say it.

Thanks for the letter and God bless,

Barbara Hartwell

November 24, 2003

Fred's reply to Barbara Hartwell:

Thank you, I want to do my part, so that maybe someone else may not be

As a retaliation, Pam has posted things we told her in "private counseling"
on her discussion board, but even then the facts are not straight.

I am just learning about some of the things you have been through in your
life, I don't know how you made it, the Lord has kept you alive. It is an
encouragement to us.

Thank you again!


Tuesday, December 26, 2006


March, 2001

I find it necessary to address some issues, in regard to information about myself and my case as well as my dealings with certain people who have also gone public with their testimony, research and viewpoints regarding mind control, gov't black ops and related topics.

My main concern is that there is a lot of misinformation and disinformation out there --both on the Internet and floating around as rumour.

You've read it on the Internet? Heard it on a radio show? Heard it from someone who claims to be a close associate of mine or a purported "insider"? It ain't necessarily so.

So before things get too far out of control, it's time for me to set the record straight.

In light of the rapidly worsening circumstances of my life, designed by the perps to drive me further into the downward spiral of illness and poverty which has become an ever-more-serious threat to my life, as well as the escalating sabotage of all my attempts to disseminate my own material, I need to clarify the truth about as many of these issues as I can --while there is yet time.

God willing, there will be.

I won't be able to cover it all in the length allowed by this report --not by a long shot. Just consider this the first of a series of reports. My intent is only to tell the truth as I know it, to correct misinformation, to refute false allegations, erroneous suppositions or theories which I have seen published or which have come back to me as rumours through the grapevine.

Any opinions expressed here are solely my own; and I do not presume to speak for anyone but myself.

But since it's my life that's the issue, and my reputation that's at stake, it's important that to the best of my ability, I let the truth be known. As for the facts I present here, they should also speak for themselves.


I was born on March 12, 1951 on Manhattan Island in NYC. (March 13, Universal or 'Zulu' Time.)

I am indeed 50 years of age, despite the opinions expressed by those who insist that I "could not be old enough" to have the extensive history which I claim as my own. It seems these folks are judging by the photos of me posted on my website. Those photos were all taken between 1997-2000. I can't help it if I look younger than I am; but I'm tired of my appearance compromising my credibility.

I AM a survivor of the following gov't black operations: CIA MK ULTRA; Phoenix Project, otherwise known as 'Rainbow'; and of other 'deep black' CIA-sponsored or related operations which for now shall remain nameless.

I was never involved in the project known as 'Monarch', that being publicized by Mark Phillips and others.

I was never victimized/utilized as a so-called 'sex slave' or 'presidential model' as many people seem to have falsely assumed --erroneously supposing that my experiences have been similar to those being publicized by Cathy O'Brien; Susan Ford aka Brice Taylor and others in this milieu.

I am not a survivor of Satanic Ritual Abuse.

I am not a survivor of pedophilia, child pornography or incest.

I broke out of CIA black ops and related mind control programming, not suddenly, or all at once --but finally and irrevocably in 1994-- after a years-long battle with my handlers, and started to go public in 1996.

I have not been 'deprogrammed' by any formal methodolgy or with the help of any professional 'deprogrammer'. I broke the mind control programming through many years of prayer and with God's help.


There's not enough space to include all the details here, but only an overview.

My professional background, education, training and credentials are mainly in the areas of metaphysics/ parapsychology/spiritual disciplines. I was ordained and licensed as a minister in the Universalist Church in 1979, and specialized in spiritual/pastoral counselling, but I have not practiced as a minister in many years and am no longer affiliated with any church or organized religion.

I am trained in the Jungian/Transpersonal method of psychotherapy and 'psychological' astrology. I am a certified hypnotherapist and my work as a Jungian-method astrologer, psychotherapist and lecturer on these subjects has been endorsed by the Carl Jung Society in NYC and Westport, CT, as well as numerous other educational institutes.

I lectured and taught classes on metaphysics and spiritual disciplines for over 20 years at various institutes. During this time frame, I also worked as a professional clairvoyant. In practicing these various disciplines my work included private counselling for individuals and families; investigative work on cases for legal firms and DA's offices, some of which were international in scope; personnel counselling and consulting for corporate entities.

CIA 'fronts' and proprietaries (including some of these corporations and legal firms) regularly contracted for my services.

