Thursday, November 30, 2006

"Educator" Ken Adachi: Stooge & Apologist for Crooks, Liars...


Note to the readers from Barbara Hartwell:

This report is lengthy. There are several important reasons for this. Firstly, it covers a lot of ground. I am addressing issues and events which for the most part span a time period from 1999 until the present, March 2005, though some of the events described may precede this timeline.

Secondly, my former website,, went off-line in August 2004. Since that time I have been working on other projects, leaving little time for publishing reports on the Internet. So I've only recently gotten around to addressing some of the political chicanery, skullduggery and criminal activities, which for my purposes (including in this case, my own defense) need to be exposed.

But the third and most compelling reason for the length of this report is that it is based on FACTS. I have enumerated many of these facts, often in numbered lists. The report also provides evidence (or directs the readers where to find it) to substantiate some of those facts, along with the testimony of reliable witnesses and trustworthy sources, most of whom are named. Such attention to detail takes up quite a bit of space. But the facts speak for themselves.

And although I often use sarcasm and humor to make my case, it will become clear that the subject matter and the characters featured here lend themselves to just such an approach. There are some very strange and whacked-out people in this world, involved in some very bizarre activities and operations.

What is even stranger, most of them seem to be working for the U.S. Government! law enforcement personnel, intelligence operatives or, as some featured in this report, their stooges, dupes and minions.

Nonetheless, I'm sure that the more discerning readers won't let the satirical nature of my writing style overshadow the fact that that I am as serious as deadly sin (of which there is much elaborated on herein) about what is being reported here; as well as in my dedication to putting as many of these crooks and scamsters as possible out of business, once and for all.

All persons named in this report are referred to by their actual names and bear as precise a resemblance as I am capable of describing, to themselves. No names have been changed to cover up for the guilty, nor even to protect the innocent. This report is not about protection. It is about justice.


For those who enjoy "educating" themselves --at least about the latest escapades and schemes of some of the sleaziest con men, whackjobs and liars on the planet-- here's some exciting news!

Congratulations are in order to Ken Adachi, crackpot and willing stooge for the New World Order, who serves as PR man and apologist for ex-FBI agent and COINTELPRO Head Honcho Ted L. Gunderson and his entourage of dupes and flunkies. The ever-enterprising Mr. Adachi has now expanded his disinformation data base and shown himself to be quite the talent scout.

Apparently, Gunderson's handlers (the Dark Overlords who control Adachi through Gunderson) have become so desperate to discredit Barbara Hartwell (whom Adachi has been running his malicious smear campaign against since 2001) that he is now scraping the bottom of the barrel and has dredged up two (2) fabulous new "talents" to promote on his government-sponsored disinfo site, which he calls "Educate Yourself". (Better known among legitimate professionals as Indoctrinate Yourself.)

What's more, it's a real plus that Adachi's splendid new recruits have no need of indoctrination: They're already working 'round the clock to harass Barbara Hartwell, against whom they are each running their own malicious libel campaigns, just chock-full of outrageous lies. (How's that for a coincidence?)

Yes indeed, Adachi has gone slumming. If you thought Patriot Spy Ted Gunderson was bad news (or perhaps becoming an increasing liability where credibility is concerned) well, just take a look (though you might not want to look too long) at what Adachi has scraped from the bottom of the trash bin: Todd Brendan Fahey, "Friend of Liberty" and false "conservative patriot"; and cross-dressing conspiracy kook Tim White. (I do hope Adachi was wearing rubber gloves, or he'll surely contract one of those dreadful diseases.)


As will become quite clear as you read on, Adachi's new compatriots and partners-in-slime, Fahey and White, have much in common. Both are foul-mouthed users and promoters of pornography. Both have a long history of arrests on drug and/or alcohol related charges. Both are delusional wanna-bes who fancy themselves "players" among the International Intelligence/Law Enforcement Community and attendant Conspiracy Crowd.

Both are pathological liars. Both engage in criminal stalking and harassment (on foot, in vehicles, by phone and in cyberspace). Both have been known to cook up some very nasty blackmail/extortion schemes. Both make a regular practice of theft of documents and sundry other items.

Both labor under the burden of profound psychopathology, including paranoid fantasies (of the clinical sort) and obsessive-compulsive disorders. Both are sniveling little sissies and cowards who couldn't fight their way out of a wet paper bag if their lives depended on it.

Lastly and certainly most relevant for the purposes of this report, both Fahey and White have targeted Barbara Hartwell and associated persons for libel, stalking and various forms of criminal harassment.


Let's start with Adachi's newest find, Todd Brendan Fahey. Drug-addicted boozehound, delusional whackjob and pathological liar who uses, sponsors and promotes pornographic filth, including on his website, Friends of Liberty. (Great choice, Adachi. Your credibility as an "educator" will certainly soar as a result of this judicious new alliance!)

One of Fahey's latest forays into the lurid underworld of his own psychotic fantasies has been to promote outrageous lies about a woman he is clearly obsessed with, namely Barbara Hartwell, claiming (among many other lies) a non-existent (except in his sick fantasies) sexual conquest, after his sleazy advances were repelled and he was thrown out of my home for drunk and disorderly conduct, when police answered a 911 call on July 4, 2004, to remove Fahey from my property.

And as several of my associates and legal advocates can testify (and eventually will, in a court of law) they have collected reams of evidence against Fahey, in the form of documentation:

Fahey's dissemination of libelous pornographic filth targeting Hartwell, all over the World Wide Web. A practice he has continued unabated from July 2004, right to the present time, March 2005.

Since I have an absolute loathing of pornography in any form, I have refused to subject myself to seeing Fahey's filthy lies in print and refuse to read any such libelous postings myself. But they won't be lost, they are being collected as evidence by friends who've agreed to do so on my behalf.

I learned, much to my horror, that Fahey in fact had a history of promoting pornography on several websites, including Friends of Liberty. I personally had not seen such material, but then I wouldn't have been looking for it.

When I first heard of this abomination, back in May 2004 (roughly one month before the lying lunatic Fahey arrived at my home) I didn't want to believe it. Neither did my best friend and professional colleaugue ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee, who also serves as a witness in certain aspects of my case against Fahey.

After a brief discussion, back in May 2004, Geral and I dismissed the warnings about pornographic content on Fahey's site, FoL, because at that time neither of us knew the REAL Todd Fahey. We were biased in his favor, as we still believed him to be credible, one of the good guys, which is why we both tried to help him when he got himself into deep trouble in several countries in Southeast Asia.

First he was fired from his job at a university and was thrown out of South Korea; he only avoided official deportation by blackmailing a school official (about a sex scandal, naturally). And which he actually boasted about in a post on his site, FoL.

Finally, he was deported from Thailand in June 2004 after several arrests connected to drunken bar brawls, in all of which Fahey got his sorry ass kicked. Not surprising, since Fahey's idea of "self defense" is provoking a fight by throwing scalding coffee in someone's face, if he deems he has been verbally insulted. Typical coward's way, before the other guy even touches him or draws first blood.

My friend Geral also has a loathing of pornography, one of our many commonalities. And had I known then what I know now --that Todd Fahey is a porno-monger-- he would never have been allowed to set foot in my Christian home.

But, as the old saying goes, the devil's in the details. Here is an e-mail sent to me by Geral Sosbee, describing the notice he received on May 10, 2004, by a filter system, when he tried to access Fahey's Web site, Friends of Liberty:

"I am in the public library at Harlingen, Texas, where the site Friends of Liberty is blocked by Lightspeed Filter Systems for porno content. Geral"

No, at the time we really did not want to believe it. But as we later learned, there was indeed pornographic content on Fahey's site, Friends of Liberty. The filter system did not lie. But the same cannot be said for Todd Fahey. He lies...and lies..and lies...

Furthermore, in his massive dissemination of his false and libelous claims, bearing false witness against Barbara Hartwell, Fahey has contradicted himself on numerous occasions and continues to do so. It seems he just can't keep the various lies straight. I suppose it would be tough, especially given his penchant for living in a perpetual drunken and drug-induced stupor. And given those alcoholic blackouts (some of which I and my family witnessed ourselves) how could he possibly keep track of the various fabrications he promotes?

Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing! So I guess I should just let Fahey speak for himself...and hang himself with his own lies. Same goes for his fellow crackpot and new comrade-in-arms in the war against Barbara Hartwell and associates, Ken Adachi.


Here is an e-mail exchange between Todd Fahey and Ken Adachi, posted on Adachi's site, Educate Yourself, in August 2004. The discussion begins with Fahey and Adachi celebrating the demise of, which went off-line at that time.

And, as usual, engaging in false speculations as to the reasons my site was taken down. The discussion moves on to the typical public dissemination of lies about Barbara Hartwell.

[My comments, including those refuting the lies of Fahey and Adachi, are interspersed in the body of text, in brackets, preceded by my initials, BH.]

----- Original Message -----
From: Todd Fahey
Sent: Friday, August 13, 2004 8:28 PM
Subject: Wither ?
Wither ?

Blabs Hartwell's Web site is no more. Dunno the details, but am happy about this, as she resorted to sending YOUR (persons' names deleted) PERSONAL MAIL to her on her site. Which was an unscrupulous thing to do. She's broke, desperate, given to the alcohol jones, and living in a house that is not owned by her, but by a "friend," who is a Bircher. She paid out $800 during my stay at her house to have one of her (5) five cats examined (it had drank anti-freeze, somewhere in the town, and the summer-renters of the house where B. Hartwell lives tracked her down, to tell her that they'd found her cat deeply sick, under their trailer). So, Blabs is broke, and maybe she can't afford to manage her own Web site.

I DOUBT this is the case, though, as the hosting service which held her stuff online is also, now, defunct (OFFLINE).


[BH: Yes, I certainly do have some comments. Factual comments, that is.

1) I have NOT (never, at any time) received any "PERSONAL MAIL" from Ken Adachi. Nary a one. It is not possible to "post" something one has not received. Nor have I posted, at any time, "personal" e-mail from any of Adachi's cohorts. That also would be impossible, since I am not in contact with any of them, by e-mail or otherwise. If Fahey's alcohol-soaked brain were capable of more than just the minimal cognitive functions, he might realize that it was Adachi HIMSELF who posted the "personal mail".

2) What I actually posted on my site was not "personal mail" from Adachi (or anyone else) but rather an article refuting the latest lies about Barbara Hartwell --which Adachi had published on HIS site and which exposed (once again) some of his fellow charlatans, Ted Gunderson, Pam Schuffert and Tim White for the liars they are.

And Fahey is the one guilty of being "unscrupulous" by making a regular practice of publishing personal (private) e-mail, NOT Barbara Hartwell. In fact, Fahey goes one better: He FORGES "private" e-mail (purported to be from various individuals). He cuts and pastes the time stamps and e-mail addresses, then publishes these bogus messages on various sites. Can't get any more unscrupulous than that.

3) My home is NOT (nor ever has been) "owned by a Bircher" (a member of the John Birch Society). My home belongs to me. Furthermore, I had never told Fahey any such thing. Like his numerous other lies, he either was deluded into this belief or, more likely, simply made it up.

4) I do NOT have (nor ever had) the "alcohol jones" Fahey refers to. Nor do I have any history of alcoholism. I have never been arrested on an alcohol-related charge. I have never been a patient in any alcohol rehab facility. As my friends and family (those who actually know me) can attest, I am a moderate user of alcohol who drinks wine (not the cheap rot-gut favored by Fahey) at the cocktail hour and with dinner. Unless it's a special occasion, I rarely have a glass before 17:00 hrs (5:00 PM). But then, Fahey has a habit of projecting all his own worst character flaws, delusions and nasty habits onto others, in this case Barbara Hartwell.

Fahey himself is a degenerate alcoholic who was forced, while still in his teens, to spend time in an outpatient rehab facility at his parents' insistence. I was told this, not only by Todd Fahey (as one of his many bitter grievances against his parents) but also by his mother, Darlene Fahey, with whom I had several phone conversations and e-mail exchanges, both before and after Fahey did his stint of freeloading and wreaking alcohol-induced havoc in my home. Fahey, in fact, has a long history of alcoholism (and related arrests) going back over twenty (20) years.

But as always, evidence speaks for itself.

Here is a letter from Todd Fahey's parents. I have removed the e-mail address, out of respect for their privacy. (Unlike Todd Fahey, I DO respect the privacy of others.) I believe them to be decent people and they don't deserve any more trouble caused for them, due to the unconscionable behavior of their son. I'm certain he has already caused them quite enough heartache and grief (as well as money, paying the freight every time he gets himself in trouble.)

Had Todd Fahey not spewed out so many lies and forced me to use it in my own defense, I would not have published this letter at all. But it does speak volumes and it does reveal the truth about Todd Fahey, and from the testimony of his own family, who know him and his history of alcohol-induced debacles far better than I ever will (or would want to).


Sent: Sunday, July 11, 2004 1:13 PM
Subject: Re:


Dan and I truly appreciate the assistance you offered to Todd and are very sorry he was a burden to you. Thank you for all you tried to do.

We understand he is in a mental hospital or a half-way house, not quite sure which and that he underwent a psych analysis but are not certain that it was very thorough. We do want to repay you for your inconvenience and the things you did for him. I know you do not have a bank account but would like to send you a cashier's check to help pay for the time he was there.

We do not know what will become of Todd. He has failed to make the best of some good opportunities and until he decides he wants to turn his life around, there is very little else anyone do for him. Best wishes and thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Please let us know what we can do to return the favor you extended to Todd.

Darlene and Dan
While at my home, Todd Fahey drank literally every last drop of alcohol to be found, raiding my kitchen shelves for bottles which had been sitting there since the previous Christmas (2003) brought by guests for the holidays. Since I rarely drink hard liquor, the bottles had sat there on the top shelf for months, gathering dust.

After I and my family refused to provide him with any more cheap red wine (of which he drank two bottles at a time on a daily basis) Fahey availed himself of the dusty bottles (rum, vodka, gin) and emptied them, one by one, all in the same afternoon! This was on July 4, 2004, before he was finally hauled off by the Old Orchard Beach Police.


Oh yes, I forgot. Fahey lied to the police too, spinning his usual tall tales. He even argued with the police when they told him he had to leave the property, by insisting that he could NOT be "legally" thrown out because my home was (according to Fahey's drunken ranting) "owned not by Barbara Hartwell but rather by a man named Jack Knowles". I never heard of "Jack Knowles" (if in fact he exists.) But I can assure anyone reading this that such a person does NOT own my home.

Furthermore, no matter who the legal owner (the person holding the property deed) of any home is, the legal resident holds all legal rights to a domicile and surrounding property. The police were well aware of this, despite Fahey's ploy to claim he had "legal rights" in someone else's home (mine) even after he had been told to leave, but refused to do so of his own volition.

