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More Re: Whistleblower Sherry Jackson Needs Our Help Now!

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Letters from Friends, Family, Advocates of Whistleblower Sherry Peel Jackson
I received these letters in response to my appeal on behalf of Sherry Jackson (posted December 4); either directly or as forwarded by friends. They are self explanatory. Thanks to Janet Phelan and Melanie Phoenix for their efforts to publicize Sherry's plight.  Please do what you can to help Sherry!
Thanks for your consideration.
Letter from Liberty Activist Melanie Phoenix
I have spent a good portion of the day today emailing, calling and connecting with congressman Johnson's offices, Ron Paul offices, an attorney I know, a journalist at AFP and many others.  I know Sherry personally myself, have met her entire family at a seminar I attended 5 years ago at the Newark Airport hotel and love her very much.   I am awaiting a reply from her husband Colin, who is, most likely, up to his ears in work and frustration.  This shit must stop.  And, as you have said before when I thought it was a little too too, they are "rat bastards" for treating Sherry as if she had committed a life threatening crime.  My letter to Ron Paul follows here.
Dear Congressman Paul,
Please do not let your staff throw my email into the trash can.  This report is too important for anyone to turn away from the tragedy going on with regard to Sherry's incarceration and her health issues.
I am terribly concerned about Sherry, and although you are not a GA congressman, you must be able to connect with congressman Johnson in the halls or offices in DC.  Please, for the love of God, use whatever legal means you have to look into this matter ASAP, even if it means flying to Florida and examining Sherry yourself.  If not, send someone you completely trust to do so.
Even though I am a senior and a resident of CT, I have been your ally and supporter, both verbally and financially, for many years.  I have worked very hard on your Audit The Fed Bill and have also contributed to C4L several times.  But, this subject is a life and death matter about a very wonderful, courageous patriotic American, and it must not be overlooked.
I am begging you to assist in any way you possibly can.
Thank you and God Bless you and your family.
Melanie Phoenix
CT supporter

I know Sherry, her husband Colin and their children.  This is terrible.  They are a lovely and patriotic family.  And, as Colin has said to me, "Sherry has more integrity in one finger than most people have in their entire body."  All she did was to stand for the truth and this criminal judicial system we have has crucified her to frighten the Hell out of the rest of us.  No mention of all those who won their cases against the IRS but Sherry is a woman, defended herself against the "Show Me The Law" income tax fraud, and this is the outcome, 21 months in prison and now very ill.

Letter from Sherry's husband, Colin Jackson
Hello family and friends,

Sherry is doing much better.  The swelling in her neck has gone down and the main challenge she has right now is the petty "drama" that goes on there.

I apologize for sending this form letter to everyone but, to my surprise, when I sent the letter out to update you on Sherry's health and solicit you prayers, I did NOT expect to receive 300 emails in two days.  I am overwhelmed by your care and concern.  But, at the same time, I'm overwhelmed with trying to answer each email.  So, I am asking that you would give me a few days as I attempt to respond to each one of you as soon as I can.

If you would like to write Sherry, you can send your letters (NO bubble wrap, NO cardboard, NO gifts, NO greeting cards with audio) to:

Sherry Peel Jackson
FCC Coleman Camp F2
P.O. Box 1027
Coleman, FL 33521-1027

Again, thank you for your patience as I try to get to each of you.
God bless you.
In Christ, Colin

Letter from Bob Hurt 
Subject: Scream BLOODY MURDER again, this time for Sherry Jackson, BEFORE it's too late!
Date: Mon, 30 Nov 2009 21:48:53 -0500

You read that headline correctly.  BLOODY MURDER.  This time the feds seem intent upon MURDERING SHERRY JACKSON.  See her own report below, and you’ll understand.  She details how the feds denied her medical care In prison and right now she IS IN THE PROCESS OF DYING.

Hello.  Are you reading this?  The IRS/DOJ/courts are MURDERING OUR STAUNCHEST ADVOCATES AGAINST CRIMINAL INCOME TAX COLLECTION, and ANYONE who stands much of a chance of exposing them.

Remember?  Larry Becraft and Jeff Dickstein defended Sherry in a willful failure to file charge and the crooked judge gave her 6 years, scheduling her to get out of prison in 2011.  Her “fellow” IRS agent witnesses testified against rather than for her, another example of the DOJ and IRS intimidating witnesses and suborning juries.


And a week ago today, perhaps at this time, someone MURDERED Marcel Bendshadler’s federal public defender Nancy Burgeson, daughter of an Orange County California lawmaker, IN COLD BLOOD, by strangling her to death on the very night the jury returned a guilty verdict against Marcel.  And just a few weeks before, a defense team of investigator and public defender flew to California at government expense to interview Tom Cryer.  The sat through his mini-seminar and then asked him whether it really was true that the IRS and DOJ LIE ROUTINELY to get convictions.  When he said “yes,” one of them responded “Those sons of bitches.” 

Well maybe, just maybe the perp murdered Bergeson because of her job.  But common sense tells us to suspect her CURRENT CASE as the trigger.  On the last day of the trial, she began stirring things up as she dug into the question of jury tampering.  You read this in Cajun Mike’s report.  Marcel confirmed to me that Bergeson had begun to support him vigorously because she knew he was innocent of the charges and knew the IRS/DOJ had done something to poison the jury, friendly the last day of the trial, and then turned enemy by some influence on the day of the verdict.  ONLY JURY TAMPERING can reasonably explain that. 

I believe Bergeson threatened to expose the jury tampering in a NATIONAL SCANDAL, and the IRS had her murdered for it.

And I believe multiple $35,000 secret government-paid bribes (cash awards) and pay grade promotions provide a powerful motive for government employees to DO ANYTHING TO CONVICT and if necessary MURDER tax protestors, particularly the high-profile ones.

It would not surprise me to learn that prison officials and medical officials in the prison have also heard promises of secret cash awards to MURDER SHERRY JACKSON while trying to make it look like she died of natural causes.

EVERY ONE OF YOU spread these concerns to your legislators, the local sheriff, the FBI, the governor, and the NEWS MEDIA.  Don’t let another day go by without writing half a dozen letters demanding that Sherry be given proper medical care or released from prison, and the FBI and Oregon Sheriff redouble efforts to identify Nancy Bergeson’s murderer.

SHERRY JACKSON WILL DIE IF YOU DON’T SAVE HER.  Email Colin for her prison location details.