I was considered a professional CIA asset and utilized in various capacities as such for many years.

My "cover" was that I was working as an "independent contractor" or "talent". On the 'outside' I appeared to be 'self-employed', which though legitimate, does not describe the complex nature of my situation. In actuality, I functioned as a deep cover operative, acting partially - though not totally - under programmed controls.

I have also worked as an investigative journalist in both electronic and print media for over 20 years. From 1987-1995, I hosted/produced radio and TV programs in Connecticut, on WGCH radio, Greenwich, CT and Cablevision of CT, Norwalk, while residing in Greenwich, CT.

The topics I addressed on these programs were related mostly to the spiritual/paranormal/metaphysical; UFO research; gov't corruption and conspiracies; human and animal rights, and political activism.

My training as 'on-camera talent' and in TV production was sponsored by a CIA front company which also funded my TV programs and paid me a monthly stipend for various consulting services. [Intelligence analyst.]

I had been trained and groomed by CIA (among other things) as a 'media representative' (read propagandist) for the 'New Age' and New World Order.

I will address these issues in more detail in an upcoming article : CIA Propaganda Ministry: The New Age and New World Order.

During the 1980s, I served as a press representative and investigator for Amnesty International.

From 1986 to the present I have conducted extensive research on UFOs and related phenomena, both as a field investigator and an investigative journalist. While hosting/producing my radio and TV programs I interviewed many of the most well-known UFO researchers and 'abductees' ; 'contactees' ; 'experiencers' as they variously described themselves.

Between 1994 and 1997, I conducted an intensive investigation in Pine Bush, NY and surrounding areas, including nearby West Point. My investigation mainly focussed on covert gov't/military black ops being run out of this and other areas, some of which I had been personally utilized in while still under programmed control.

For many years I led what I can only describe as a 'double life', or even more strange, a 'multiple life'. And by that I do not mean 'multiple personality disorder'.

Due to the utterly bizarre nature of the so-called 'paranormal' aspects of the projects in which I was was utilized, such as Phoenix/Rainbow --which can only be characterized as 'deep black' ops-- some of my experiences defy description. I realize the extreme difficulty of gathering solid evidence, not only to substantiate my own experiences and involvement, but for the very existence of the operations.

When you are dealing with hyper-space, multi dimensonal and interdimensional planes of existence and the like, it can be next to impossible to nail down the absolute truth, much less prove it.

I am well aware that speaking about the stranger-than-fiction aspects of my experiences, and what I KNOW--but cannot prove-- to be true has been a major stumbling block as regards my credibility.

Therefore, I have tried to stick as much as possible to the more mundane aspects of the operations, though my frustration in not being able to do justice to the 'real truth' often gets the better of me.

What I find most important is to expose the massive violations of human rights which are instrumental in the black operations and mind control programs in which I and others were victimized.

I consider myself a champion of individual rights; a defender of the U.S. Constitution; an advocate for the oppressed. Before such violations can be stopped --the ultimate goal --they must be exposed.

I chose to go public about my own involvement in black ops for these purposes. As a whistleblower, I can offer my own testimony. As an investigative journalist I can publicize cases of other victims, survivors, targeted individuals.

And as someone who has been involved in human rights activism for over 30 years --my first arrest for civil disobedience was in 1969-- I continue to do all in my power to put a stop to the abuses which
I have witnessed and experienced.

I am not now ---nor have I ever been--affiliated with any group or organization for survivors of mind control or other forms of abuse. I currently work as an independent researcher, investigator and journalist.

Since I have been blacklisted from the mainstream media due to my whistleblower status, I publish my own material on my website and in my newsletter, the Hartwell Intelligence Report.

I intend to start serializing on the Internet the material intended for my book(s), so that in the event I don't live long enough to finish the book(s), at least I will have put out as much material as possible which can later be edited by others into an anthology or comprehensive volume.


TED GUNDERSON, FBI Senior Special-Agent-in-Charge, Bureau Chief Los Angeles,CA, ret.

I first met Ted in 1997 when he and I were both speakers at the Global Sciences Congress in Denver, Colorado. I subsequently developed a friendship and professional association with Ted. Ted conducted an investigation of my case between 1997 and 2000.

During that time, I spent many hours in phone conversations and meetings with Ted, which took place at various locations around the U.S. I also spoke publicly with him in radio and TV interviews and shared the same podium in lectures and seminars.