And lastly, any business (legal or otherwise) connected to my home is NONE OF FAHEY'S BUSINESS. Nor anyone else's for that matter. Never was, never will be. Why he persists with this particular lie about the ownership of my home by a "member of the JBS" is beyond my comprehension. He has posted this lie many times and continues to do so. In any case, who does he think could possibly care? What is this whackjob really trying to prove?


5) My website was taken off-line by my decision and for my own reasons, which again, are none of Fahey's business. Nor Adachi's for that matter. But as will become clear, their idiotic speculations, respectively, have absolutely no basis in fact. (For more erroneous conjecture about Barbara Hartwell's website, including by Tim White, see the end of this report.)

And the server for my former website has NOT gone "OFF-LINE". It is NOT "defunct". The server (which happens to be in Canada) is still right there, where it has been for years. But aside from his primary modus operandi, fabricating lies, it's likely Fahey was just too soused to find it.


6) My cat, whose name was Hercules, DIED of the poisoning from antifreeze he ingested, a fact Fahey conveniently fails to mention. The veterinary bills, including the examination and tests at the emergency clinic, the euthanasia and the cremation, came to a total of $700.00, which, as I told Fahey, happened to be the last money I had. Not $800.00, as Fahey claims, for a cat who was merely "deeply sick" (whatever he means by that.)

In any case, his "concern" only extended to the loss of money (mine, not his) and the effect on himself, not to the death of my beloved pet, Hercules. As Fahey made very clear, he doesn't like cats. After all, he couldn't spend them; couldn't drink them; couldn't exploit them. They served no purpose in Fahey's world of hedonistic, self-centered material gratification.

Fahey has quite a habit of pulling bogus names, dates and numerical figures out of thin air. Since he doesn't know the facts, he concocts statements which he presents AS IF they were facts. Same type of scheme being run by Ken Adachi and others of their ilk.

Fahey refers to Hercules as "it" (instead of "he") typical of someone with an intense dislike for animals and who has no respect or concern for life in any form (except perhaps for his fellow maggots). But from what I've witnessed firsthand, and based on my observations of his depraved lunacy, Fahey himself could more appropriately be referred to as "it".

I considered Hercules a member of my family. He was also a beloved friend, something I can't say for Fahey. And the surviving cats were very happy to be rid of Fahey, as they didn't like him at all. They often hissed at him and hid under the tables when he entered a room. Can't say I blame them. So in celebration of Fahey's departure we broke out the catnip, put on some of my favorite R&B gospel music (which Fahey also hated) and had ourselves a party!


But, before I forget to mention it, here's an idea that just might help anyone reading Fahey's long chain of ever-proliferating lies: Just insert the word NOT!...after any claim made by Fahey. That would seem the best way of arriving at the truth.

As one poster put it, addressing some of the lies being promoted by Fahey (about a different topic) on a site called Liberty Post:

"Since you're wrong about everything - including "the whereabouts of Barbara Hartwell" - I doubt your opinion counts for anything. I should imagine, the only reason you weren't deported from Korea was that no one wanted you back in America. "

Amen and amen! Good call. That's right, according to one of the many "facts" Fahey claimed to "know" Barbara Hartwell had lost her home (owned by a JBS member) in Maine (he got the name of the town wrong, too) and had "relocated to Brownsville Texas to share an apartment with one Geral Sosbee."...NOT!

It certainly warms my heart to know that there are plenty of discerning people out there who see Todd Fahey for the liar and degenerate whackjob he really is. It appears that Fahey has now been banned from Liberty Post, as well. For his continuing libelous obscenities, what else? Though, as usual, he has accused yet another moderator of "censorship".]


----- Original Message -----
From: Todd Fahey
To: Editor
Sent: Wednesday, August 18, 2004 3:45 AM
Subject: Re: Wither ?


I'll "share notes" with you (regarding Barbara Hartwell), if you'll reciprocate.

I lived with the lady and know a LOT about her.


[BH: Fahey's "notes" which he has volunteered to "share" with Ken Adachi, have one very serious defect:

They are all lies.

Lies fabricated by Fahey for the purpose of getting his revenge on Barbara Hartwell for rejecting his "romantic" and sexual advances; throwing him out of my home and exposing him (in a pre-emptive strike, in my own defense) for the lunatic and liar he is.

As for the "LOT" Fahey claims to "know", I can guarantee that NONE of it bears any resemblance to the truth, nor to reality.

As Fahey has proven by his many lies, which have already been refuted by a number of credible witnesses, he knows JACK (and I don't mean the dubious character "Jack Knowles". )

It's high time for Fahey to get over his obsession with Barbara Hartwell and move on. Pick another target, one with DUMB SLUT or WILLING VICTIM stenciled on her forehead.]


From: Editor
To: Todd Fahey
Sent: Thursday, August 19, 2004 11:18 PM
Subject: Re: Wither ?

Hi Todd,

Sure. I haven't lived with her (Praise the Lord), but I have lots of her stuff gathered over the years from the internet.

What did you want to cover about her?

Regards, Ken

[BH: Well, one accurate statement, among many of his usual falsehoods: Adachi has NOT lived with me. Nor has he ever met me. Nor does he know me. Nor does he know anything about me, my background or my professional credentials, at least nothing that is real or true...

Nor about any other area of my life or personal history. Which makes it all the more dreadfully presumptuous, intrusive and unscrupulous for him to make and publish his many false claims, what he THINKS he knows about Barbara Hartwell.

And I must wonder at hearing Adachi "Praising the Lord" since he is anything but a Christian. In fact, he hangs out with a gaggle of loud-mouthed bogus "Christians", individuals such as Pam Schuffert, Ted Gunderson and Tim White (all of whom are featured on his site) each and every one of whom has made a mission of bearing false witness, especially about their primary target, Barbara Hartwell. Frankly, I can't imagine a more ungodly group of people.]

From: Todd Fahey
To: Editor
Sent: Friday, August 20, 2004 12:22 AM
Subject: Re: Wither ?

Howdy, Ken,

Well, she sure as hell brought up your name a lot, during my 18-day stay at the house that's been loaned to her by a member of the John Birch Society (she doesn't own the house in Maine). Sez you're CIA (but, then, she says almost everyone is CIA, doesn't she?).

She didn't really describe you, physically, but, to the best of my memory, I think she said that you and she met once or possibly several times.

She was filled with venom about you, for some reason. (Not that that would be any surprise to you).

Am swamped at-present (will be free tomorrow), with teaching duties in South Korea (yes, I made it out of that mad-hatter's house and out of Amerika). Will correspond very soon, regarding my ideas about Blabs.


P.S.: Any new news about the state of her Web site? I just know it's kaput; haven't inquired as to its status, or of the Webmaster of ISP.


[BH: Once again, I'll number my comments, the easier to refute Fahey's numerous lies.

1) Fahey arrived at my home on the afternoon of June 14, 2004. He was thrown out on the afternoon of July 4, 2004. So, let us count the days...that makes twenty (20) days in all, nearly THREE (3) WEEKS. NOT EIGHTEEN (18) DAYS, as Fahey claims.

He returned to stalk me on July 6 and was removed once again by the police. Which make the total of days in which Fahey was still lurking around my home and harassing me TWENTY- TWO (22) days in all.

But Fahey's various claims regarding the length of his stay; as well as the dates of his arrival and departure, as usual, contradict themselves.

In one post on a site called Liberty Forum (posted in July, 2004) Fahey insisted that he had been at my home ONLY THIRTEEN (13) days, NOT the three weeks he was actually here, as correctly stated in my first article, Report on Todd Brendan Fahey. NOT the "18 days" he later claims in his e-mail to Adachi.

He also repeatedly claimed that he had NOT been thrown out on July 4. Several of my neighbors, who witnessed the drunken scene Fahey made in the backyard and in the street, on the afternoon of July 4, Independence Day, have a different story to tell. The TRUE story, that is. So do two of my relatives and, let us not forget the police --who hauled the drunken lunatic Fahey away in their cruiser.

What's more, I have all the evidence to substantiate the facts and the truth. I have witnesses (including my family members and the police.) I have copies of the police reports, dated July 4 and July 6.

I have a letter from the Police Chief of Old Orchard Beach, and from one of the detectives who investigated Fahey's criminal harassment by phone and stalking (on July 6) after he was ejected on July 4. And I have the original receipts for Fahey's plane flight, hotel room in New York City, and AMTRAK train ticket (which he left scattered around my house) all of which confirm the ACTUAL date of his arrival, June 14, 2004.

Fahey is lying, as usual. But since his intent is to deceive everyone willing to listen, it would certainly behoove him to at least get his own LIES straight and be consistent in those lies, because contradicting himself in his various lies does nothing to enhance his credibility.

Add to this the fact that Fahey lacks ANY evidence; has NO witnesses for his many false claims. Thus, he has no way of corroborating his claims or establishing them as factual. That is because, of course, they are NOT.


2) I never "brought up" Ken Adachi's name. I merely (on one occasion) showed Fahey a copy of my article in response to Adachi's latest libelous tirade against Barbara Hartwell, which was written while Fahey was at my home. (And I should add, at one of the rare moments when I had access to my own computer, which Fahey had comandeered for his own use, and which he tampered with, causing it to go haywire.)

When Fahey asked, Who is Ken Adachi?, I replied that he is "just a little stooge" for Ted Gunderson et al. That was the end of the conversation. Finis. I don't make a practice of wasting my time talking about crackpots like Adachi.

Anything I have to say is put into a public report (like this one) for the purpose of refuting Adachi's many lies with the truth and the facts. And considering that Adachi makes a regular practice of writing and publishing libelous articles --as well as e-mail messages from his cohorts and readers of his site, about Barbara Hartwell, my occasional reports refuting the lies are vastly outnumbered.

Who could find the time? Or for that matter, want to waste the time addressing each and every lie, in each and every libelous commentary? I'm only one person, but there are many (too many) Adachis out there. So it is my policy to just ignore most of Adachi's attacks, wait awhile (sometimes months or even years) and strike back in one comprehensive fact-filled report. Just like this one.

For Fahey to claim that I said Adachi is "CIA", only shows his profound ignorance (as well as his penchant for lying under any and all circumstances).

Adachi himself should know that I have never labeled him CIA, though I am sure he was eager to believe anything and everything said by Fahey, especially if he thought it would enhance his status among the government disinfo crowd (all of whom are CIA wannabes, though they pretend to despise the Agency) he hangs with.

I challenge anyone to go through anything I've ever written about Adachi. NEVER ONCE have I claimed Ken Adachi to be CIA.

That notion is as ludicrous as saying that Todd Fahey is CIA. Though I'll admit that few CIA operatives, among the many I've known, happen to be the sharpest tools in the shed, nonetheless Fahey and Adachi are both too stupid (and delusional) by far to be CIA material, under any set of criteria.

True, recruitment standards have plummeted over the years but still, neither of these clowns could come even close in making the cut. Which, I might add, could easily explain why these CIA wannabes (and others like them, such as Tim White and Brenda Negri) are being exploited by others with bona fide intelligence backgrounds.

Also the reason they are green with envy of anyone who actually DID work for CIA. The malice they hold in their hearts comes out in the form of their vicious and libelous attacks against Barbara Hartwell, always, always insisting that "Hartwell is CIA!"

And though I'm very tired of saying it, I'll say it again for the record:

I do NOT work for CIA. I do NOT take pride in having worked for them. Nor am I ashamed of it, since I had little choice in the matter, as a child, coming from a multi-generational Military Intel/OSS/CIA family; and since I got out by fighting my way out and have suffered the consequences ever since --being harassed and persecuted by anyone and everyone who has something to lose if I expose what I know.

In fact, I left the Criminally Insane Agency in the dust, OVER TEN (10) YEARS AGO. I have never gone back. I have refused all bribes to go back. I have refused all pay-offs in the form of hush money to keep silent about what I know.

I am not "under mind control" by CIA. Any programming by them is long gone, thanks to the Grace of God. (Divine Intervention is something these folks obviously don't believe in. Why would they? They're on the wrong side, being used as tools of the devil.)

This gaggle of government dupes (including Adachi) hate me, seemingly only because I DID work for CIA at one time, and survived to expose their black ops, something none of them has ever done, nor could have done.

They did not (and still don't) have direct access to any such information. The only "information" they have access to is DISINFORMATION, that being furnished by disinfo agents like Ted Gunderson.

3) Furthermore, regarding Fahey's claim that "she says almost everyone is CIA"....NOT!

For anyone who'd like evidence of that, just go to the archives on my site (or anywhere else my work is published) and check it out for yourself. Rarely have I claimed that individuals are CIA. As for the names I have given as being CIA, as always, I have evidence to substantiate these claims.

And just for good measure, I should add that labeling someone as an "operative", which I have occasionally done (but never in reference to Adachi) does NOT mean they are necessarily CIA. Operatives could be working for any number of organizations, governmental or non-governmental.

But then, Fahey and Adachi just love to engage in erroneous conjecture --pole-vaulting to unsubstantiated conclusions, or twisting information to misrepresent the facts-- that is, anything they believe they can use to further their libel campaigns against Barbara Hartwell and other legitimate persons whom they believe threaten their agenda and that of those exploiting and controlling them.

They're a pair of loud-mouthed dupes, little more.


Fahey and Adachi are missing a few vital components in their attempts to discredit Barbara Hartwell: Firstly, they don't bother furnishing evidence. Not surprising, since THERE IS NONE for any of their libelous allegations.

Nor do they concern themselves with facts. It's much more convenient for them to just fabricate some lies and flood the market, hoping the readers will believe these lies, that is, if they are repeated often enough.

It's a typical disinformation strategy, though I must say, in their amateurish mode, neither of them are any good at it. I guess they can only rely on the ignorance and naivete of most of their reading audience, and hope for the best.


"No man has a good enough memory to make a successful liar." That's Abraham Lincoln's take on it and I couldn't agree more.

4) Fahey's "memory" even at it's "best" leaves much to be desired. In fact, I have never had the displeasure of meeting Ken Adachi. Nor did I ever tell Fahey I had met him.

Furthermore, I don't have any idea what Adachi looks like, nor had I given it any thought. Though, now that I think of it, I might imagine him as a sort of Japanese version of Toad Bogus Faggy (a description which speaks for itself) who tries to make up for his lack of integrity, brains, guts and muscle with pseudo-intellectual drivel and macho bravado).

Nor, considering the fact that I have never seen Adachi, did I ever give any "description" of him to his-fellow liar, Toad Faggy. As always, Fahey fabricates whatever he thinks will fly, on the spur of the moment, in hopes of deceiving anyone he thinks he can exploit to further his own unscrupulous ends.

In this case, trashing Barbara Hartwell, and trying to paint me as a liar by telling his OWN falsehoods to a person of Adachi's ilk, who would (and did; and regularly does) jump at any chance to call Hartwell a liar; or for that matter, publish as many lies about me as possible, the more outlandish the better.

5) And lastly, the "venom" Fahey refers to, regarding Hartwell's attitude to Adachi (which opinion he could only have formed from reading my commentary on Adachi) is in fact not "venom" but rather RIGHTEOUS OUTRAGE at the lies being promoted by Adachi.

