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Note:  I received this report in 2006, from an anonymous source.  Normally, I don't publish anonymous sources, and in fact I decided against publishing this report when it first came to my attention.

However, I  should also say that I have known all along the true identity of the 'anonymous' source. I will not say more, except that my training as an intelligence analyst allowed me to identify the writing style of the source, a former Black Ops insider with whom I have been acquainted for many years. Moreover, I know (from my own experiences, my own trustworthy sources, and my own investigations) that much of the information contained within this report is truthful and accurate.

I cannot vouch for all the information, so as always, I will state that this report is published 'for information purposes only', and ask the readers to make of it what they will.

I was very sorry to learn recently that Ted Gunderson has been diagnosed with cancer. Contrary to what many might believe, due to the adversarial relationship between me and Ted over the last decade, I do not hate Ted, but rather, I have forgiven him in my heart; I remember the love I once had for him; and furthermore, I pray for Ted to recover.  

I also pray (a prayer of many years) that Ted will come clean and will repent of his crimes against God and humanity, before meeting his Maker and that he will be redeemed. 

Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on Ted Gunderson!

I have been heartbroken over the fact that this former friend and professional colleague has turned against me, and worse, turned against Truth, against the Constitution, against America and against all true American Patriots, and against all that is good and righteous....and worst of all, against Jesus Christ, for no one who believes in the Gospel of Jesus Christ could possibly have been complicit in the persecution/murders/torture of God's Children, His Saints and Angels.

Considering the havoc that Ted and his FBI/CIA cronies have wreaked in my life, I am lucky to be alive.  I have only the Grace of God and the redeeming love of Jesus Christ to thank for that!  Thank You Jesus!

Lastly, I find it necessary to expose the names of  some of the criminal accomplices of ex-FBI agent Ted L. Gunderson.  Some are criminals like Gunderson; others are merely government stooges/dupes; and some fall into both categories. But all of them promote and/or defend and/or support and/or are complicit in crimes with Ted Gunderson. 

BEWARE of all listed here. Shun them, avoid them and if necessary, "shake the dust from your feet"!  They are, without exception, liars and minions of Satan. 

Accomplices of Ted Gunderson:
General John K. Singlaub (Op Phoenix, CIA Black Ops mind control handler)
John DeCamp (former senator, Nebraska, CIA Op Phoenix assassin)
Ken Adachi (government stooge, PR shill for Gunderson)
Timothy Patrick White (predicate felon, career criminal, fed snitch, government stooge, psycho stalker, sex pervert/predator, child porno freak)
Brenda Negri (fed snitch, government stooge, psycho stalker)
Pamela Schuffert (fed snitch, government stooge, psycho stalker, false Christian)
Todd Brendan Fahey (blackmailer, identity thief, sex pervert/predator, child porno freak, criminal stalker, plagiarist, government stooge)
Linda Minor (government stooge)
Don Nicoloff (disinfo monger, government stooge, known accomplice of Ken Adachi)
Alex Jones (CIA asset, disinfo monger)
Barbara Crouse Brown (government stooge)
Aaron James (government stooge, accomplice of Tim White)
"Xena Carpenter" (real identity unknown, sponsors moronic website filled with outrageous lies about whistleblowers, including Barbara Hartwell, known criminal accomplice of Todd Fahey and Tim White)

There are many more of these accomplices and government stooges, but I've  exposed the most notorious here.  For more information on Ted Gunderson, see the reports on this website.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
December 14, 2009

From "Anonymous Source" (2006):
Ted Gunderson: A Treatise of Lies, Deception, Murder, Treason, Drug Dealing and Theft

Retired FBI SA Ted Gunderson Supplied Terrorists with Stolen Stinger Missiles in exchange for Drugs


Ted L. Gunderson ex-FBI Senior Special Agent in Charge, LA, was forced into early retirement for performing Satanic ceremonies in his FBI offices in 1979. He has publicly stated he is the only ex-FBI agent to be kicked out of the FBI retired agent's alumni; this is why.