Any rumours that I was romantically involved with Ted are false; there was a close friendship and professional relationship but nothing more. Also false are rumours that Ted was ever my 'handler', 'programmer' or 'deprogrammer'.

In January 2000, I had a serious disagreement with Ted which created a conflict of interests and led to my decision to break off my professional association with him. The major point of contention concerned Ted's allegations, in conjunction with those of Susan Ford aka Brice Taylor, that Kurt Billings was a 'CIA plant'.

I told Ted that based on my own interactions with Kurt, I strongly disagreed that Kurt was a 'plant'. I asked Ted and Sue to furnish evidence for this allegation, but no evidence whatsoever was forthcoming, only their personal opinions.

Speculative hearsay was also relayed by other associates of Ted and Sue whose 'bona fides' and credibility I considered dubious at best. I told Ted at that time that I was unwilling to take part in what I could only see as a slander campaign for the purpose of discrediting Kurt, a colleague whom I also considered a friend, and still do.

As a result of these (IMO, false) allegations, which were being disseminated by Sue and Ted, and which may have compromised Kurt's reputation, I subsequently wrote a public testimonial in Kurt's defense, because I believed that Kurt's reputation and character were being unjustly defamed. Kurt did not ask me to write anything on his behalf; it was my decision based on what I deemed to be the ethically correct thing to do.

I will not offer a lengthy opinion here as to the reasons why Sue Ford and Ted Gunderson claimed to believe Kurt to be a 'plant'. I will only say that from Sue's perspective, I believe it had to do with Kurt's unwillingness to follow along with what he considered Sue's ill-advised ideas regarding what was best for her daughter Kelly, who has been seriously damaged as a result of extreme abuses dating from her early childhood.

Kurt is a Christian minister, a 20-year researcher of mind control and has worked with mind control victims; and in this capacity Sue had asked Kurt to see if he might be able to help Kelly.

But Kurt clearly stated to Sue after observing Kelly's seriously debilitated physical and mental condition that he was simply not qualified in the capacity of a psychiatric/mental health professional to work with Kelly and that the type of help Kelly needed could not possibly be provided by him.

As for myself, I can understand Kurt's position. There is much more to this story, which it is not my place to publicly tell; and also because I must honor confidences that were shared with me. But I have no reason to believe Kurt to be a 'CIA plant'; and in fact many good reasons to disbelieve it, having been in a position to observe certain situations and to hear both sides of the controversy.

So let's set this one to rest: I do not believe Kurt Billings to be a "CIA plant" nor have I ever been part of a campaign to discredit Kurt, publicly nor privately.

And while we're on the subject, one more thing: any rumours that Kurt was ever my 'handler' or 'programmer' are also false and are based purely on speculation from uninformed sources and/or have been planted as purposeful disinformation in an attempt to discredit myself and Kurt.

A number of people subsequently contacted me, claiming to have information about Ted Gunderson. Some claimed they had "inside info" re Ted. I listened with an open mind to what all of them had to say. All I was ever interested in was finding the truth.

Some of the people whose testimony I heard regarding Ted --both pro and con-- are people I respect; others are people for whom --with good reason-- I have no respect.

I cannot speak for any of these people; nor can I prove or disprove their allegations.

But I don't form my own opinions based on anyone else's good or bad experiences, especially if there is no hard evidence to substantiate their testimony. And I refuse to be a part of spreading public slander about anyone, including Ted. All I can go by are my own personal experiences with any individual along with facts and evidence I am able to establish.

Although my disagreement with Ted was a source of great sadness; caused me considerable stress; and prompted much soul-searching on my part, in all fairness to Ted I must say that he never treated me personally with anything but kindness, respect and concern.

I will also say that he never refused to help me when I was in need of it and that there were times when his help and advice were instrumental in saving my life. Ted never took any money from me; in fact he repeatedly spent his own money in connection with my case.

In the spring of 2000, journalists from NewsMakingNews published the Ted Gunderson Data Dump.

Included in the 'dump' was "Gunderson Delves Even More Deeply Into Mind Control: The Case of Barbara Hartwell ".

This link to my case on the site was NOT placed there by my request nor with my permission; but I am aware that since the security letter I wrote, dated Oct. 13, 1999, which contained my testimony --some of it in reference to Ted-- had already been published on several sites on the Internet, it was not a breach of my legal rights by the journalists from NewsMakingNews.