Anyone would be outraged at the malicious lies promoted by Ken Adachi. I know several persons who feel exactly the same way, including Stew Webb and Geral Sosbee, whom Adachi and his cohorts have repeatedly lied about, slandered and libeled.]


Adachi to Fahey:

Hello Todd,

Hartwell's slam pieces about me usually referred to me as an insignificant nobody who, essentially, didn't have the 'RIGHT' to comment about her or her outrageous slanders towards Ted Guderson and Brice Taylor, etc. According to her, I wasn't worthy of such comment because I wasn't within the circle of "professionals", such as herself, which she oddly considered to be the appropriate category in characterizing the 'work' of a CIA mind controlled slave.

Setting aside for the moment her pathological slanderings against Ted and other effective NWO opponents that she was programmed to attack, she routinely revealed the depth of her psychosis by ballyhooing her 'professional' accreditation in practically every diatribe she ever wrote. She wanted the whole world to know -ad nausea- how highly 'educated' she was, in order to claim a position of authority for the crap she was writing.

She had the temerity to boast that she has a "doctorate" when in fact she obtained a worthless piece of paper from a diploma mill for what amounted to a few weeks of 'lessons' via correspondence. I seriously doubt that the woman ever spent a day of her life in a college classroom. If she HAD earned an advanced degree in the conventional manner, I'm quite sure we would heard about it until the cows came home. Anyone, by the way, can obtain a 'doctorate' of divinity for roughly $100 and a stamp. I have the catalog here in my files for the Universal Church of Love & Light (or something close to that) of which I suspect she is an 'alumni'.

Nothing is more boring to me than the subject of Barbara Hartwell, but her contemptible behavior in repeatedly slandering Ted Gunderson over the internet, like that of her CIA cohorts, Stew Webb and Linda Newkirk, is going to be exposed and countered by this 'nobody' until Barbara Hartwell is widely recognized by the internet world for the utter fraud and CIA disinfo puppet that she is.

Regards, Ken


[BH: As usual, Adachi knows NOT whereof he speaks. And I do have to wonder: If this pompous ass and purveyor of pulp fiction finds the subject of Barbara Hartwell so very "boring", why not move on to some more interesting topic...or target?

Why has Adachi continued so obsessively with his libel campaign for over three (3) years in his attempts to discredit and demonize me?

Why are his epithets (for example, "The Crimson Viper" and "vicious CIA disinformation agent") fairly oozing with lurid and scandalous melodrama? Why all the sensationalism in his tirades of invective against Barbara Hartwell?

Out of all his mindless drivel, in this latest spiteful missive to his new pal Todd Fahey, there is certainly one thing I can't argue with: Adachi is a "nobody".

He's an ignoramus; a hanger-on; a dilettante; a camp follower; the amateur's amateur. And he proves it repeatedly by spewing out gobbeldygook about topics and people he knows absolutely nothing about, foremost among them, his primary target, the boring Barbara Hartwell.

But, if you're asking yourself what Adachi's shtick is, wonder no more. Just take a look at the plethora of Mickey Mouse Metaphysics; New-Age-Secular-Humanist-Pop-Psychology; Born-Again Buffoonery and unsubstantiated conspiracy theories being promoted on his site, with which he claims to be "educating" the readers, and decide for yourself.

Also take note of the charlatans and mountebanks (some of whom are also criminals and felons) he promotes. Adachi doesn't know anything from his own experience. He was never involved in anything he writes about, most notably CIA.

He calls Hartwell a "CIA puppet" or "CIA mind-controlled slave". But it's very clear from his writings that Adachi knows nothing about any sort of CIA operations, including what he harps on the most: MK Ultra and related mind control projects. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

If you don't believe me, just ask anyone else who has actually been involved in CIA operations.

Better yet, I only wish you could see (and hear) some of the other bona fide former (or current) intelligence operatives as they peruse Adachi's hilarious material. They're falling off their chairs, shedding tears of mirth, hooting with laughter! I myself have laughed until I cried. Laughter is certainly good for the soul. Great entertainment, I'll give Adachi that much.


Adachi continues with his outrageous lies by stating, AS IF IT WERE A FACT, that Barbara Hartwell "in fact...obtained a worthless piece of paper from a diploma mill for what amounted to a few weeks of 'lessons' via correspondence."

A doctorate degree from a "diploma mill"?...NOT!

I wonder what Adachi's "source" is for this latest "fact"...probably one of the same sources which have furnished him with his other "facts" about Barbara Hartwell. His misguided attempts to impugn my legitimate credentials (just as he often does my sanity) are just par for the course in Adachi's relentless libel campaign.

But here are some FACTS to set Adachi --and his bogus "sources"-- straight:

1) I have never had dealings with, nor am I "an alumni" (correct word, in the singular, would be "alumnus"; "alumni" is the plural form. Adachi reveals his own lack of education, here) of any "diploma mill". Including "the Universal Church of Love and Light".

In fact, I have never even heard of this so-called "church". It sure sounds typical, though, of something Adachi would have in his files. (Just in case he runs out of material to educate people about the New Age "spirituality" touted on his site; or in case they get bored with the Born Again Buffoonery.)

2) I received my doctorate degree (Doctorate of Divinity) from a legitimate and reputable seminary school, after years of study; and was later ordained in the Universalist Church, with which I am no longer affiliated and haven't been for a long time.

3) I have never "boasted" about holding such a degree; that is clearly only Adachi's incorrect (as usual) perception. By the same token, I no longer use the title, Reverend Doctor, as I see no purpose in doing so, since it bears no relevance to my work in exposing government corruption. In any case, all such titles come from man-made religious institutions, not from God. Something Adachi and his cohorts wouldn't begin to understand.

I merely mentioned my seminary degree (and level of education) in a response to one of Adachi's fellow crackpots, Fundamentalist fanatic and fear-monger, Pam Schuffert, who falsely claimed that I had "denied Christ" (among many other falsehoods she spread about me, as well as about my family and friends); and who had the incredible audacity (if Adachi wants to talk about "temerity", here's a REAL case of it!) to publicly admonish me, suggesting I needed to "get a Bible" (as if I had never read or studied one, or did not own one.)

So, I told Schuffert off, just as she richly deserved, to refute her lies with the facts....just the usual when dealing with these tiresome, self-important and meddlesome buffoons, who all seem to bring a great deal of trouble on themselves because they have never learned to respect the privacy or personal boundaries of others; nor to mind their own business.

Nor to limit themselves to speaking about what they KNOW, rather than that which is based on erroneous supposition and unsubstantiated conjecture. Or for that matter, their obvious envy and malice.

But so what? Where does Adachi get off spreading lies about "diploma mills" and bogus seminary degrees? Who the hell does he think he is? The Religion Police?

I can only surmise that his total lack of evidence for his many false claims about Barbara Hartwell (and others) doesn't concern him. Same obviously goes for his chums, Schuffert, White, Negri, Fahey et al.

Who needs facts or for that matter, evidence? Why bother? Easier (cost-effective too!) for these whackjobs to concoct outrageous lies...then publish them all over the World Wide Web.


Yet another example of Adachi's malicious lies: Adachi has repeatedly referred to Stew Webb as a "mental patient". Another fabrication by Ted Gunderson, also being promoted by Gunderson's other minions, Brenda Negri and Tim White (both of whom are certifiably insane and have ACTUALLY been institutionalized as "mental patients") which Adachi dutifully parrots, while having absolutely NO EVIDENCE to substantiate such character defamation and for impugning Webb's sanity.

Just as he has no evidence that Webb or Hartwell are "CIA mind controlled slaves"...deployed for the sole purpose of spreading disinformation about Ted L. Gunderson.

What the profoundly ignorant and deluded Adachi fails to see (and refuses to even consider) is this:

Ted Gunderson plotted to set up Stew Webb for numerous false arrests, just as he has done to other legitimate whistle-blowers. At least those who had hard evidence about some of the criminal operations being run by Gunderson and his black ops cronies.


Add to this the fact that Gunderson actually tried to engineer the murder of Stew Webb by sending a SWAT team (on a false charge) to raid a place in the state of Nevada, where Stew was staying. A SWAT team, throwing grenades through the windows and brandishing assault weapons!

The trailer home, owned by a friend of Stew's, was completely demolished by the unwarranted assault, when the concussion grenades blew out all the doors and windows. The owner's dog was also seriously injured.

As for the bogus criminal charges brought against Stew Webb? They were dropped, completely dismissed. It never even reached a court of law. Why not? For LACK OF EVIDENCE.

After being interrogated for five (5) hours by police detectives, the cops left and apologized to Stew Webb for the raid on his friend's trailer home. The detectives later told Webb that they knew Gunderson to be lying.

Ted Gunderson later used convicted felon (convicted for murder) Tom Gaule to bring more false charges against Stew Webb. Gunderson falsely accused Webb of "robbery", which under statutes in the state of Nevada, is a form of "assault".

Due to this false charge, Stew was forced, for a period of one and a half years, to report weekly to the Las Vegas Police Dept. But the prosecutor dropped the charges two (2) weeks before the court date.

Why? Because Gunderson's sidekick, murderer Tom Gaule, had made FALSE CHARGES. Once again, THERE WAS NO EVIDENCE against Stew Webb.

But who is going to compensate Stew Webb for these outrageous injustices? No amount of money could make up for the false arrests, SWAT raids and other relentless political persecution directed against Stew Webb, these many years.

If you wonder why Stew Webb is filing Grand Jury demands for investigation of various criminals connected to the Bush Crime Family (including Ted Gunderson) ;or why he is filing civil lawsuits against these criminals, here is one reason: He wants justice. For that matter, so do I. No surprise here, since I've been targeted for persecution by the same set of government-sponsored criminals.

But here's another serious question: Why wasn't Ted Gunderson himself arrested for bringing these false charges against Stew Webb? Sending a SWAT team with guns and grenades against an innocent man...which nearly cost him his life...and would have, had Gunderson's plot succeeded.

Stew has documents as evidence of the outrageous SWAT raid. A newspaper reporter in Las Vegas, was in fact a witness. Just as Stew has evidence of many other crimes committed by Ted Gunderson.

But what evidence does Gunderson have that Stew Webb is a "mental patient"? Or for that matter, an "FBI informant"? Or that Webb committed ANY crime against Gunderson or anyone else?

Why have we never seen any such evidence for the never-ending libel against Stew Webb, displayed on Adachi's website?

By now the answer should be crystal clear: Gunderson and Adachi HAVE NO EVIDENCE because the allegations against Stew Webb are false, every last one of them.


But perhaps the most relevant question, for the purposes of this report: Why does Ken Adachi swallow all Gunderson's outrageous and unsubstantiated allegations against Stew Webb, Barbara Hartwell and others, hook, line and sinker?

That's not hard to figure out: It's because Ken Adachi is a dupe, pure and simple. He's apparently not capable of thinking for himself, critically or analytically; or of exercising any form of cognitive discernment, spiritual or otherwise.

Squawk!... Adachi simply parrots the outlandish falsehoods he hears and publishes them as libel against Stew Webb, Barbara Hartwell and others, as he is directed to do, whenever he is directed to do so.

Adachi want a cracker?

Somebody ought to shove one into the orifice of his perpetually open beak, it might be useful in quieting his obnoxious and scandalous squawking: Barbara Hartwell, CIA disinfo!... Squawk!... Stew Webb, mental patient!...Squawk!....Barbara Hartwell, CIA disinfo!...Squawk!... Stew Webb, mental patient!.......enough already. Put up (some hard evidence, that is) or shut up.

For those who want the truth, here's the deal: Adachi simply repeats (ad infinitum, ad nauseum) the disinformation and lies he is fed by professional disinfo agents and spin doctors like Ted Gunderson.

Worse, he makes his pronouncements about people he has never met and DOES NOT KNOW (such as Barbara Hartwell , Geral Sosbee and Stew Webb) AS IF they were statements of fact. He presents no concrete evidence for his allegations, nor has he EVER furnished supporting documentation to back his claims.

Adachi's idea of "evidence" goes something like this:

"According to So-and-So...(fill in the blank, just name any of Adachi's dubious sources) Barbara Hartwell is still a CIA asset who has never gotten out of the CIA's nefarious web or off the payroll".

That's right, Adachi relies only on third-party hearsay, something not admissable as evidence in any court of law.

But Adachi needn't concern himself with the court system. His only forum is the Internet, a free-for-all to indulge himself in his libel extravanzas. Anything goes.

It would seem the major difference between Todd Fahey and Ken Adachi is that Fahey fabricates most of his own lies; whereas Adachi publishes the lies he has been fed by others (including in one such case, Fahey himself.)

Ken Adachi runs smear campaigns. He makes his living LYING TO THE PUBLIC, all the while posing as an "educator". Odd, for someone who is himself uneducated in any field, discipline or profession.

Adachi targets for his smear campaigns anyone (including Barbara Hartwell) whom his overlords point the finger at. He targets whom he is directed to target. He's a flunky, a lackey, a toady, a minion, a step'n'fetch-it.

Adachi wants to talk about being a "slave" or "puppet"? As many will agree, he needs to do some serious soul searching, maybe take a look in the mirror, look closer to home.

The primary purpose (though naturally he fails to say so in his mission statement) of Adachi's website, Educate Yourself, is to demonize and discredit legitimate persons who are exposing the truth about government-sponsored criminals and political corruption.

The rest (all the New Age nonsense, metaphysical mumbo-jumbo, etc. etc.) is just window dressing.


Adachi uses character assassination against anyone who has refused to toe the New Age/NWO party-line. Against anyone who has dared to call the credentials and legitimacy of his master, Ted L. Gunderson, into question. And especially against those who have the evidence to support their allegations of criminal activities.

How about making a nomination for the Patron Saint of Political Corruption? If there were such a title, I've no doubt Ted L. Gunderson would be the primary candidate. And win the privilege, hands down, to be canonized as such.

Be that as it may, there's no doubt that the Adachi-Gunderson alliance is a master-slave relationship. One in which the slave is always the last to know.

If using this government-duped crackpot (and others like him) as an "educator" in an attempt to discredit legitimate survivors of black operations and whistle-blowers is the best they can do, then their day of reckoning will soon be at hand.

The sooner the better, as far as I am concerned. And I can't cite a more salient example of a "mind-controlled slave" or "puppet" than Ken Adachi.


In fact, I had never heard of this buffoon Ken Adachi or his moronic website until...Lo and Behold!...

Adachi came out of the woodwork in March 2001 (conveniently) only a few months after I had broken off my professional relationship with Ted Gunderson.

I had also made a public statement about Gunderson for the record, at which time Adachi's libel campaign against Barbara Hartwell made its debut on Educate Yourself, a directive issued by none other than Ted L. Gunderson.