In 1998 Ted L. Gunderson married the widow of Anton Lavey, Diana Rively. Lavey is the founder of the Church of Satan in America. She kicked him out after two weeks because he could not perform in bed. Not surprising, he is drunk most of the time. The marriage was annulled in 2000 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Why would Ted Gunderson marry a known Satanic witch? Remember, he claims to be an expert on Satanism, and out to save and rescue the CHILDREN in America from Satanists. Not best, or perhaps worst he is a wanna-be Satanist.

In Feb. 2000 Gunderson was caught stealing from the trust of Mary Schiebe of Las Vegas, Nevada (Public administrators records). To keep from going to jail for stealing $150,000.00, Gunderson agreed to a plea bargain to allow the repayment to the trust of $1,500.00 per month from his early FBI retirement of  $62,000.00 per year. This deal was arraigned by the CIA for whom he then went to work, becoming DCS; a snitch, subverter and murderer of Patriots and Christians. Gunderson continues to this day telling people he is broke in order to con more little old ladies out of their life's savings.

It was Ted Gunderson's CIA associates who kept him out of jail. According to two Retired Los Angeles Police Department Detectives, when they were still with LAPD and Ted Gunderson was in charge of the Southern California FBI, 1977-1979, Gunderson protected the illegal CIA/George Bush Sr. narcotics for weapons smuggling into southern California.

Yachts were used for hauling narcotics in from Costa Rico and transporting weapons out of the docks in Santa Monica, CA, where Gunderson's daughter Laurie Hern lives and Ted spends months at a time. The Detectives further stated that young Girls from southern California were being kidnapped and put on these Yachts to be sent to drug smugglers in Costa Rica, to be used as sex slaves. Gunderson protected these kidnappers and drug-for-weapons smugglers. This location in Costa Rica was the same (location) owned by Carl Lindner, United Fruit/CIA front company. (The Ohio connection and The Bush Crime Family).

The Congress of Costa Rico has issued Indictments and Arrest warrants for Oliver North, George Bush Sr., Carl Lindner, Assistant US Attorney William Richard Scruggs, and many others for their Drug for Weapons smuggling. Costa Rica has asked the US Justice Dept., the Congress, The US Courts and the State Department for permission to extradite these Criminals along with others named in their report.

Gunderson, after early, forced FBI retirement, began working for George Bush Sr.- CIA Shadow-Government full time, dealing drugs and guns with Ollie North and General Singlaub to Afghan Rebels, via Costa Rica in the Iran/Contra affair as well as participating in many other Illegal CIA drug and gun running operations, too numerous to mention here.

Gunderson was partners with Michael Reconisciuto (now in jail), Raymond Lavis NSA, (now hiding out in Canada) stealing stinger missiles from the China Lakes Naval Facility in California. Their base of operations was the Capison, Indiana Reservation in Indio, California (ABC Reporter Danny Cassolero was killed after he discovered this, Inslaw, and published his book "The Octopus". Gunderson spoke with Danny just prior to his death but has refused to divulge the contents of that conversation. Many think that it was this conversation that gave Gunderson the necessary information to set Cassolero up to be murdered). They were further involved in espionage involving the Government of Canada by sliding the Inslaw software into the Canadian National Security Computers.

Gunderson was next caught in the mid 1980s stealing from the estate of a dead nurse he worked with on the McMartin preschool abuse case, the nurse 'suddenly' developed cancer and was sent to a clinic in Mexico (she knew Gunderson was there from Kroll Bros & Assoc. NY - part of Bush cover up as a 'PI'. Bush hires ex-spooks to go after remaining documents left behind or any evidence in general that needs to be destroyed). 

The Clinic was owned by Ted Gunderson's Doctor friend who was also in the business of administering laetrile treatments (Steve McQueen, the Actor who died of cancer, was conned out of $50,000.00 by Gunderson and his Doctor friend. At that time Gunderson was conning other people out of $5,000.00 for the same treatments.)