They offered to publish an article written by me re my dealings with Ted; but in the context of the 'data dump' which is decidedly anti-Ted, I decided that it would not have served any good purpose.


In October/November 1997 I was asked by Ted Gunderson to assist him in his investigation of the Linda Wiegand case.

My involvement was as a journalist, helping to get publicity for the case through my media contacts in Connecticut and in helping to re-write and edit a legal case summary. (I am not an attorney but have sufficient legal training to write briefs and am fluent in 'legalese'.)

To my knowledge, Ted received no compensation for working on the case. Donations from Linda Wiegand's supporters payed only travel expenses, accomodations, etc.

Ted did not even have a car, and for a few days I let him use one I had borrowed from a friend and later arranged for him to be driven around by one of my associates who lived in the area. At that time Linda was living in an apartment in Connecticut.

I will not go into all the details I learned about the case. Information is available elsewhere from many sources, promoting various conflicting viewpoints. All I will say is that from MY OWN observations and analysis --which PRECEDED Ted later publicly denouncing the Wiegand case as bogus-- my opinion was that Linda was in collusion with federal authorities for the purpose of 'setting up' and discrediting certain people in the Christian/Patriot community, including Ted and Bo Gritz, among other agendas.

While working with Ted and Linda, it was clear to me that Ted really believed in the veracity of Linda's case and sincerely wanted to help --for all the right reasons. But I did not approve of the way Linda treated Ted --ordering him around as if he were a servant, and snapping at him if he didn't move fast enough to do everything she wanted, which I witnessed repeatedly. She showed little appreciation for Ted's help, especially considering the fact that he wasn't being paid.

Although I was horrified by Linda's tale of the satanic and sexual abuse of her children, I saw something in Linda's eyes which I can only describe as a coldness, which did not seem in keeping with the trauma and heartbreak one would expect to be displayed in the countenance of a mother whose children were being so brutally abused.

I honestly can't claim to know the absolute truth of the situation and I don't claim to have x-ray vision regarding other people's feelings or motives. I am only giving my observations, for what they're worth, and they may be worth nothing.

As a professional psychic for over 20 years, I had worked on many legal cases and my intuitive feeling from the beginning, in this particular case, was: 'Something is wrong with this picture'.

I also got the feeling that Linda regarded me with suspicion, and didn't trust me. She seemed uncomfortable and somewhat defensive when I was asking detailed questions in order to establish facts and a timeline for events relating to the case so that I could write an accurate case summary.

Anyway, when Ted finally had to leave Connecticut because no more money was available to pay his expenses, I decided not to continue working on the case with Linda, as Ted asked me to do, because by that time I knew it was in my own best interests to leave.

And the arrest of Bo Gritz for 'kidnapping' Linda's children at the school further confirmed my feeling that all was not as it seemed; and certainly not as it was being presented by Linda.

My last discussion with Ted re the Wiegand case was two years later, in November 1999, and we established at that time that we were in agreement that Wiegand was a gov't plant being used for a sub rosa agenda.

In summary, since I've known Ted, he and I have agreed about a number of things and disagreed about others. I enjoyed working with him. Ted never attempted to exert undue influence over me and even when we disagreed or when I declined to take his advice, he well knew I wasn't the type to be strong-armed by anyone.

Sometimes he thought I was stubborn because I refused to defer to his advice and insisted on fighting my own battles, unlike some of the other survivors he was used to working with, who seemed to regard Ted as someone who had all the solutions to their problems.

Although I was, and still am, grateful for his support, I never viewed Ted in this way and he knew it.

But sadly, some of my disagreements with Ted --his allegations re Kurt Billings as well as his continued unconditional endorsement of the testimony and activities of Susan Ford, which I considered, by association, a liability to myself and others, created a conflict of interests and that is the reason I no longer have a professional association with Ted, though I care no less about him as a friend and still consider him as such.


I first met Sue Ford in 1997 at the same conference where I met Ted Gunderson. I developed a friendship with Sue and over roughly a 3 year period, I had spoken publicly with Sue on a number of occasions, in radio and TV interviews and on the lecture circuit.

In January 2000, I finally broke off contact with Sue for a number of reasons. As previously mentioned, I could not in good conscience support what I considered Sue's unfair treatment of Kurt Billings, nor share her viewpoint that he is a "CIA plant".