In fact, the first of many articles libeling Barbara Hartwell was written (or dictated to Adachi) by Ted Gunderson himself. (I do know that Ted Gunderson does not know how to type. All his reports and letters are handwritten and given to others to transpose. I know this because I've typed up a few myself, in the days when I was working with Gunderson. I still have some of the handwritten notes.)

Adachi wrote the preface, "Note from the Editor" in which the first of Adachi's lies about Barbara Hartwell appeared for public consumption.


Gunderson's report was titled, A Response to Barbara Hartwell. But oddly enough, most of the report had nothing to do with Barbara Hartwell.

Instead, Gunderson's "intelligence report" and "analysis" was used to take pot shots at a number of other people, including Stew Webb; Art Bell (who at the time was suing Ted for slandering him as a "child abuser" on a radio program, but later received an out-of-court settlement); Kurt Billings; Robert Ghostwolf; Kate Dixon; Debbie Nathan; Mike Ruppert....and anyone else Gunderson saw fit to target as being allegedly complicit in what he claimed was an organized, collaborative "smear campaign" against him.

But the fact of the matter is that at the time (March 2001) I was only acquainted with two (2) of the people on Gunderson's target list, those being Mike Ruppert and Kurt Billings. There was no connection between Ruppert and Billings, they didn't know each other. And (perhaps ironically) I only got to know Stew Webb because I decided to contact him after I read Gunderson's allegations against him.

What's more, I had not engaged in any "smearing" of Ted Gunderson and certainly not in connection with any of the people named in the report. And I know for a fact that Mike Ruppert had not done so, though he later denounced Gunderson, with good reason, after finding his name listed among Gunderon's targets in his Response to Barbara Hartwell.

And naturally, Ken Adachi wasted no time in starting one of his smear campaigns on Educate Yourself, against Mike Ruppert. Which, by the way, has continued apace, ever since.

As for others named in Gunderson's report (most of whom, to this day, I don't know) I never saw any evidence, after the fact, that any of them had "collaborated" as co-conspirators in a smear campaign against Ted Gunderson.

As for myself (the purported "subject" of Ted's report) all I had done was give my own public statements in a report about why I had broken off my association with Gunderson. And those statements were mild, considering what by then I had learned about some of the criminal operations and coverups engineered by Ted Gunderson.

I didn't expose most of that until years later. And when I did (2003, 2004) it got me banned from several radio programs and networks, including Genesis Comunications Network, all being run by Gunderson's fellow "patriots" and right-wing politcal cronies.


One of these Gunderson cronies, "patriot" and grandstanding talk show host, Alex Jones, pulled the plug on me, yanking me off the air in the middle of Jeremy Floyd 's show, The Floyd Report.

Jeremy Floyd actually quit his job at GCN, on principle, for Jones's and others unconscionable selective censorship and banning of Barbara Hartwell from the network.

But why was I yanked off the air by Gunderson crony, Alex Jones? Because I began to elaborate on Gunderson's involvement (along with former senator John DeCamp) in Operation Brownstone, a child sex-slavery/pornography network (also connected to CIA Finders) for the purpose of targeting and blackmailing child-abusers, mostly government officials who were pedophiles.

These scandals were also connected to The Franklin Coverup, a book written by John DeCamp, who used Gunderson as an investigator on the case.

In truth, The Franklin Coverup (and related child-sex-abuse enterprises) were a coverup of a coverup, being run by none other than Gunderson and DeCamp, the very "former" government officials claiming to be "exposing" these atrocities against children.

In fact, in a personal face-to-face conversation between myself and Ted Gunderson at his son's home in New Jersey, in November 1999, Gunderson admitted to me that DeCamp had been INVOLVED in molesting children. This was only after I had told Gunderson I already knew about it from another source. I did not reveal the source (and won't, not publicly, as I'm sure no one would believe me).

Stew Webb has testified that Gunderson (after having a few drinks) admitted to him, while he was living in Ted's home, that what G.H.W. Bush holds over his head (blackmail of a sort) is child abuse.

A woman named Arlene Olsen also testified of being sexually abused by Gunderson in 1974 (in connection with a satanic ceremony) when she was 14 yrs old, a time when Gunderson was still in the FBI. This woman, now 45 years old, went into hiding, since she says the FBI is looking for her to kill her because she can testify against Ted Gunderson. Certainly many other such witnesses have turned up dead, murdered under very suspicious circumstances. Crimes which have never been solved.

I personally have no information (nor hard evidence) that Ted Gunderson himself was a child molester, nor had he ever admitted such a thing to me. But the fact remains that Gunderson's ADMISSION of DeCamp's complicity in sexual abuse of children is what counts.

He tried to make excuses for DeCamp, claiming that DeCamp had "done a lot of good for the children" by coming forward and exposing the operation. But Gunderson's sorry excuse was not good enough for me, not by a long shot. I told Ted that.

I also told him that DeCamp belongs in jail for his crimes, along with all the other child abusers, and that if he were to continue being an apologist for child abusers, I could not in good conscience continue my professional association with him.

That was the last I ever saw of Ted Gunderson and aside from a couple phone conversations after that day, the last of which was in January, 2000, I never spoke to him again. And that, as God is my witness, is the truth.

But I was later able to find corroboration from other legitimate sources for what I already knew, and what Gunderson admitted to me. The documents also exist to substantiate these facts. (Find them on )


Then, there is the fact that Ted Gunderson had sold Stinger Missiles to Osama Bin Laden, in 1979, while still working for the FBI. Gunderson at first denied it, feigning outrage and calling myself and Stew Webb "CIA disinfo agents" (sound familiar?)

However, shortly thereafter, Gunderson admitted it on a GCN Radio program called The Intelligence Report, hosted by another of his disinfo cronies, Larry Lawson. This admission came only after Gunderson learned that Stew Webb was in possession of DOCUMENTED EVIDENCE of the illegal weapons deals in Afghanistan. These documents, along with many others, may be viewed on Stew's website.

Gunderson's excuse for having lied...and for doing the deal (in conjunction with CIA operative Michael Riconosciuto) with Osama? He claimed (naturally) that it was necessary to fight the Commie Menace and stop the Soviet Union from invading Afghanistan.

Well, I guess we've all heard that one before. The Red Menace! They use it as an all-purpose excuse for any illegal operations they run (CIA, that is). They used that one to try to justify the MK Ultra operation --"creating the perfect spy" during the Cold War Era. An atrocity which NOTHING could possibly justify. And I should know, I was there, being trained as such a "perfect spy".

I must say, I loathe communism as much as anyone possibly could. But again, fighting the spread of communism is NOT a justification for illegal, unconstitutional operations which violate the rights of American citizens. Or which involve dirty deals, brokering weapons-for-drugs, etc. with CIA assets who also happen to be foreign despots.

And every well-informed person (including anyone ever involved in government black ops) knows by now that Osama was (and is) a CIA asset. Who do they think they're fooling? I give even the general American public more credit than to buy into this CIA-sponsored horseshit.

So, if Adachi intends to continue with his pre-packaged-shrink-wrapped-government-sponsored disinformation, lying with impunity about Barbara Hartwell, Stew Webb and others; and our purported "smear campaign" against Ted Gunderson, he needs to wake up to the fact that too many people have now learned the truth:

That Ken Adachi, Brenda Negri, Tim White, Pam Schuffert, Brice Taylor (aka Sue Ford) are little more than cogs, spinning within the larger wheels of the Gunderson Disinfo Machine.

As to who ultimately controls that machine: It's the CIA Psy Ops boys and their cronies in the White House. All of whom have a lot they are anxious to cover up...and a lot to lose should the truth come out. Shame on them all.

And perhaps most important, for the purposes of this report: That the the allegations being made by targets (Stew Webb, Barbara Hartwell, Geral Sosbee and others) about Gunderson and/or his minions are based on facts and substantiated by hard evidence.


And lastly....before this section is wrapped up, one more thing: The industrious and tireless talent scout, Ken Adachi, is sponsoring additional libelous comments about Stew Webb by publishing e-mail from yet another provocateur, a woman by the name of Christina Kanas, who has actually been stalking Stew Webb and trying to infiltrate his circle of friends.

This woman is bearing false witness not only about Stew Webb, but also about a Christian minister, a friend of Stew's in the Kansas City area. This latest whackjob claims to be a "friend" of Stew Webb, although she is not, nor ever has been. She also falsely claims that both Stew Webb and the minister, Rev. Fromm, made marriage proposals to her!

Kanas (par for the course) also tries to impugn Webb's sanity, as part of the overall libel package. Some great new material to enhance the credibility of Adachi's "educational" website.

Gee whiz, somebody ought to introduce this sleazy character, Christina Kanas, to Todd Fahey. I'm sure the two of them would really hit it off, since they have so much in common....stalking, bearing false witness....and both are running around making sexual advances to people who find them repulsive...and then lying about their "conquests". Maybe Adachi himself could do the honors...

Naturally, Adachi seized upon the libelous messages from yet another nutcase, obviously in the hope he could do even more damage to Stew Webb's reputation. What kind of bullcrap will Adachi come up with next?



The time has come to move on and address the truly bizarre escapades of Tim White, of Denver, Colorado, the aforementioned "talent" also now being featured by Ken Adachi on Educate Yourself.

White, a drag queen, known (among other epithets) as "The Colorado Cutie" dresses like a female prostitute. Well, I guess each to his own, after all, it's not a crime....

However, being in possession of child pornography certainly IS a crime. After a drug bust, in 2001, police found quite a cache of sex gadgets and pornographic materials, including videotapes and magazines, hidden away in a back room of White's residence.

Among them was a publication called J.I.C. which featured child pornography. Children who were also identified, by numbers, for the purpose of ordering their services as prostitutes!

Absolutely nothing could be more hideous than using innocent children as tools to cater to the perversions of low-life rapists. In my opinion, these criminals should get a mandatory sentence of life in prison for their crimes against children! They can't be "rehabilitated" and they need to be taken off the streets.

White was never charged for possession of the child pornography, nor (after he got out of jail on the drug arrest) for many other criminal activities. White has been on the loose, ever since, running amok in Denver, committing many crimes with impunity, while the police, the Sherrif's Department and the Denver FBI have simply looked the other way.



But before I get into further details on the criminal activities of Tim White (aka White Trash aka The Maggot) let's take a look at an e-mail sent by Tim White to my friend and professional colleague, ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee.

August 13, 2004

[Destroy the FBI and CIA huh? Well, I sure would LOVE for THAT to happen. GOOD LUCK! THEY ARE MY ENEMY. However, YOU have a HUGE problem in that THEY are BOTH a creation of the JESUITS and the KNIGHTS of MALTA and very much populated with KNIGHTS of COLUMBUS and MORMON (another JESUIT creation) faggot TRAITORS, ALL under the TOTAL CONTROL of the BLACK POPE- Count Peter Hans Kolvenbach, LUCIFERS' right hand. As I said, GOOD LUCK. IF this is a revelation to you, then I would have to say YOU are very un-informed indeed and need to re-think on this.

The GOOD news is that this TOTAL CIA BITCH IS GONE- GOOD RIDDANCE!! She had better NEVER
appear AGAIN! Who's the "genius" now?

Tim White, Viet Nam Vet/Concerned Citizen
A Catholic who KNOWS the TRUTH]

Well, how very thoughtful of Tim White to send this "educational" message to Geral Sosbee. I guess his new status as one of the featured "whistle-blowers" on Adachi's website, Educate Yourself, gives him the moral and intellectual imperative to offer tutorials about the real nature of the FBI and CIA to a bona fide former government agent.

White has been calling Barbara Hartwell "that CIA bitch!" for years, so that is no surprise. But I do have to wonder at White calling the members of these various organizations "faggot TRAITORS".

I can only surmise that in White's book, collecting child pornography is A-OK. Being a transvestite, dressing like a female hooker, that's fine too. No problem. As long as you don't become a "faggot", everything is cool.....

And since Tim White's "patriotic" activities have become the stuff of legends (certainly, his reputation will be further enhanced by his affiliation with the other "patriots" on Adachi's website) I guess I can understand why he doesn't like "traitors".

But what a coincidence: it just so happens that Adachi's commentary on Barbara Hartwell names Tim White as the "news source" on the same date (August 13) of White's message to Sosbee. Along with his pals, Adachi and Fahey, White gloats over the demise of Hartwell's website,

This little commentary was taken off the same page (in more ways than one) on which Todd Fahey's libelous e-mail exchange with Ken Adachi was posted. I have removed the links, as I don't really feel like advertising any more libel about Barbara Hartwell. They've already got too many PR folks working 'round the clock on that project.


Tim White sent me an e mail that Barbara Hartwell, the most vicious and slandering CIA disinfo agent on the Internet, has apparently pulled her web site and all of its mendacious, venom filled odorous content. But fear not, Hartwell fans, we've downloaded her web site in its entirety and will recount her catalog of outrageous fabrications flung at real American patriots like Ted Gunderson and Fritz Springmeier in great detail when I attend to her story-which is long overdue. It's hard to say whether the Crimson Viper has decided to get out of Dodge permanently or maybe she just couldn't pay the server. Another possibility is the UK server which hosted her may have been paid for by a duped fan (or the CIA) and that person decided to stop supporting her. I don't know, but I do know that she's an expert at crying poor, hitting on innocent readers to support her and will then turn around to savagely attack them if they dare express a word of concern about Hartwell's unconscionable attacks on people like Don Stacey. Hartwell is a piece of work whose lies have served to damage the reputations of many innocent American patriots over the Internet . Her boat load of lies, however, are not going to be forgotten by this writer. Her web site may have disappeared from the Internet, but her name and her LIES will be scrutinized and exposed for a long time to come at this web site. You can take that to the bank.


Send flowers and Sympathy cards to CIA headquarters at Langley, Virginia. They will understand.

[ BH: Great job, Adachi! Somebody give the parrot a cracker! Wait...make that a whole package! He's earned it.]


I wish I could just jump right in by addressing the latest news on Tim White. However, first you'll need some background. I've certainly covered his criminal activities and bizarre antics extensively in numerous other reports, which are all available in the archives of my website.

For the most comprehensive of such reports, see, A True (But Stranger-than-Fiction) Crime Case: The Cross-Dressing Conspiracy Theorist, in the Barbara Hartwell Archives on Geral Sosbee's website:

But for those who haven't yet heard of the notorious Mr. White, here's a little recap.

Timothy Patrick White has been a low-level "snitch" and provocateur on the payroll of Division Five of the Denver FBI, since he made a deal with the feds for a get-out-of-jail-free card, sometime in 2002. White was arrested in August 2001 (and later convicted) on a felony charge for drugs.

Before his arrest, while living in the warehouse he called home, White, the "Concerned Citizen" as he bills himself, was hosting "patriot" meetings for some local folks in the Denver area who were concerned about corruption, coverups (and even treasonous activities) within the U.S.Government.

Since I know several of the people who had attended those meetings, I can say that at least some of them were legitimate and sincere. Perhaps even Tim White was at one time a sincere patriot. I can't say with certainty that he wasn't. I only know that since the time he came to my attention (by targeting me for his fed crime bosses) in August 2001, I have not seen any evidence of such "patriotism". Quite the contrary.