The Nurse never left Mexico. Gunderson ensured her death then began selling off her property and belongings, and robbing her bank accounts. When he tried to sell her house, however, he came under scrutiny from her family and was subsequently caught. It was at this time that he accepted the plea with the LA DA's office arranged by his CIA 'associates', in order to stay out of jail (Gunderson is now subsequently protected from prosecution by this same criminal cartel, The Bush Crime Family). He is allowed to steal from people and not be prosecuted. He gets a cut from his thefts and the rest go to the New World Order - Bush Crime Family's Empire Anti-Christ.

Gunderson claims he investigates Satanism and Child Kidnapping. This is nothing more than a front to identify those victims of MK Ultra mind-control (program), identify and eliminate those who know the truth, those who know too much and speak out publicly. Gunderson works with George Pender who ran Operation Brownstone, the Blackmail of Congressman and Senators using children as sex slaves in Washington DC., 1980-1990 (among whom Johnny Gosch was one of the unfortunate victims. 

CIA George Pender and CIA Clint Murchison had direct ties to FBI-homosexual J. Edgar Hoover. Gunderson brags he was one of the last Hoover-boys). Publicly he states that Hoover was not a Homosexual; I personally know people who state they saw Hoover committing Homosexual Acts. The Mafia certainly knew this - they blackmailed Hoover for years into taking a position in which he openly proclaimed, "Mafia? What's a doesn't exist!"  See the book "The Last Circle" by: Carol Marshall.

In her book Carol interviews Ted Gunderson shortly before she finds out about his involvement with Micheal Reconisciuto and Ray Lavis; CIA criminal-shadow Government boys, Ted`s partners in crime. After CIA Agent Clint Murchison died, Gunderson lived in his house for over a year. Anna May Newman, who was a house-maid to Murchison now lives with Ted Gunderson in Las Vegas, and pays his rent out of her Social Security. She loaned Gunderson her $68,000.00 retirement (fund). Gunderson told her he had a client, (he has other little old lady clients/victims) who was paying him $100,000.00, and that he had breaking news on kidnapped kids and needed the money to fund a project to rescue them. She was foolish enough to give her retirement to him. He then stayed in the house until the estate attorneys kicked them out.

Patriots in Dallas have stated that Gunderson was holding parties there, so that they could be identified and that information was subsequently being turned over to his CIA controllers. Gunderson has traveled from State to State, City to City perpetrating this counter-Intel Ops on many unsuspecting Patriots and Christians, deceiving hundreds into believing he is one of their "brothers".  

Many of these people have suffered irreversible damage to their reputations, their persons, their bank accounts; several have lost their freedom having gone to prison after being setup by Gunderson and his boys and several have disappeared and/or been murdered. Unfortunately, many have still NOT caught on to his insidious game and his lies.

Gunderson helped destroy evidence and cover-up the Nebraska-Franklin Savings case scandal. Rene, a woman who paid Gunderson $10,000 to help her, suddenly found herself in jail. Gunderson kept her money and did nothing to help her. She sought help in Feb, 2001 through an Intel. source and wanted to go on radio and announce to the world who Gunderson really was and what he had done. She suddenly died three weeks later under extremely suspect circumstances. The family would not do an autopsy. She left two children ages 15 and 17. Their mother is dead because of Gunderson; yet another of his many murders.

Gunderson has admitted to orchestrating the break-up of the Black Panthers. He stated he sent love letters that turned Panthers against each other, resulting in the murder of one of them. This makes Ted Gunderson a conspirator in Murder as an FBI Agent in 1970. I talked to Bobby Seals at length about this, I have copies of those letters. A Senate investigation of Ted Gunderson occurred for the violation of these Americans Constitutional Rights, in which the FBI was sanctioned by the Senate (1971-1972). The Government settled with member Seals and others for $3 1/2 Million, because of the attempted frame-up (for this murder) by Gunderson's team. Does this not sound like the current FBI - nothing changes with these criminals. And they are criminals - criminals and thugs who should all be in prison.

Gunderson attempted to frame a well known Federal whistle blower on false burglary charges, (a form of assault in Nevada) to extort documents from him, so he could be paid for perjured testimony in the murder of two innocent men by convicted killer Tom Gaule of Las Vegas (trained as an assassin out of Division 4, CIA).  Gaule is on the streets on probation even though he was convicted (of the murders). This was a direct result of Ted Gunderson's lies, under oath, to get paid $200,000 promised by this murderer from his Mother's trust (who at one time was the Public Administrator in Las Vegas' controls' system).