But this particular disagreement between Sue and myself was only one of the reasons for my decision not to continue a professional or personal association with her. Frankly, I found her overall treatment of me to be inappropriate and unacceptable.

For one thing, Sue repeatedly overstepped her bounds by trying to tell me what issues I should --and should not-- be addressing in public.

Among the issues which she did NOT think I should be speaking about were my involvement in 'deep black' operations such as Phoenix; the 'paranormal' aspects of these projects as well as my extensive research in connection to UFOs and related phenomena.

She told me that the public was "not ready to hear or believe" these things and that speaking about them could only serve to discredit me and other mind control survivors --including herself-- if I added them to the mix in speaking about my own experiences of mind control.

I strongly disagreed with Sue and bluntly told her so. In my experience, the audiences I had addressed, whether on radio and TV --as a guest or interviewer-- or in my seminars and lectures --over a 20 year period of public speaking-- were very open-minded about these topics and wanted to know more.

More significant is the fact that since these 'deep black' projects constituted the bulk of my own experiences and are the primary area of my expertise, NOT speaking about them would have placed me under severe limitations. NOT telling the whole truth --at least what I know of it-- would only have muddied the waters and compromised my credibility even more.

More importantly, I do not allow anyone to tell me what issues I should --and should not-- be addressing, since that is my prerogative and since I speak only for myself, based on my own experiences and research, and never as a member or representative of any group.

I do not join groups, pure and simple, since I refuse to toe anybody's party line or adopt or promote consensus opinions, about mind control or anything else. I also refuse to allow anyone to practice 'containment' strategies on me. It's been tried many times, by various agents and minions of the US gov't, and has always failed.

As far as I could see, this 'containment' of my testimony, and the larger issues it involved, was part of the larger agenda --an agenda certainly not designed by Sue Ford, since she was clearly not the one calling the shots.

Sue also repeatedly tried to persuade me that I should stay in the background and let her have the "lion's share" of time in public appearances, lectures and media interviews where we were both invited
to present.

I often didn't have much choice in the matter. Somehow or other it was always 'arranged' for Sue to take the lion's share of allotted time --whether I agreed to it or not-- using it to promote her specific viewpoints and 'party-line' position.

Since I have no desire to compete with anyone, nor to become anyone's satellite or sidekick, I realized that I was better off not making public appearances with Sue, whose background and experiences had little commonality with my own.

And whose viewpoints and agenda appeared to have been determined by someone else. A 'someone' who was not operating out of a love of truth, freedom and justice.

But I later learned that Sue had also been telling people, including professional colleagues and conference promoters --behind my back-- that she thought I should NOT be speaking AT ALL in public about mind control since I had never been formally "deprogrammed" by the methods Sue and some of her associates endorse, foremost among them the EEG bio-feedback method which Sue has been promoting and practicing for the past several years.

Unfortunately this meddling and spreading of disinformation by Sue Ford and some of her cronies caused me to lose speaking engagements because I was not invited back, or else, "blacklisted" even before I had the opportunity to speak at certain conferences where the promoters had in fact been considering me as a speaker.

It is true that I have never been formally 'deprogrammed'. This has been by my own choice, since I have always been very careful as to whom I allowed to mess with my psyche --considering the fact that the CIA programmers and handlers had already made quite a mess of it! And I had never found anyone I trusted enough, whom I also considered qualified AND who was willing to work with me.

Since I could not afford to pay for such services, the field of my options was woefully narrow: I can only compare it to trying to discern how many angels can fit on the head of a pin.

There were several people who offered their services as 'deprogrammers', gratis (after I had already broken out of the program, in 1994, which was BEFORE I met these individuals) --including Sue Ford herself, via the EEG biofeedback method, but I declined, for what by now should be obvious reasons.

I sure didn't have any desire to be 're-programmed' . No thank you, no Ma'am!

As I tell everyone who asks: I broke mind control programming by many years of prayer and by the grace of God. And what I choose to speak about publicly is my own business --not the business of some self-styled ad hoc comittee of people who bill themselves as "experts" on mind control or 'deprogramming'.

I do not claim to be an expert on mind control. I speak only about my own experiences and research. And I understand that my own experiences have little in common with most of the other mind control survivors I have ever met; read about or heard about.