I had never heard of Tim White until mid-August 2001, when he attempted to contact me via a conduit, one of his "associates", a retired career military man named Daryl Sturgis (also part of Operation Phoenix, under the command of General John K. Singlaub, in Vietnam) who was using the pseudonym "Tim Hall".

White's purpose in contacting me was to "warn" me of a "death threat" which he claimed had been made by another man I did not know: Jeff Swedenburg, also a Colorado resident. White claimed that Swedenburg was a "CIA assassin", an allegation I had also heard from another pair of provocateurs, Kurt and Lee Ann Billings, several months before.

But to make a (very) long story as short as possible (please read my series of reports on the Denver Connection if you'd like to know more) the death threat was entirely bogus, which I found out by doing my own investigation, including of Swedenburg himself.

I made the first contact with Jeff Swedenburg by e-mail in early September 2001, and first met him in person in January 2002. I have considered him a good friend ever since. He even served as my bodyguard on a trip across the country in the summer of 2002. Because as I learned, Swedenburg was another target of the bad guys (just like me, just like Stew Webb) NOT a "CIA assassin" as claimed by Tim White.

But back to Tim White: White has been harassing me since the day he made his deal with the feds and got out of jail in early 2002. That is, when he found out that I had not fallen into the trap his criminal fed overlords had set for me.

It did not surprise me to learn that White was also very much involved with Ted Gunderson, though it took me awhile to connect all the dots; locate the various players (both professional and amateur) and understand why White had targeted me.

Same reason that Adachi targeted me: being a Gunderson minion, used in the COINTELPRO-style operation to harass, demonize and discredit legitimate whistle-blowers and sincere patriots like myself.

But just so the picture becomes clear, I'll name some of White's other targets. Persons he has targeted for one or more (in some cases all) of the following privacy/security violations and criminal activities: Harassed by phone; slandered and libeled; attempted to extort for large sums of money; made death threats against; engaged in stalking and/or criminal harassment of.

Targets of Tim White: Barbara Hartwell; Stew Webb; Jeff Swedenburg; Geral Sosbee; Al Martin; Doreen Bishop. Just a partial list, but close enough for government work.....

Doreen Bishop had been granted a restraining order against Tim White by the summer of 2002, because White had been stalking her at her home in the Denver area; as well as making death threats against Bishop. She was also a witness to White's death threats against others, including Barbara Hartwell; Stew Webb and Al Martin.


Which brings me to the latest news of Tim White. As you might imagine, I'm getting a little tired by now (especially of Tim White) and this report is getting a little too long, so I'll wrap it up as quickly as possible.

There is now a warrant out for Tim White's arrest. As I learned in recent phone conversations with Doreen Bishop and Stew Webb, Tim White had continued to violate the restraining order by stalking and harassing Doreen. And this, folks, is almost three (3) years after the restraining order was granted!

But alas, the plot thickened when White made the very foolish mistake of making a death threat by phone to a female police officer who had been trying to apprehend him on the stalking violations.

Last we heard, inside sources report that Tim White has gone on the lam, and is believed to be hiding out in the Red Light District of Denver, dressed as a woman, in hopes of eluding law enforcement and avoiding yet another arrest.

For all we know, he's armed and dangerous, though, as a convicted and predicate felon, he's not supposed to be carrying a firearm.

But I don't think there's cause for alarm: It's more likely he is armed only with a tube of bright red lipstick, sharpened to a vicious point; or perhaps, one of the plastic dildos neighbors had reported hanging from a clothesline in the backyard of White's garage apartment, rented to him dirt-cheap by his landladies, a lesbian couple, pillars of the gay community in Denver.

What's next?

I can only say: Stay tuned! Be sure to keep reading Educate Yourself for the latest updates on all those glorious Patriots and Defenders of the Constitution, Tim White, Todd Fahey, Ted Gunderson --and let's not forget Ken Adachi himself -- those Fearless Freedom Fighters, ever vigilant in the cause of Liberty and Justice for All, in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