Gunderson and Gaule wanted these documents in order to prove that the Public Admin had had problems in the past. I believe they intended to use these documents to extort the Admin out of the control of the trust, so Gunderson could get paid. Gunderson put this killer on the streets for $600 cash and a promise of $200,000 (Without a Nevada P.I. License). When the whistle blower refused to release the documents, they first accused him of assault upon Gaule (charges dropped - Aug. 2000), then of theft from Gunderson. A SWAT team stormed the home he was living in and tore it apart, breaking out windows, etc. Detectives left after 5 hrs., but not before bringing Gunderson there to search for boxes he claimed had been taken from him. He [the whistleblower] was cleared of all charges (Sept. 2000). The day after the SWAT raid this whistle blower received a threat by phone from Gunderson advising him to stay off his radio show and not divulge the specifics of the charges brought against him and Gunderson's involvement. After being threatened he filed a restraining order against Gunderson, convicted killer Tom Gaule and Anna May Newman in Las Vegas, Nevada. In October 2000, an attempt was made upon his life, ordered by Gunderson and carried out by his wet-ops team. Surviving this, he left Las Vegas.

If you recall Art Bell collected a large sum of money from the lawsuit he filed against Ted Gunderson. Gunderson's insurance policy paid the case off. Gunderson accused Art Bell of being a child molester. Bell is not.

Has Ted Gunderson ever been prosecuted, even arrested for the crimes he has committed? Only once and he made a deal with Satan to get out of that. He writes reports, from newspaper articles already published, NOT HIS WORK. He compiles these articles, then puts in the Government disinformation as he has been instructed to do. Example: his OK City Bombing Report, the only truth contained in the entire report was the seismograph 2 explosions, and the Cary Gagan immunity paper(s) given to Gunderson which tied the two Iranian or Iraq terrorists to the bombing. In his faked OK City bombing report Gunderson stated an 'Energy Bomb' caused the explosion. This is completely untrue; plastic explosives and "specialtie shape-bombs (developed in Government laboratories in Palo Alto, CA) were placed on the buildings pillars', or infra-structure supporting beams and the beams and supporting joists on several floors blown inwards towards each other in an 'X' pattern - thus the implosion of the building.

Gunderson was fined $2,500.00 on Dec. 11, 2001 in an administrative hearing in Las Vegas. He was charged by the Attorney General's Office for entering into the Sandra Murphy-Binion murder case with out a PI License (didn't see that in the A&E special, now did you?!). More of his frauds. The Attorney General's office of Nevada said they had so many complaints from people Gunderson had ripped of that they felt compelled to take the case).

Gunderson's first wife, one of many, talked in depth about him being diagnosed as a paranoid-schizophrenic in 1971 and placed on medication. She later divorced him because of this mental condition. Today two of his four adult children, Ted Gunderson Jr. of PA. and Lorie Hern of Santa Monica, CA., suffer from this same medical problem, Ted Jr. having been placed on the same medication. Both his adult children have been hospitalized numerous times for this mental illness. Today Ted does not take his medication. He should, he needs it, and it shows.

Gunderson makes copies of others videos, in violation of copy-right laws, sells them to unsuspecting buyers and pockets the money. This provides him with information on those who send in checks. He then turns the names of these people over to the Government via his CIA controllers for payment. In other words, he is turning Patriots, Christians and others in for payment. Turning in anyone seeking truth, having long ago grown weary of the constant stream of lies and propaganda emitting fourth from the Mainstream media.

One of Ted Gunderson's latest scams is: Buy into his GOLD or Mexico land scam with his known Criminal Partner, Victor Hancock. Victor is an old scamster of many years, having spent years in jail for conning little old ladies out of their lives savings by offering them investments in various scams. Their latest scam, breaking into a safe for a former Las Vegas Cop who put Victor in Jail years ago, at the request of the Cop, who bought a bar and wanted the safe opened. Victor claims he found a map with details of $2.5 Billion Dollars worth of Gold buried in a cave in Nevada. He claims it was Fernando Marco's, the former President of the Philippines, hidden gold. Hancock was questioned at length about markings on this gold. He stated it had (markings) like oriental markings, all in equal size (bars). Further investigation, however, revealed this to be untrue.