I also experienced other problems with Sue Ford. In 1999, Sue produced her own videotape, Mind Control Goes Public, mostly featuring herself in interviews and lectures. Also included in this tape is a TV interview featuring Sue Ford; ex-FBI agent Ted Gunderson, retired ; ex-CIA agent Chip Tatum, and yours truly, Barbara Hartwell.

The moderator is journalist Ryan Elliott of Chicago Health Television, who interviewed the four of us after we gave a seminar at Global Sciences Congress in Daytona Beach, Florida, titled Insider Secrets of Gov't Corruption.

To my knowledge, the original interview was never aired on the TV station because there may have been intimidation tactics used against the journalists/producers. The issues we addressed in this interview were of a very sensitive nature: CIA assassinations; drug running; black ops, mind control, etc.

However, a 'bootleg' copy of this interview was simultaneously taped by Jon Gentry, a videographer who often worked with Ted. The first I heard of the existence of this tape was when a man e-mailed me to say he had seen me on the tape, which he had purchased from Sue Ford.

I later learned that Sue had made copies of the 'bootleg' tape, incorporated it into Mind Control Goes Public, and started selling them like hotcakes via mail order and on the Internet.

Sue never even told me she had made the tape. Worse, Sue never shared with me any of the money from sales. I had never signed a release for anyone to use the taped interview on which I appeared: EXCEPT Chicago Health Television.

Currently, this tape is being sold like crazy all over the Internet: not only by Sue Ford but also by; by David Icke; by Mark Phillips; by Jon Gentry and God knows how many others.

Apparently, there are now also other versions of the tape for sale --on which I appear-- not only in the Ryan Elliott interview, but in portions of my public talks, pirated by the various producers and vendors of these tapes.

I have NOT EVEN SEEN these new versions. That's because ironically, I can't afford to buy them. Meanwhile, these people --including Jon Gentry and Sue Ford-- have sold thousands of copies and are raking in the bucks.

And I have never received a penny from any of those people who exploited the fruits of my labor and, to this day, continue to collect the profits.

But to add insult to injury, as Sue and others well know, I am dirt poor --as a result of the perps' machinations of my finances, I not been able to afford to produce my OWN tapes, even using my OWN materials.

If that's not exploitation, I don't know what is!

I started my Legal Defense and Research Fund in 1997, in an attempt to raise money so that I could survive long enough to continue my research, with the goal of exposing CIA black ops in which I was involved; and to eventually file a class action lawsuit against CIA for damages in connection with violations of human and constitutional rights perpetrated against myself, certain family members and others.

Sue told me that she thought it would be more beneficial to us both if she and I worked TOGETHER on fund raising, instead of me working alone through my Legal Defense and Research Fund.

I --in hindsight, foolishly-- agreed to this proposal, as Sue assured me she had adequate financial resources and had made plans with a lawyer to legally incorporate a fund-raising organization.

Sue promised me that she and I would "split the funding" so that we could each use our respective shares to pursue various avenues of endeavor.

I waited for Sue's plan to materialize, since I had no resources at all, and could barely pay the rent to keep a roof over my head. But I waited in vain. I was later told by Sue that she had decided to work on this project with someone else's organization in Canada, instead of working with me, in association with my Legal Defense and Research Fund.

And then, a short time later, I found out, in a phone conversation with Ted Gunderson --who said he assumed I had already been invited to participate-- that Sue Ford had arranged for a meeting in Los Angeles, for various activists, mind control survivors and therapists, to raise money on a large scale for the purpose of exposing mind control and providing legal and 'mental health/deprogramming' services for victims/survivors.

A meeting, as I told Ted, to which Sue apparently considered me unworthy to be invited.

In a lecture at Global Sciences Congress, 1998, Sue Ford made a statement which I, as well as many others, found extremely disturbing: "Anyone who claims that they did NOT abuse their own children is NOT a real survivor."

When Sue Ford issued this proclamation, I was sitting in the front row, and when I heard this, I felt like I had been punched in the stomach.

I also have it on videotape (the aforementioned Mind Control Goes Public) and every time I hear Sue's words, it feels the same.

As I and many other "real survivors" know, the measure of a "real survivor" is NOT whether they did --or did not-- abuse their own children!

I can state categorically that I NEVER abused my children. I know this, and so do my children. There are many types of "survivors", and we all have had our own tragic experiences. But to make such a blanket statement --which is patently false-- only serves to cast aspersions on those of us who did NOT abuse our children.