Barbara Hartwell

March 6, 2005

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Why I Am NOT A Todd Brendan Fahey Fan.
Once upon a time, a few years back, before my eyes were open to the ghastly truth about Todd Brendan Fahey, I wrote a brief piece titled: Why I Am A Todd Brendan Fahey Fan.
This little accolade was first posted on a commercial site called Rumor Mill News. (I resigned from RMN due to their practice of selective censorship and other dishonorable policies, in November 2003.)
Todd Fahey, one of RMN's "news agents" (as he remains to this day) being the egomaniac he is, grabbed it and reposted it on every other site available to him. At the time, I didn't understand why he considered having "fans" of his work so important. Now, in hindsight, I do. Fahey's credibility has been shot to hell. I wouldn't believe a thing Fahey said if he were the last "news source" on Planet Earth. As you read on, you will discover why...
Time has moved on, but Fahey is again reposting this same old piece like crazy, evidently in attempts to bolster his flagging ego and restore any small amount of credibility he may once have enjoyed among the right wing conservative and "patriot" element who populate the Internet.
It is clear that Fahey is desperate to remind the public that Barbara Hartwell was once one of his supporters. But that's yesterday's news --and it's OUT, just like yesterday's trash.
For all who may have read that ill-advised (on my part) piece, consider this report my vehement and whole-hearted public retraction of the laudatory assessment and endorsement of Fahey's character, contained therein.
What's more, I now find it necessary --in fact a matter of great urgency-- to explain, in some detail, why I am NOT a Todd Brendan Fahey Fan. In having endorsed the credibility and character of this madman, Todd Brendan Fahey, I must admit: I was wrong. How very wrong I was and how profound a mistake I made!
Presently, there is only one issue of concern to me, as regards Todd Brendan Fahey: The fact that he has made it his mission to attempt to destroy me; to assassinate my character; to demonize me; to ruin my personal and professional reputation. And that, since July 2004, he has been waging a massive and vicious libel campaign which includes bearing false witness against me, disseminating the most outrageous of lies.
In the spring of 2004 I made a serious error in judgment, actually one of the worst mistakes of my life, which I have since deeply regretted. I offered sanctuary in my home to someone I had never met, whom I did not really know, namely one Todd Brendan Fahey.
But after meeting Fahey in person and being subjected to his opportunistic, unscrupulous and utterly insane --there is no other word-- behavior in my own home (for which there were a number of witnesses, including several family members and the police officers who answered the 911 call I finally had to make to have Fahey removed from my property) I realized my mistake, for which I have suffered serious damages ever since.
Todd Brendan Fahey is nothing short of a raging psychopath. He is an unrepentant pathological liar. A degenerate alchoholic and drug abuser. A man who actually takes pride in such acts --committed with impunity-- as violations of privacy and security; theft; lying; stalking and even blackmail. A malicious provocateur; a sleazy lowlife...and then some....none of it good.
Todd Fahey is in fact a man of dishonor, the likes of which I have never known, nor hope to ever meet again.
This additional report on Todd Fahey is meant, once again, to set the record straight, with intent to counter the extensive and obsessive libel campaign he has perpetrated against me since July 2004.
I cannot hope to compete with the numerous high-traffic commercial websites owned by Fahey, nor the many others where he seems to be ever-present, posting his outrageous lies and malicious libel. It not my purpose to attempt such a thing. I have not the resources, the time, nor the stamina for such a task.
By the same token, I have refused to get embroiled in any point-counterpoint arguments with this lunatic. No sense arguing with a drunk or a madman;Fahey is both; though by his many sloppy hit-and-run style posts, taunting me with his ever-proliferating vile lies, it seems clear that is precisely what he has been trying to provoke me into doing.
Fahey's ploy hasn't worked. I don't run that kind of operation. Unlike Fahey, I rely on facts. I compile those facts, along with the testimony of reliable and credible witnesses, into a no-nonsense comprehensive report, with no fabrications; no contradictions; no inconsistencies; and a sober, reasoned analysis which anyone with eyes to see or ears to hear can comprehend.
Naturally that excludes Fahey, but then my reports are not written for his benefit, but rather in my own defense. They are written for the purpose of refuting the many falsehoods he promotes; exposing the psychopathology which spawned those falsehoods, with malice aforethought.
As for making my reports public, I have only my own unfunded and low-traffic site as a forum. My website has been off-line (at the time of this writing, October 2004) for over three months, a time frame which coincided with the height of Fahey's libel campaign. So be it. I can only hope that a few of those reading this --those who may see the truth and have the courage to stand up for justice-- might disseminate this report far and wide.
It looks as though Fahey's saturation of the market with his libelous falsehoods has paid off --for the time being anyway. But I will once again assure Fahey that he will not escape the consequences of his many nefarious actions; nor for the vile falsehoods about Barbara Hartwell he has made it his mission to perpetuate.
My primary weapon is the sword of truth, but along with righteous outrage and an unwavering comittment to seeing iniquity exposed and justice done, it has always worked well enough for me. I am nothing, if not ruthless to my enemies, when I have been grievously wronged. And Fahey has committed not just one, but many such grievous wrongs.
But let me go back in time to July 2004:
My health --already poor-- had deteriorated further due to the extreme stress and trauma inflicted on me by the unconscionable actions of this obsessive-compulsive drug addict; degenerate alcoholic lunatic, Todd Brendan Fahey, whom I have described in my two articles of July 2004 as "The Houseguest from Hell". (See articles displayed on the front page of my website for details of the whole sordid story of Fahey's ill-fated stay in my home.)
I provided safe haven for Fahey after he was arrested several times in Southeast Asia, seriously injured, and finally deported back to the U.S. from Thailand. He had put out public appeals for help; and at the time, I considered his situation to be that of a political prisoner, of sorts.
I had sincerely believed, based on my reading of his "patriotic" articles, as well as an intermittent three (3) year e-mail correspondence with him, that he was worthy of any support or help I could provide. Though I'd never met him in person, I had thought of him as a friend and political ally, as I believed him to be a fellow defender of the United States Constitution. I believed him to be a legitmate and trustworthy individual, a kindred spirit with common beliefs and goals.
As I was later to realize, I could not have been less correct --nor less judicious-- in my assessment of Todd Fahey. For as I learned to my great dismay, Fahey posessed none of those laudable or admirable traits; but was rather a psychotic pathological liar attempting to run a con game on anyone and everyone who would lend an ear to the tall tales he fabricated to gratify his ego; a conniving grandstander competing for the attention and approval he so desperately craved.
Fahey's fellow cyber-junkies, self-styled "patriots" and political hacks appear to have made up most of his admiring audience. I guess, in Fahey's scheme of things, it couldn't hurt to also gain the confidence of some legitimate folks like myself. I can only hope that for any other sincere patriots and genuine expositors of government corruption who may have been hoodwinked by Todd Fahey, this report will at least provide cause to reconsider their assessment of him.
Perhaps, before offering my support to this person, I should have asked myself why it was that there was not another soul willing to extend solid assistance to him in his hour of need. Even his own parents were not willing to offer sanctuary to Todd Fahey; they had made it clear he was not really welcome in their home and had even set a time-limit of two weeks on any visit he might decide to make, the nature of his emergency situation notwithstanding. And this, despite the fact that Fahey had not seen his parents in over seven (7) years. There it was, Red Flag Number One.
Fahey blamed his parents for their "lack of concern" for him and bitterly complained that they "didn't understand" him, a sob story he told and retold, in an obvious ploy to gain my sympathy. On the contrary, it is clear they understood him all too well: As I learned from firsthand experience dealing with him, he is an out-of-control alcoholic who exhibits the behavior of a maniac, especially when he imagines he's been slighted in any way, which seems to be most of the time.
Fahey in fact has a long history of alcoholism, over twenty years, starting before his college years. His parents had to have him placed in an outpatient rehab facility because his drinking had become a serious problem for everyone around him, and also resulted in a series of arrests.
Something else where hindsight was 20-20: Fahey's public reports of the several bar brawls he was involved in, from which he sustained various injuries and which eventually led to to his last arrest and deportation from Thailand. Several of these reports contradicted each other as to the various events Fahey claims occurred and the dates of these episodes. True, I was biased in his favor at the time and concerned more about his immediate safety than sorting out the facts. Still, Red Flag Number 2.
Fahey's prolific and gratuitous use of obscene language in these reports also was disturbing to me, though I wrote it off at the time, attributing it to what I then believed to be his righteous anger against those he claimed were his assailants.
Using occasional profanity is one thing. Sometimes there's just no other way to make a point or vent rage against injustice. But Fahey's language was over the top. It was also misogynistic, as exemplified by his repeated use of vulgar epithets for female anatomy to describe his antagonists, who were without exception, male.
Of course, it didn't take long, being in his company, for me to realize that in fact Fahey hates women. I'd call him a closet misogynist, and as with most men of his ilk, his hatred is based on a fear of women and of the power he feels he has been deprived of by them. Classic misogynist psychopathology. Red Flag Number Three.
Fahey later also contradicted himself many times about the events in Southeast Asia when I spoke to him in person, in my attempts to debrief him. To this day I still don't have the facts: only Fahey's various versions of events, which he changed periodically, apparently to suit his own obscure purposes.
Or maybe in some cases he just didn't remember what really happened. Not surprising, due to his alcoholic blackouts, some of which I witnessed myself. Whatever...none of Fahey's misadventures, nor the various conflicting reports of them, are any longer of interest to me.
How I wish I had paid attention to these red flags before inviting him to my home! The red flags were certainly there. Other people saw them, including family members and friends who had read Fahey's increasingly bizarre postings. Unfortunately, I suffered from my own lack of discretion in seeing this madman for what he really is. But I now fully understand why even his own family would want little to do with him.
In return for my kindness to him, and the considerable assistance I provided, at my own expense, in an attempt to save his life, which I sincerely believed was in danger, nutcase Fahey wreaked havoc in my life and at my home in Maine for three utterly miserable weeks, between June 14 and July 6th.
During this time my own life was put into a state of suspended animation, as I served as a combination babysitter/chauffer, driving Fahey back and forth to the hospital for his daily medical appointments; listened to his long-winded, self-pitying tales of woe; and tried my best to help him recover from his injuries as well as offering my professional services as an advocacy journalist for the "case" Fahey was so eager to get publicity for.
But Fahey could not have been less appreciative of my help, Christian charity (I mean that in the traditional sense, not treating him as a "charity case") and friendship. In fact, he abused any privileges he was given in my home and became downright treacherous when I and my family finally had enough and refused to put up with any more of his drunken, disrespectful, slovenly and ill-mannered behavior.
Fahey ruined the vacations of several family members, also visiting my home; showed no respect whatsoever for the privacy or personal boundaries of myself or my family; comandeered my computer for his own use (refusing to use his own laptop, which he had brought with him) and tampered with my personal computer, causing it to malfunction. I still haven't been able to afford to have it repaired.
Fahey destroyed my private property; stole whatever he could get away with before leaving; and drank literally every last drop of alcohol to be found in my house, all told costing me thousands of dollars in damages, which I have no way to get compensation for. And worst of all, drove me into a state of nervous exhaustion under the constant barrage of his lunatic behavior.
On the door of my icebox, I keep a little sign, meant for guests. It says:
Welcome Family and Friends. This is a Christian Spirit-Filled Home, where God's Love Rules. No ungodly behavior will be allowed!
Apparently, Fahey failed to read the sign. Maybe his vision was obscured by his perpetual state of drunkenness. Or more likely, he said to himself --the hell with it!...and just decided to ignore it.
It took me a full month (during which time I was able to do little else than relax on the beach near my home) after his ignominious departure, to finally recover from the worst of the traumatic stress inflicted on me by Todd Fahey.
But little did I realize, though Fahey was gone (thank God!) along with his demons --this is no joke, I and my family witnessed episodes of this demonic possession and I subsequently had to clear a host of unclean spirits out of my house! --and peace was restored to my home, Fahey's works of iniquity had apparently only just begun. The malicious libel campaign Fahey waged against me was soon to begin in earnest.
Now for some solid facts, most of which Fahey has since that time --in his prolific, vociferous and libelous public announcements-- twisted beyond recognition; denied the truth of; or blatantly lied about. He has also contradicted himself, being inconsistent in his various claims, in precisely the same manner as he did when relating the various events which took place in Southeast Asia. As I learned, lying is Fahey's primary stock-in-trade.
But here, for those who want the truth, are some irrefutable facts:
Fahey had to be removed from my home by the Old Orchard Beach Police on the afternoon of July 4 for drunk and disorderly conduct; after making threats to a visiting relative, insisting he would "not leave peaceably" and uttering his drunken obscenities in front of my ten-year-old nephew, a sensitive child who later became distraught from the hostile and distressing environment fomented by Fahey in my normally peaceful home.
Subsequently, I was subjected to numerous harassing phone calls by Fahey and he finally returned to my property to stalk me on July 6, disregarding directives by myself and the police not to set foot on my property ever again; and had to be removed, once again, by the police. One police detective advised me to get a restraining order for my protection, so that Fahey could be arrested should he remain in the area and continue with his criminal harassment.
Fahey was admitted to a psychiatric ward shortly after the police removed him for the second time. He was again picked up by the police, passed out on a bench on a street in Old Orchard Beach; and had claimed in a raving e-mail to my friend ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee (who had also tried to assist him) that he had made a failed suicide attempt with a massive overdose of drugs, of which he had brought a large supply (a veritable pharmacy in a canvas bag) with him from Southeast Asia.
This message to Sosbee (who is my witness) also contained the first of Fahey's libelous and obscene falsehoods against Barbara Hartwell.
Fahey must have figured he hadn't done quite enough damage by his psychological abuses, violations of privacy and despicable, drunken behavior while staying in my home. He then felt the need to add gross insult to grievous injury and began publishing his lies from the pit of hell, libeling me and trashing my name all over the World Wide Web. Apparently those demons were working overtime.
Foremost --and by far the most damaging-- among the outrageous falsehoods being promoted by Todd Fahey are his claims that he "had sex with Barbara Hartwell". Although I have already refuted these falsehoods and exposed Fahey as a pathological liar, in two other public reports, I will state again, for the record: At no time did such an event occur. Not twice (per some of Fahey's lies). Not once. Not ever.
Fahey's claims are outlandish. That he would fabricate and promote such lies to the public, after the many other damages he had already inflicted on me and my family, enrages me to no end! And as anyone who has ever been targeted for such vicious lies knows, the damage to one's reputation is usually irreparable. Though the charges are false, the resulting stigma is nearly impossible to remove. Fahey's filthy lies sicken me, down to my very soul.
I have never in my life had to deal with such a vicious lunatic, publicly promoting the most damaging of lies about the most sensitive of issues in my personal life . Normally, I would consider my private life --and certainly any "sex life" I might have (in this case, the lack thereof) --off limits for public commentary. Who wouldn't? Very simply, it's nobody's business.
But given the extremity of this situation, and the vile lies being disseminated by Todd Fahey, which appear to have no end in sight, I am forced to defend myself in the only way I know how. And that is to address the issue and to refute Fahey's lies with the facts.
To expose Fahey (once again) for what he is: a malicious psychopath; a misogynist; a provocateur and a pathological liar with an axe to grind. It's a tiresome and exhausting task, but in this case, absolutely necessary. And since Fahey has left me no other option, I'm going for the jugular.
As I have stated before, for the record: As a Christian, I do not engage in sex outside of marriage. I do not make judgments on the personal lives of others; that is not my prerogative nor my concern. However, for me it is a very important issue, a moral code I live by.
Being falsely accused of something I have not done, which is antithetical to everything I believe in, especially by someone whom I had not wronged in any way, is extremely distressing and traumatic to me.
But Fahey need not concern himself with my distress or trauma. It's the fact that his lies have enraged me that he needs to worry about --at least he would, were he not deluded into believing he's going to escape unscathed from the consequences of his malice and dishonesty.
Even before I became a firsthand witness to the severe psychopathology and morally repugnant behavior displayed by Fahey, I had never considered him as anything more than a friend, someone with whom I believed I had common interests and goals. I certainly did not view him as a potential "boyfriend" when I first offered him sanctuary at my home; nor had I indicated any such interest in my prior communications to him.
Unlike some women, who seem to view any man who crosses their path as a prospective romantic interest (even those they have not met in person) I simply do not think along those lines where men are concerned and never have. Throughout my life, most of my friendships and professional associations have been with men. These were platonic relationships, not romantic, not sexual. I may love my friends, in the Christian sense of "agape" but I draw a hard line between friendship and any romantic/sexual relationship.
By my way of thinking, a sexual relationship is reserved for one man and one man only: a husband, whom I believe can only be chosen for me and sent by God. That is my belief, my choice and my prerogative, and what anyone else thinks is not my concern, though some people have made fun of me for being "hopelessly idealistic" or "old-fashioned". Maybe I am, but again, that's my business.
Fahey himself berated me for being a "puritan" when I explained to him this moral code by which I live. But if in fact anyone "sent" Todd Fahey, it could only have been the devil! And as God is my witness, the lying lunatic from Hell, Todd Fahey, certainly wasn't a man I could ever fall in love with, much less consider as a potential husband. The very idea makes my skin crawl.
In e-mail correspondence, before I met him in person, Fahey had suggested that he and I could collaborate on some professional projects, as journalists, which would bring in some money, an idea I was interested in due to my own financial destitution and lack of income.
But apparently, like many sleazy predators who roam the Internet, Fahey had some other sub rosa agenda in mind, even before he arrived, as I discovered when he began to make aggressive romantic/sexual overtures to me, when he had only met me a few days before!
No such "professional" projects ever materialized; nor did Fahey show even the slightest interest in such things. When I questioned him about this, he admitted to me that this other idea --a "romantic" and sexual relationship-- had been foremost in his mind, considering that he knew I was "a single woman".
As if any "single woman" would be fair game for his advances! This, despite the fact that I had made it clear to him --even before meeting him-- that I lead a celibate life, due to my Christian beliefs.
Frankly, I can't imagine what Fahey's idea of "romance" would be, though it's clear it certainly has nothing in common with mine. The very thought of being "romanced" by a character such as Fahey is repellent. And the last thing I was interested in, as I told Fahey more than once, was some sort of half-baked, meaningless sexual relationship --exactly what Fahey later concocted lies about, even going so far as to claim that these non-events of "sex" happened as a result of being "smashed"!
Fahey was certainly "smashed", no doubt about it, every single night during his stay at my home. And hung over every single day. But that was his province, not mine, as was his interest in a sexual relationship.
I found Fahey's behavior inappropriate, to say the least, for a number of reasons and not just because he knew of my moral standards beforehand. I may be considered old-fashioned, but to me, making such advances to a woman you barely know is unacceptable. For another thing, there is a generation gap: I am nearly old enough to be his mother. (Thank the Lord, I am not!)
In fact, Fahey had a phone conversation with his mother (who is only a few years older than I) in which I heard him repeatedly assure his mother that he was "not shacking up with Barbara Hartwell"; saying "Don't worry, she is not my girlfriend", but "just a friend" and similar disclaimers.
These statements, made to his mother, were about the ONLY truthful statements I ever heard Fahey make about the actual nature of his relationship to me.
At the time, I thought it odd that he would feel the need to reassure his mother about his purported "honorable" intent towards me. His claim that his interest in me did not go beyond friendship and a professional association was also clearly an attempt to deceive his mother.
Thinking back on it, I realized that Fahey must have had a checkered history involving women, possibly even a disastrous one, which, like his alcoholism and drug abuse, probably caused considerable distress for his family. Otherwise, why mention such a thing at all? Being a grown man, thirty-some-odd years of age, why did he consider it his mother's business what the nature of his relationships were?
In fact, he told me of one such incident, while he was in college, in which he threatened suicide unless his parents were willing to allow him to come home and live with them, after his "Japanese girlfriend" broke off the relationship with him. Of course, this too could have been a fabrication...with Fahey, there's no way to tell.
Here's another thing: On the day I first met Fahey in person (June 14, 2004) from the moment I first set eyes on him when I picked him up at the train station, it actually occured to me that he might be a homosexual, judging from his somewhat effeminate mannerisms and his whiny, nasal speech.
He is certainly anything BUT the "macho man" he portrays himself to be in his writings. But then, as I quickly learned, Fahey is not at all as he portrays himself in his affected public persona, and is actually delusional, in more ways than one.
In any case, since my interest in Todd Fahey had never been anything other than as a friend and colleague, I would not have cared one way or another what his sexual orientation was. I've had a number of homosexual male friends over the course of my life and the issue simply did not concern me. At least, not until I realized he had a fixation on me. Or more like a very unhealthy obsession.
I found myself having to explain repeatedly to Fahey that I was not interested in any such romantic/sexual relationship with him. Because I was unfortunately a somewhat "captive audience" and could not just leave the premises of my own home; because (at least in the beginning) I was still trying to give him the benefit of the doubt and considered him a friend; and because I knew he had been traumatized and was suffering from serious injuries, including head injuries; I took pains to explain to him in detail, the reasons why I was not interested, which I would not otherwise have done in such a situation.
Suffice it to say I was not unkind to him and I had the patience of a saint. Normally, had a man made such unwanted overtures to me, my response would be: "Not interested, thanks but no thanks." Case closed.
Todd Fahey was so drunk most of the time (in addition to popping prozac, which he said he took twice a day for his "depression"; valium, for his "panic attacks" and other drugs I'd never heard of) I wonder if he was even able to process this information, or if he heard a word I had said. From the obnoxious and self-absorbed way he behaved, it seemed likely he had not.
Fahey was also so busy talking about himself, non-stop, boasting of his feats of derring-do (theft and blackmail, mostly) in the International Spy World; his drug-induced fantasies of "psychedelic spirtuality" in which he claimed "God" had told him he was a "Holy Man"; dropping names of "celebrities" he had hobnobbed with; or whining like a petulant child about his trials and tribulations, that he actually seemed to believe the world revolved around HIMSELF, THE AWESOME TODD BRENDAN FAHEY!
Apparently, he believed that anyone else was just a bit player on the stage of his life, a silent presence in the wings, while he stood Center Stage, under a perpetual spotlight. Despite his obvious fixation, I'm sure this also applied to me. Judging from his bizarre behavior, I don't think he even saw me as a real person; but rather as a convenient "hook" on which to hang his romantic and sexual fantasies.
As one commentator put it, in a thread of messages focused on Fahey's lies, libel and boasting of his non-existent sexual conquests, in Liberty Forum: "He thinks he's Todd Brendan Fahey Christ Superstar!..."
Perhaps needless to say, after having the misfortune of meeting him in person, I for one was not impressed by the self-promoting Fahey; except unfavorably so, by his narcissim and obvious delusions of grandeur. But then, "grandiosity" is typical of most degenerate alcoholics, in which category Todd Fahey fits hand-in-glove.
I don't think anyone who had the misfortune to spend more than a quarter hour in his company could ever accuse him of having the charisma he affects from behind his computer keyboard. "Zero charisma" was my assessment, along with every member of my family who met him, all of whom considered him an ill-mannered boor, droning on about himself as if there were no one else in the room.
On several occasions, after getting totally smashed on booze and pills, Fahey became incoherent; his speech was slurred and incomprehensible. At certain of these times he did not recognize me and called me "Iris", which I learned was the name of one of his married students, with whom he had been carrying on an adulterous affair in South Korea.
I thought this odd, to say the least. Since I am a fair-skinned blonde with hazel eyes and angular bone structure; and since this "Iris" is a swarthy, moon-faced, broad-featured Asian with black hair and eyes; also about half a foot shorter than myself....I cannot imagine how he could have mistaken me for this woman. No two women could possibly be such polar opposittes in appearance.
And then there's the fact that I speak the King's English, with perfect grammar. My parents, both with advanced academic degrees in English, taught me well. I don't need English lessons, especially from the likes of the drunken "professor", Todd Brendan Fahey.
The only explanation I can think of for this case of mistaken identity is that Fahey must have been so stupefied by drink and drugs, that believing me to be "Iris" meant he literally could not see straight! Or for that matter, hear straight. Or possibly, he was living inside his head, in his own little delusional fantasy world and rarely saw or heard anyone outside of it at all. Perhaps an unfortunate combination of all of the above. But believe me, I'm no "Iris"; nor was I an easy mark for Todd Fahey's sexual advances.
Actually, I saw a picture of this former "girlfriend" (she, sitting on Fahey's lap and holding hands) which Fahey posted on the same site, Liberty Forum, last July, only a few days after he was hauled away from my home by the police. (He must have been posting his bizarre concoctions from the mental ward.)
Accompanying the photograph was more of Fahey's usual bragging: That THIS woman (Iris) was his "type", and NOT Barbara Hartwell. Okay, I thought, fine by me, what a relief to know!...maybe he'll now stop obsessing on me; lying to the world about "having sex" with me and leave me alone.
Unfortunately for me, no such luck.
Here's what I don't understand: If this woman, Iris, is in fact his "type" as he insists; and since he went to the trouble to boast of this factoid to the world by posting her picture on a public message board, why would he come halfway across the world, only to start making protestations of "love" and "romance"... and his unwelcome sexual advances, to me?
Something he had later admitted to me he had in mind, even before leaving Southeast Asia. Why would he be so persistent in this offensive behavior, directed at a woman who is not his "type"?
But more importantly, why is Fahey lying about having a sexual relationship with me --and worse--boasting of this fabricated sexual conquest all over the Internet? Who does he think would really care what his "type" is? Who would be so interested? What is he trying to prove?
Maybe he's just trying desperately to convince himself that his sexual fantasies with an object of his obsession are "real". Who knows...What a frickin' nutcase!
But anyway, as I finally explained to Fahey, in exasperation, after being subjected to his repeated, drunken sexual advances and his lines of bull (which included his idolizing my "beauty"--strange, since I'm not his "type) about "love" and "romance":
Even if I were someone who believed in unmarried sex (which I do not) I would never have chosen a man whose moral values allowed sleazy affairs with "bar girls" (prostitutes) and married women; and who seemed to think it was just fine and dandy to be making his ill-advised sexual overtures to one woman (me) while boring that woman almost to tears (believe me, it was brutal) droning on and on and on....with his stories of his illicit affairs with these bimbos and whores.