Investigation indicated that all the Marco's gold had been taken by the Bush Crime Family Boy's,  and all accounted for, and there was really no Vietnam, and no Marco's gold except in the hands of George Bush Sr. Parties were discovered that were involved in the confiscation of those two Countries gold; they unequivocally stated that this indeed was true. It was further discovered that the Philippine's Gold was unique, that they did not have a gold refinery, therefore the peasants would melt the gold and put it in various sizes depending on what 2x4's or 2x6's were available, or what they could scrap together to pour it in.

Although this entire affair had been shown to be a ruse, Gunderson made a video tape sponsoring this scam with Hancock at a location on Jones Blvd. in Las Vegas. Gunderson further stated that he and Victor would make millions of dollars selling this to the Patriots. Victor claimed he took $60 million of the gold and bought a large track of land on the Baja California Island in Mexico where he planned on building a Condo resort. However, no Architectural Drawings, specs, cost estimates, Deed or Plot, anything, has ever been found supporting this claim.

They then proceeded to tell Patriots and Christians that in order to keep the CIA, and the Bushes from coming after 'their' gold, that they had dumped the rest of the $ 2.5 Billion Dollars off of a reef in the ocean. They even went on several radio shows to tell their tale in an attempt to raise $200,000.00, so they  could go "recover" (the gold). They then held meetings at various locations in Nevada and California to con Patriots out of their money, by stating "you give us $100-$300 per month and you will own part of the parent Corporation that owns the land in Mexico"! 

The Attorney General of Las Vegas accepted evidence regarding this scam, but the case was appealed on a technicality, and the charges dismissed. Therefore if you invested your hard earned money with Ted Gunderson and Victor Hancock in their land and gold scam, you lost it all.

Footnote: The land that they were trying to sell in Baja, Mexico is the same land owned by the CIA-General John Singlaub, the person Gunderson answers to in behalf of The Bush Crime Family - his primary 'controller'. It was further discovered that General Singlaub's Boeing 707 had landed on the airstrip in 1991, on that same piece of Real Estate Gunderson claims he and Victor own.  The Boeing 707 had burned up an engine, and landed there for refueling and repairs. Drug Enforcement Agents discovered the airplane full of cocaine. In fact they claim it was extremely overloaded which is why the (engine) burned up. The airplane was confiscated by the DEA and sold at auction in Florida in 1992. General Singlaub was never charged. Singlaub was the counter-part to General Richard Secord - the Iran/Contra boys. Singlaub ran the Capison Indian Reservation Drugs for Weapons operation for George Bush Sr.

Ted Gunderson is a Traitor to the United States of America. He has committed many treasonous acts, murders, drug deals and thefts and therefore should be tried in a court of law and when convicted be given the death penalty. Further, it has been discovered that Gunderson is part of a wet-ops team that identifies MK Ultra (mind-control) victims and then sends in hit teams to kill those victims on behalf of the Bush Crime Family and the NWO.

Gunderson identifies Patriots, Militias, Christians and others in order to supply those names to his current handlers and superiors, the CIA and The Bush Crime Family. He continues to deceive many into thinking he too is a Patriot, a Christian having their best interests at heart when in fact he is quite the opposite - an evil, selfish, twisted, lying, alcoholic perversion of a human being who is doing the bidding of Satan, setting up and destroying good men and women of God and Country who truly have this country's best interests at heart!

His deceptions are so complete that many of those who 'report' to him don't realize they are working for the very people, the 'side', the world view, that they purport to hate and despise - that they are actually working for the enemy! But then again, most of them are not too bright and are drugged up most of the time........great satisfaction can be taken in knowing this perversion of humanity is sick and dying, and that hell awaits him with open arms. He exists in erebus now, it is but one step further. It won't be soon enough........