It also serves to provide cover for the abusers --whether those abusers are 'mind control survivors' or not--with the idea: They couldn't help it, they were under mind control!

It is not that I don't have compassion for Sue or for others who were involved in intergenerational child abuse in connection to mind control. But it is just NOT TRUE that EVERYONE who was EVER under ANY kind of mind control was involved in child abuse --as a victim and/or an abuser.

And no matter how great my compassion, it does not mean I am willing to be lumped into a category where I do not belong, and to be falsely accused of something I have not done.

But there is another problem here: What about those people who are just waking up to the possibility that they MAY have been under mind control?

For these people, hearing such a blanket statement --and not knowing better than to believe it-- can effectively serve to keep them from being motivated to explore the possibility that they may have been under some form of programming.

Because the very IDEA that they may "remember" having abused their own children --sexually or otherwise-- may well be too much to bear.

So for the benefit of any such people: I implore you, don't believe everything you hear, just because one person who claims to be an "expert" on mind control says it's so. I repeat: IT AIN'T NECESSARILY SO!

In February 2000, when I had finally reached the limits of my endurance, I wrote a letter to Sue Ford, confronting her with all the ways in which I felt she had treated me exploitively, manipulatively and unethically.

I was very direct, as is my way, but not unkind. I reminded her that I had always tried to help her in any way I could, and that I had loved her like a sister; but that I could no longer continue a professional association with her, since under the circumstances it was not in my best interests to do so.

I told her that I was more than willing to discuss the issues; explained that I truly did care about her and that I hoped she would see fit to make an effort to resolve things with me.

But Sue Ford just sidestepped my attempt to confront her. She never acknowledged any of the issues I brought up in my letter. All I got back from Sue was a brief personal e-mail with an attached long 'form letter' addressed to "Friends-in-the-Know".

This letter mostly consisted of details about her daughter's case and more allegations against Kurt Billings, described again as a "CIA plant", and whom she apparently was blaming for a multitude of her problems as well as her own shortcomings as a mother.

In her short personal reply to me, she also tried to blame Kurt for the rift between her and myself. But the fact of the matter is: I had not even KNOWN Kurt for most of the time I was involved with Sue.

And there was no excuse for Sue to make a scapegoat of Kurt. Like myself, all Kurt ever did was try to help her, at HER request. And like myself, he refused to be manipulated or to do whatever Sue wanted on her own terms, at the expense of violating his own principles.

I will now refer to an article by Katherine [aka Kathleen] Sullivan, titled The Latest Adventures of Mark Phillips, published in Conspiracy Planet.

Katherine mentions that Sue Ford/Brice Taylor repeatedly claimed that directives issued by "Jesus" were behind requests she made of Katherine; in such cases where Brice was attempting to influence Katherine in one way or another.

Katherine gives an example: Brice claimed that "Jesus" told her that the two of them should confront Mark Phillips at a conference in Atlanta about his lies and his exploitation of Brice, Katherine and others.

But then, in contradiction of this, Brice told Katherine at the last minute that "Jesus" apparently changed his mind and said that it was "not the right time" for her, Brice, to confront Mark Phillips, leaving Katherine to face the situation alone.

I don't doubt the veracity of Katherine's statements regarding her experiences with Brice/Sue; not only because I believe Katherine to be an honest person, but also because similar advice claimed to issue from "Jesus" was also relayed to ME by Sue/Brice on a number of occasions.

Sue told me that "Jesus" had been talking to her about me, and that he advised her about what I "should be doing".

Coincidentally, it just so happened that the opinions of "Jesus" were in perfect alignment with Sue's own ideas and agenda --none of which could have benefitted me in the slightest.

As I told Sue, I have access to my own spiritual guidance which I have been able to rely on for many years. And in any case, the way I see it, if I want advice from Jesus, I can always ask him myself.

Although I had discussed some of these issues with Katherine and we did seem to agree regarding a number of things, including about the M.O. being used by Brice Taylor/Sue Ford, we had also disagreed about several other issues.

Katherine and I certainly never reached any such definitive agreement about Ted Gunderson. I do know that Katherine considers Ted one of the "cadre of bad guys" along with Mark Phillips, Walter Bowart, David Icke, as she describes them in her article.

(And BTW: I do NOT disagree that Phillips, Bowart and Icke fit in that category, for my own reasons.) Thus, my concern is that Katherine includes a comment about me in her article which is misleading and which does not accurately describe my viewoint, nor the true nature of my situation.