Suffice it to say that Fahey, totally lacking in any discretion or class, held no such appeal for me. Also consider that a vast understatement.
It is clear to me that the morally-challenged and sociopathic Fahey could not deal with this sort of rejection. Nor with my lack of tolerance (make that ZERO tolerance) for his other disrespectful, destructive and intrusive behavior; which was fueled and exacerbated by his drug abuse and drinking binges.
Apparently, attempting to ruin my personal reputation and paint me as a "whore" was his revenge for that rejection; and for finally calling the police to remove him from my home, when he refused to "leave peaceably" of his own volition. But after all, it wasn't my fault. He brought it on himself. No reasonable, self-respecting person, male or female, would have tolerated his maniacal behavior.
I also thought it odd that Fahey had a repertoire of three stock answers to any comments I made which he perceived as being critical of himself:
1) "Well, I'm not stupid. Duh."
2) "Well, if you don't like me..."
3) "Well, if you want to throw me out of here, go ahead."
These comments, in precisely these words, were repeated over and over, like a broken record, even when having no connection with the subject matter of the conversation; even when not the slightest "criticism" of him was intended; and even when I was speaking about an idea in general terms, which had nothing to do with him.
What became very clear to me was that Fahey interpreted almost everything --even the most innocent comments-- as a personal affront. That Fahey was used to being "thrown out" of places and seemed to expect it, like it would only be a matter of time...
And I have to wonder who could possibly "like" the disrespectful, intrusive, self-centered and sociopathic behavior exhibited by Fahey? As for being "stupid" in his perpetually drunken fog, I can't argue against that one either.
It seems Fahey was chock-full of negative self-fulfilling prophecies. How does he expect to be treated by others, when he behaves like such a complete --forgive the word, but there is no other which could possibly describe him--asshole?
From listening to his sordid tales of "bar girls" and adultery, it seems Fahey is the type who considers all women to be "whores", just there for the taking, and at his convenience. Wrong, wrong and wrong again.
In my opinion, Fahey needs to get clean and sober; rid himself of those delusions (and those demons) and maybe, just maybe, he'll wake up to reality. Maybe then he'd see himself for what he is: a misogynist and an opportunist; perhaps even a latent homosexual (or for all I know, a closet homosexual) --and develop some healthy respect for women.
But be that as it may, whatever the nature of Fahey's psychopathology, I'm certainly not going to allow him to get away with denigrating me and defaming my good name, in an attempt to salvage his wounded pride and to promote his sick fantasies.
As a woman, I may be many things that many people (including the misogynistic Fahey) don't like. When crossed, it's true that I may be a bitch on wheels. Or as one friend of mine put it, "Meaner than a junkyard dog." But a "whore" is most certainly not one of those things.
Fahey's malicious lies, put forth in the form of absolutely pornographic filth, have now been disseminated far and wide all over the World Wide Web. Fahey claims to own nine (9) websites and seems to be a ubiquitous presence on many others.
In addition to his libelous raving about his non-existent (at least involving me) sexual conquests, Fahey published private e-mail written to him in confidence, some of which he tampered with, "forging" by adding (fabricating) comments never written by me; or "editing" out comments for the obvious purpose of misrepresenting me.
Such tampering is easy to do, you only need to know how to edit e-mail text in a word processing program. The "time stamps" --which Fahey has often boasted of, to "prove" he was the FIRST to publish his "scoops"-- or the e-mail addresses of a purported "sender" can be cut and pasted by even the least knowledgable on computers.
And Fahey boasted of being a "computer genius". I don't know if that's true, but no doubt, this cut-and-paste forgery and unauthorized editing of material is a regular practice for Fahey. Why the hell not? He has no scruples and will do anything to promote himself...or the lies du jour which will suit his unconscionable objectives.
As for the actual content of those messages, I make it a policy never to send anything by e-mail which I consider too "sensitive" to put in writing, whether I find the recipient trustworthy or not. I learned this the hard way, after having too many unconscionable people violate my privacy and betray my confidence.
And unlike the publicity-hungry and undiscriminating Fahey, I don't make my personal life an open book. It's nobody's business. Neither do I violate the confidence of others, much less fabricate lies about their personal lives and then publish these lies on the World Wide Web.
I wouldn't do that to my worst enemies. True, I might rip their throats out, but only if they deserve it. Unlike cowards and liars of Fahey's ilk, I prefer good clean violence to settle the score. Metaphorically speaking, of course.
I've only seen a few of these bogus postings by Fahey and don't intend to waste my time searching out or reading the others, which I must assume are making the rounds out there in cyberspace. I can only conclude that he has also tampered with and used these private e-mails for the purpose of misrepresenting me and demonizing me. Since he has already concocted the worst lies imaginable, I would put no act of deceit, sabotage or iniquity past him.
The fact that he has violated my privacy by posting personal communications AT ALL is dishonorable, unconscionable and unjustifiable; and clearly shows his total lack of integrity, by any standards, journalistic or otherwise. Nobody could accuse Todd Fahey of journalisitc integrity!
As part of his campaign to discredit me, and to demonize me, he also posted "articles" with the byline, Barbara Hartwell --which I did not write; with titles I did not compose; and which were not submitted by me to any of his online publications.
In fact, I well remember that in the past, when Fahey used to publish some of my articles on his website, Friends of Liberty, he had often edited my work --without my permission-- before posting these articles. And tellingly, he always, always REMOVED any comments about Jesus Christ or God. He said it made me seem "too religious". Figure that one out.
It has also come back to me through the grapevine that Fahey has been obsessively writing libelous personal communications to anyone he thinks will listen (he once boasted of having an e-mail address book a quarter mile long...another lie I'm sure, but still, he probably has quite a few people on his list) filled with his malicious lies.
One such target for these messages was my friend and colleague Geral Sosbee, who had admonished Fahey more than once for his unconsionable and despicable treatment of me; and for his libelous and false claims of a sexual relationship which never existed, except perhaps in Fahey's delusional fantasies.
The devil only knows (or maybe the demons that possess him) what else Fahey has said and done in his obsessive one-man crusade to destroy me; I've seen but a fraction of the writings and postings of this lunatic.
As far as why he is obsessed with me, it's anyone's guess. After all, according to Fahey, I'm not even his "type". Why me, Lord?
One of Fahey's many boasts in his attacks against me was that he wanted to take "a lie detector test" to "prove" he was "telling the truth about having sex with Barbara Hartwell". Does he actually believe the foremost concern in everyone's mind is Todd Fahey's sex life? Who could possibly give a damn who he did --or in this case did not-- have sex with?
Speaking strictly for myself, my "sex life" (assuming I had one) would be none of anybody's damn business. I certainly would not make it the subject of reports (libelous or otherwise) on the Internet, nor the fodder for lie detector tests.
Evidently, the oh-so-delusional Fahey fancies himself an Internet Celebrity...or some sort of Hot Shot Folk Hero... (The Celebrated Author of "Wisdom's Maw "!)
Maybe this fool believes Inquiring Minds Want To Know...but as far as polygraph tests go, it seems Fahey has been out of the loop for a long, long time (if he was ever in it to begin with, which is doubtful.)
Fahey might be interested to learn that pathological liars, schizophrenics, those impaired with multiple personality disorder and delusional psychopaths can easily pass a polygraph test, with flying colors, and often do --all the while lying to beat the band.
Or perhaps, there is a method to his madness and Fahey takes solace in this point of fact, one he is already aware of, smugly knowing that he himself could "pass".
As a matter of fact, intelligence operatives are routinely trained to beat the polygraph, as a failsafe against revealing classified information to the opposition, under hostile interrogation, using bio-feedback techniques. I know this because I was trained that way by CIA myself. But so what?
Polygraphs are not considered reliable and in fact, the results are not admissable in any court of law. So much for Fahey's grand "lie detector" ploy...
Fahey, from what I've observed, is nothing but a Walking-Talking-Drunkenly-Slurring-Lie-Incarnate...So what is he really trying to prove?
He's proven one thing to me (and at least a few others who witnessed his lunacy firsthand) beyond a shadow of a doubt...that he's not only a pathological liar, but a flaming whackjob! He certainly wouldn't need the polygraph to establish the truth of that one.
But believe it or not, there's more. Sociopathic behavior which exemplifies Fahey's total lack of moral integrity. About a week after Fahey blew into Southern Maine, like an ill wind, my beloved cat Hercules became deathly ill after ingesting some antifreeze while roaming the neighborhood.
While Fahey reclined on my living room couch, "recovering" from his "life-threatening" injuries, listening to the stereo and drinking himself into a stupor (consuming two full bottles of red wine in one sitting) a kind neighbor drove me to the emergency veterinary clinic in Portland, where I waited for several hours in the middle of the night for Hercules to be examined.
I had to leave him overnight for tests and was informed the next morning by phone that the tests had shown he had been poisoned and that he would have to be euthanized, as nothing could be done to save his life.
I can't be sure if he was deliberately poisoned, and if so, by whom; such things have happened, at least in my life, and have been done for the purpose of creating more traumatic stress, to add to my already heavy load. Certainly having to deal with Todd Fahey and his lunacy on a daily basis had created extreme traumatic stress, even before the episode with my cat being poisoned.
When I got this phone call from the veterinary clinic, I was shattered and heartbroken and burst into tears, something I rarely do, even under the most traumatic of circumstances. But losing Hercules ? He was my sweetheart, my treasure, my precious feline child, I loved him with all my heart.
When the call came in, Fahey was sitting at the computer in my small office, having comandeered it, as usual, for his self-serving purposes. His comment upon hearing the news of Hercules's death?
"Well, look at it this way: now you'll have one less animal to take care of."
Then, Fahey's observation later that day, that it was a "damn shame" I would have to spend a total of $700.00 (the last money I had) on the veterinary bills...just for a "dead cat", as he also opined in one of his self-absorbed "progress reports" posted on Friends of Liberty --in which he described for his "fan club" the latest details of his "recovery" at Barbara Hartwell's house.
The so-called "dead cat" (my Hercules, a beautiful tiger-stripe with sea-green eyes and the loudest purr in the known universe) was just a flippant aside, nothing more, in Fahey's complaint that there would now be no more money (mine, naturally) to pay for daily living expenses. (Read: his large supply of red wine.)
Imagine a person so self-centered; so callous; so utterly lacking in sympathy and concern for the feelings of others; so devoid of common decency, that he would exploit the death of one of my beloved cats, as just another opportunity to promote himself...
But he didn't stop there. No, indeed. He later, after leaving my home, in the thick of his libel campaign, exploited my heartbreak over Hercules to fabricate more lies about "sexual encounters" which never happened, ON THE NIGHT OF MY CAT'S DEATH, during which I actually spent the night mourning my lost cat.
Fahey, sitting (or more accurately, slumping) smugly in a comfortable chair in my living room --in his usual drunken stupor-- holding forth in his usual whining voice about his many tragic "problems", was the last thing on my mind. But naturally, I was berated by Fahey (as often happened) for "not listening" to him and leaving him downstairs by himself when, exhausted and grief-stricken, I went upstairs to try to get some sleep.
And FYI for the clueless and heathen-materialist, Todd Fahey: No amount of money would have been "too much" to spend in an attempt to save my cat's life. I'd have spent twice that amount, three or four times that amount, if necessary and would have sacrificed anything if it meant my cat's life could have been saved.
Fahey's is the attitude of a narcissist and worse, a sociopath. Nobody matters but himself. Everyone else be damned. What a scumbag.
As if exploiting the death of my beloved cat were not enough, another of Fahey's vindictive acts was posting, all over the World Wide Web, my private, unlisted phone number, which shortly thereafter had to be disconnected, due to more harassing calls from Fahey and his fellow provocateurs --as well as curiosity-seekers from a dive bar, The Whaler, where Fahey had told his slanderous tales of woe about me and my family-- to whom he gleefully handed out the number.
He even published the street address of my home, encouraging other like-minded stalkers and nutcases to harass me as well, thus further violating my privacy; compromising my security and endangering my safety.
What did Fahey care? He'd been removed by the police for drunk and disorderly conduct and could no longer use me to provide a "safe house". Why not try his damnedest to make my own home unsafe for me?
This malicious pathological liar has done more damage than any provocateur I've ever been targeted by, or had the displeasure of knowing, excepting none --and considering some of what I've been through, that's quite an accomplishment!
I'm sure Todd Fahey takes great pride in a Job Well Done, just as he had boasted to me of other targets he had stolen from; blackmailed; or told his vicious lies about.
Yes, he admitted to fabricating lies whenever it suited his purposes. For Fahey, "bragging rights" are second nature, even when concerning behavior most people would consider shameful. He'll boast of anything --anything at all-- true or untrue, as long as it gets his name in print and satisfies his pathological craving for attention.
And although the other slimy characters such as Tim White and Brenda Negri, working together as a tag-team of COINTELPRO lackeys, have for years been libeling me by calling me a "whore" or "slut" (including accusing me of being "George Bush's trollop"); and fabricating other outrageous lies for the purpose of character assassination, Fahey is the first of these sleazy provocateurs ever to make such false claims about me, involving HIMSELF as a false witness.
If he'd been a woman, I imagine he'd be just the type of gal to cook up a story of "rape", fabricating such a tale after being rejected by the object of a fixation.
What a truly sick, pathetic, poor-excuse-for-a-man. If there had been anything he could use to blackmail me, I've no doubt whatsoever he would have tried. For Fahey, blackmail seems to be a standard M.O. But I am not the type to allow myself to be blackmailed, and more importantly, have no such "blackmailable" skeletons in my closet.
But that didn't stop Todd Fahey. Why worry about a lack of ammunition for blackmail? Fahey just went right ahead and fabricated the most vile lies he could think of. Then publicized them all over the World Wide Web.
To this day, I have not visited Fahey's website, Friends of Liberty (which name certainly does not reflect the contents; Friends of Obscenity is a far more accurate description) since shortly after he began posting his many lies and smears, bearing false witness against me, in July 2004.
When I saw the totally obscene titles of some of Fahey's "articles" (using the "F" word along with my name, IN THE TITLE); links sent to me by concerned friends, I refused to read even one of them. Nor would I read any more of what was by now his ever-proliferating sewage. I just hit the DELETE button to every such link, simply because reading such filth would have served no purpose except to send me into a rage and create further traumatic stress for me.
Given the fact I have a serious heart condition, exacerbated by any kind of stress, this is no small problem. Since I also suffer from PTSD, I avoid any kind of traumatic stress when and where I can.
But then, I'm sure that was Fahey's intent: to spare no effort to inflict as much damage as possible. He is after all, a provocateur (at times using the screen name, "Agent Provocateur") one whose diabolical impunity knows no bounds. Fahey's many provocations, his baiting, taunting and outrageous lies, have proven that in spades.
I refuse to waste my time slogging through his filthy libelous posts, replete with his many lies and refuting each and every one. I haven't read most of Fahey's hogswill and don't intend to. He's just another of the "time wasters" I have commented on elsewhere; albeit one of the most vicious provocateurs I have encountered anywhere. The same goes for his fellow provocateurs, his new comrades-in-arms, other "Friends of Liberty" who jumped on the bandwagon to further harass me.
Instead of reading his filthy libelous reports myself, I had some friends retrieve them to save for evidence against him for a lawsuit I will eventually file. And from what they've told me (sparing me the filthy details, at my request) the content of these "reports" is so appalling --and so damaging-- in the lies fabricated by Fahey, that he has dug his own grave with the evidence of libel and defamation which he has provided against himself.
Can I prove damages? Damn straight I can. I've got police reports; testimony of witnesses, including hospital personnel and much, much more. Fahey's only possible "defense" would be insanity. And not of the "temporary" variety. Let him tell it to the judge.
But the damages instigated by Fahey didn't stop there. As I heard from friends and family (some of whom witnessed Fahey's lunatic behavior firsthand) these filthy lies were seized upon by others among my enemies such as provocateurs Brenda Negri and Tim White (both also sexual perverts: Negri is a sexual predator/law-enforcement groupie who stalks men she reads about on the Internet; and White is a transvestite and collector of child pornography, a stooge for Division 5 of the Denver FBI) and posted in any and all newsgroups or websites which would allow such gutter trash.
Thus Fahey will be held accountable for spawning even more filth, parroted by the many other morons, sleazebags and cyber-junkies who derive cheap thrills from reading about --and of course contributing their own libelous pornographic comments and speculations-- the Lifestyles of the Drunk and Degenerate, such as Todd Brendan Fahey.
Most of these creeps, being abject cowards, hide behind idiotic screen names and I can't be bothered tracking them all down. To have my name attatched to such filthy lies by these sleazy provocateurs is insufferable.
But here's a message for any of them who may be reading this: You people are sub-human. You are no better than maggots. And I promise I will make it my business to see that your acts of iniquity will come back to haunt you, one way or another, just as they will for Fahey.
This also applies to any other individual, named or unnamed, who took part in disseminating these libelous falsehoods in any way, shape or form. Anyone who was involved.
Considering appropriate retribution for such crimes puts me in mind of the "avenging angel" Denzel Washington in the film, Man on Fire. Make of that what you will.
Since Fahey's lies centered on their long-time target, Barbara Hartwell, his cohorts, Brenda Negri and Tim White, must have been ecstatic to join Fahey's splendid new libel campaign. What a wonderful opportunity !...Birds of a feather flock together. So do pathological liars, delusional whackjobs and provocateurs.
Apparently, Fahey has now been banned from certain websites on which he had longstanding posting privileges, including the aforementioned Liberty Forum, because his outrageous obscenities and libel went over the deep end, even where "free speech" could not be invoked to justify the filth he was spewing out. Fahey then blamed the "censorship" of his filthy lies on the "spooks" whom he claimed had taken over the forum. Todd Fahey: Paranoid and delusional, as always.
Other websites couldn't have cared less. During the same time period of his filthy libelous rampage against Barbara Hartwell, even after his insanity was clearly exposed by such actions, Fahey was still posting --in good standing-- on many other sites, including Rumor Mill News and Breaking All the Rules (BATR).
Which came as no surprise to me; but it certainly shows the type of character these sites approve of and endorse; and the type of material they consider "newsworthy". Fahey would do well to submit his "news items" to The National Enquirer, or better yet, Hustler magazine, where his fabricated smut and level of intellect would be truly appreciated by the subscribers.
I have already refuted Fahey's earliest lies and delusional fabrications in my two comprehensive reports on Todd Brendan Fahey of July 2004. If you want the truth and are interested in the facts; the testimony of credible, reliable witnesses, including the police officers who removed Fahey from my home and later dropped him off at the psychiatric ward; a detective who investigated Fahey's criminal harassment; and even Fahey's own parents, who are clearly appalled and in consternation at the horrid behavior of their son, read the reports, posted on my website.
If by chance you mistakenly thought Todd Fahey was one of the "good guys", or as he has repeatedly boasted in his self-aggrandizing political pieces, one of the "white hats"...assuming this report has not been enough to convict will be amazed.
A tip for single (and married) women, of all ages and all ethnic backgrounds, around the world: You don't want to meet Todd Fahey...unless you enjoy sexual harassment and being stalked by a slobbering drunk; or unless you happen to be the notorious provocateur and pervert, Brenda Negri. No doubt, these two were made for each other.
As far as I and many others can see, despite the massive damages he has done to me (which I intend to hold him accountable for by any and every legal means possible) Fahey's primary accomplishment by this rampage of libelous filth was to expose HIMSELF as an obsessive-compulsive psychopath; a pervert and a pathological liar.
He also exposed the fact that he was so obsessed with a woman (Barbara Hartwell) who not only rejected his sexual advances; but finally, in profound disgust, threw him out of her house with a police escort; that he made a mission of destroying her personal and professional reputation. I can only guess that Hell hath no fury like a madman scorned....
Last I heard, the bedraggled and slovenly little coward (he is nowhere NEAR "just over 6 feet tall", as he boasts in his affected macho-man descriptions of himself) had run back to his hideout in South Korea, where presumably he'll return to his usual pursuits: Blackmailing school officials. Theft of documents and sundry other items (anything that's smaller than a breadbox and not nailed down). Destruction of private property, including university computers.
And last but not least, fueling his negatively-inflated ego and indulging his delusions of grandeur and paranoid fantasies with his political vanity pieces, featuring (drumroll, please...) HIMSELF, TODD BRENDAN FAHEY! as the Double-oh-seven-style protagonist. What a guy!
I can just see him now...weaving, staggering and stumbling his way across a dimly-lit cocktail lounge, making his oh-so-suave approach to his ideal paragon of womanhood, a coarse-looking, skanky Asian bar whore.
I can almost hear him, as he clears his throat and lowers his inflection, in what would be a futile attempt to mask the faggy nasal whine. In his best James Bond imitation, he would look soulfully at the whore with his bleary, maniacal glare and intone: "Fahey. Todd Fahey."
The fact that he'd have to pay for the "date" would probably come as quite a shock, when sometime later he was herded out the door, as the beginnings of one of his "blistering hangovers" took hold.
But despite his delusions of grandeur and overblown ego, he's no James Bond. Not by a long shot.
Drinking himself into a stupor all the livelong night, every night; getting hopped up on the plentiful supply of over-the-counter drugs so readily available in Southeast Asia; and provoking anybody who crosses his path into a knock-down-drag-out brawl, in which Fahey seems to always come out on the losing end and get his ass kicked. (It seems he has a death wish, one that if he continues with his passive-aggressive provocations, somebody may eventually grant.)
Also unluckily for Fahey, he has no combat, martial arts or firearms training, something he actually admitted to me in one of his rare sober moments. It was one of the few things he told me which was actually believable.
He doesn't even have a driver's license! Can't be Bond without a fancy set of wheels...
Nor, from what I could see, despite his boasts of alleged "CIA and DIA training" could he be anything but a serious, serious liability to any intelligence operation foolish enough to hire him.
CIA training?.... Have another drink, Fahey, one for the road, and tell us all another tall tale.
Fahey actually considers John K. Singlaub, of the World Anti Communist League --a notorious NWO/CIA front (at least to those in-the-know) and nefarious mind control handler for operations Phoenix and Gladio, one of the "good guys", as he told me himself. I soon gave up trying to disabuse him of this idiotic notion, as well as others he had clearly been hoodwinked --or more likely, mind-controlled-- into believing.
I even showed him a videotape (one of only a few copies in existence, since it was "banned" in the U.S.); a documentary about Operation Gladio. Fahey's hero, the "Great General Singlaub" (as journalist Virginia McCollough, another "Friend of Liberty" and malicious antagonist who targeted me for libel, calls him) featured prominently, speaking of his role in Operation Gladio.
Gladio involved military-style assassinations of innocent civilians, non-combatants (many of whom were women and children) by mind-controlled "hit squads". State-sponsored terrorism. General John K. Singlaub: Another "Friend of Liberty".
In case anyone is wondering how I know so much about this operation, it is because I have personally profiled and debriefed quite a number of the operatives and Manchurian Candidates who were utilized in the hit squads as assassins in both Phoenix and Gladio. I have not yet exposed a fraction of what I know about these deep black operations, as it's kind of risky (actually, very risky) and at present, I can't afford a bodyguard.
But since Fahey had known Singlaub, I thought he'd be interested in the information I had, as well as the documentary on Op Gladio. But alas, Fahey couldn't keep his attention on the videotape. For one thing, he was too drunk .
But more to the point, the subject of the documentary wasn't the Superstar, Todd Brendan Fahey. He kept interrupting the video with irrelevant comments and nonsequiturs --naturally, talking about himself. After the first tape was over, he said he wasn't in the mood to watch the second part.
Fahey --ever the Drama Queen-- announced last spring, on several websites, having been a "spy" for Singlaub and his CIA/DIA black ops political cronies, when he was just a young twerp at university, the Big Fish in a small pond --President of the student branch of the John Birch Society. He's played that one for all it was worth, for years, which didn't turn out to be much.
Another of his widely-touted "credentials" has been "Strategic Writer" for former CIA operative Ted Humes. What the uninitiated don't know won't hurt them: A "strategic writer" is simply a lackey who promotes the lies fed to him by a cabal like CIA; and/or places the preffered "spin" on the subject matter. In other words, a propagandist. A Liar-for-Hire. Perfect job for Todd Brendan Fahey.
Just as Fahey boasted of having been the "Strategic Director" on various websites, including Ether Zone and Jeff Rense. What happened to Fahey's (self-created) lofty titles? Why have these sites now disowned him?
The Psychedelic Spy! (as he calls himself.) Ponder on that one...
More like a low-level reject from the MK Ultra program, who was shelved when he couldn't make the grade as any kind of spy, much less a top-notch NOC. Suffice it to say that nobody at The Farm in Virginia ever heard of Todd Fahey.
But those are the breaks, and that's how they operate. There's no substitute for talent. In the world of spooks and black operations, talent is the coin of the realm.
Forget the training, Fahey didn't make it that far. And just consider the irreversible brain damage from a few too many of those acid trips. He wouldn't know which way is up, nor even what day it is. From what I've seen, Fahey flunked out with the "Spooks" he so obviously reveres a long, long time ago...and has been trying to make up for lost time ever since.
No. No more travels through Spy World for Todd Brendan Fahey. He will surely settle back in to his own little hog-heaven in the godforsaken backwater of South Korea...consorting with bar whores... committing adultery with married women...engaging in fornication with his students...
And maybe even with the underage child prostitutes of both sexes whom I was horrified to read that he is reputed to seek out. Gee whiz, I guess I have to believe that one, since I read it on the Internet...After all, isn't everything you find in print The Truth ?
Even if not, at least it's clear that Fahey hopes that his readers will believe the libelous, obscene and extremely damaging falsehoods he himself promotes about others, including Barbara Hartwell.
But anyway, just like the bonanza of over-the-counter drugs, soliciting child prostitutes is probably not even a criminal offense over there...after all, the savages in Korea barbecue cats and dogs for supper. Life is cheap and nothing is sacred. Who cares...
But whatever the case may be, good riddance to this psychotic scum and his ungodly obsessions. The U.S. of A. is rid of one more con man and false patriot.
And...I must remind him that he was warned not to mess with Barbara Hartwell. He foolishly chose to disregard that warning.
But next time this pathetic loser; this wannabe-spook; this pathological liar and penny-ante provocateur, Todd Brendan Fahey, forms one of his ill-advised fixations on a woman (and I'm sure there will be a next time, there always is with these psychos) perhaps it would behoove him to choose a woman who's not a whole lot smarter than he is. A woman who doesn't have bona fide intelligence training, especially in Psychological Operations...
He'd also be well advised to choose a woman who lacks the killer instinct and won't be quite so ruthless in pursuit of justice, when targeted by a man of dishonor.
--Barbara Hartwell
October 22, 2004
Addendum, January 31, 2005:
Although this article was written in October 2004, roughly four months after he was thrown out of my home, here is a little update on the lunatic postings of Todd Brendan Fahey. Just more evidence of Fahey's continued obsession with Barbara Hartwell and the lies he is still fabricating and disseminating. I have no idea what Fahey's "source" is for these latest lies. Probably the demons sitting on his shoulder and whispering in his ear.
This post, written by Todd Fahey, is from a site called Liberty Post:
Title: Whereabouts of Barbara Hartwell
[Post Date: 2005-01-22 22:46:06 by toddbrendanfahey
Before it's spilt by anyone else here, I might as well do the deed.

Barbara Hartwell lost residency in the house that she never owned in Orchard Park, Maine (and which had been lent to her by a member of the John Birch Society, but for which she could never manage to pay).

She lost her Web sites (to non-payment) in July; and has relocated to Brownsville, Texas, to share an apartment with one Geral Sosbee.

That's what I know. ]

For those interested, here, once again, are the FACTS:
1) I have not "lost residency" in my home, nor have at any time. I have lived here as a full time resident since June 2003.
2) My home (which is located in Ocean Park, Maine, NOT "Orchard Park") belongs to me. It is NOT, nor has ever been, "lent" to me by any "member of the John Birch Society". My home is NOT, nor ever has been, owned by any member of the JBS.
3) There is NOT, nor ever has been, any issue of "managing to pay" anyone for the home where I live. My finances are none of anyone's business, least of all the lying lunatic, Todd Fahey.
4) I had only ONE website, which was taken off-line in August 2004, by my decision. I did NOT "lose" that website in connection to any form of "non-payment".
5) And lastly, I have NOT "relocated to Brownsville, Texas". I do NOT "share an apartment" there with Geral Sosbee. In fact, I have never even visited Geral Sosbee at his home in Brownsville, a fact which can be verified by Mr. Sosbee himself.
So much for what Todd Brendan Fahey "knows"....
But I have no doubt that this lying rat bastard will continue fabricating additional "news-flashes" about Barbara Hartwell, for the foreseeable future, as his drunken, delusional moods inspire him. As always, caveat lector! And more important, consider the source.
[Note, added November 29, 2006: Please see Geral Sosbee's website for Geral's public statement, for the record, in corroboration of the fact that Barbara Hartwell has never, at any time, relocated to Brownsville Texas, to "share an apartment with one Geral Sosbee."
Also, the previous reports on Todd Brendan Fahey, written July 2004, will soon be posted.
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