Katherine writes:

["If the puppet victims are openly promoted by the cadre of bad guys working together behind the scenes with support nobody else can get, and if those survivors who do break away suddenly lose their support and are hounded mercilessly (like Barbara Hartwell when she started to wake up about Ted Gunderson) how can we circumvent their crap and find a safe and clean way to get the information out? "]

As regards this statement, it's important for me to correct and to clarify some things in relation to myself. Although I have discussed Ted with Katherine, I did so privately --not as a discussion meant to become a public issue-- and I never indicated to her that I had reached the conclusion that Ted was one of the 'bad guys.'

In fact, I repeatedly made it clear that Ted had always treated me well, and that despite the negative opinions certain other survivors --including Katherine-- had about Ted, I was not about to let myself be unduely influenced by these opinions.

By the time I met Ted, I was far removed from the point where anyone --bad guys or whomever-- could exert undue influence on me, no matter how desperate or life-threatening my circumstances became.

It had been tried many times: CIA tried to re-recruit me by offering me money; protection; publicity --on their terms, of course. My answer was always the same: No deal.

More importantly, I never believed, nor did I tell anyone, including Katherine, that the harassment being directed at me had anything to do my connection to Ted Gunderson.

First of all, as mentioned previously, I finally broke out of CIA black ops in 1994, after many years of battling with my handlers. The "merciless hounding" which Katherine describes has certainly been a fact of my life. But the persecution I have been subjected to --which continues to this day-- started LONG BEFORE I ever met Ted Gunderson, and in fact did not begin with my decision to break off my professional association with him.

Rather, the extreme harassment had do with my refusal to cooperate with my handlers and my refusal to allow CIA to get returns of their considerable investment in me, both financially and otherwise, an investment which began in my early childhood.

I was targeted for 'neutralization' starting in 1994, when the perps deemed me a threat to 'national security' --in reality a threat to their nefarious agenda-- because they know I am willing to do whatever it takes to expose and stop their massive violations of human rights, even if that means I have to pay for it with my life.

Although Katherine's statement about me is merely a parenthetical "example", it seems to be placed there as if to illustrate or be emblematic of, her thesis that 'puppet victims' who break away from their handlers are punished by being divested of support and the endorsement of those same "recycled handlers and programmers".

For all I know, that may have been true in some cases, including the people she mentions by name in her article, such as Cathy O'Brien and Brice Taylor. But I have no way of knowing that for sure and do not wish to publicly engage in such speculation.

However, speaking strictly for myself and about my particular case, I need to make it clear that Katherine's opinion regarding me is only that --an opinion-- and does not stem from any factual information, nor from any viewpoints I have ever expressed, to Katherine, nor to anyone else.

I respect Katherine, consider her a good friend and know her well enough to say that I am sure she meant no disrespect to me. It is clear to me that she was only stating her opinions and that her intent was honorable.

But I also need to make it clear that Katherine and I see some things very differently. As Katherine describes her own experiences in her published writings, they are similar in some ways to those of Cathy O'Brien and Sue Ford, whereas mine were very simply...NOT.

I also have never been involved in any way with the other men she describes as being among the "cadre of bad guys" and "recycled handlers and programmers"--Mark Phillips, David Icke, or Walter Bowart.

To date, I have not publicly revealed who my handlers and programmers were and will not do so until I have something resembling solid evidence, and unless I feel it would serve a good purpose. But I will say that none of the people Katherine mentions in her article --including Ted Gunderson-- were among them.

I hope that this report has answered some questions. I hope that it has corrected some misinformation and cleared some of the muddy waters of disinformation.

I hope that it has called into question some inaccurate theories and refuted some false allegations. At the very least, I hope that in speaking FOR MYSELF I have made my own position clear.

Whatever....I've done my best. After all, it's my life. And you've heard it here --from the horse's mouth.

In closing, please consider these words:

"By honors, medals, titles no true man [woman] is elated. To realize that which we are, this is the honor for which we are created"....Angelus Silesius

"Nothing has such power to broaden the mind as the ability to investigate systematically and truly all that comes under thy observation in life."....Marcus Aurelius

"Whoso would be a man [woman] would also be a nonconformist"....Ralph Waldo Emerson

"The words of truth are always paradoxical"...Lao Tzu

Barbara Hartwell
March, 2001