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Important Message to My Regular Readers

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ & Defenders of Liberty:

It's that time of year again, so here's my annual appeal for donations. Where I live, here in coastal Maine, the early onset of the cold winter season means I am in more desperate need of donations than at any other time.

I need money for firewood (I have no central heat in my home) and I go through at least two cords of wood each winter (that is, when I can get it.) Then there's food, simply can't live without that. Things have been so bad this year I had to sign up for charity from a food pantry for the poor, and even that limits me to one visit per month (3-4 days worth of supplies.)

And on and on it goes...I also need winter clothes and most important, medical care: treatments and medicines which I cannot begin to afford.

And although I am in the ranks of the destitute and disabled (for which my persecutors in the government are entirely culpable) I am not "eligible" for disability benefits, nor even social security, being that I have no official employment history and am mostly just a "ghost" in the system.

Yes, you've heard all this before, I know. Same old sob story, and it gets tiresome. But the truth is the truth (brutal as it may be) and here it is: The only way I can hope to survive, especially during the winter season, is by appeals for donations.

I live only on donations, Christian charity and love gifts, from the public, family and friends. Though I am very grateful to the friends and family who help when they can (I thank God for them all!) I have no reliable source of material support; and no one I can depend on for any form of regular support.

So, if you find my work and this website of value (educational; informative; even just entertaining, or all of same) please consider making a donation to support me and my work. Or perhaps you would help simply because you care...that's okay too!

A word about Christian charity: It appears that some folks don't have a clue what this actually means. Jesus said we should feed the hungry, clothe the naked and heal the sick. We, as genuine Christians, cannot turn away from the poor and needy, no matter how little we have to share.

So for those who have claimed to be "Christians", and also who claim they have supported me because as a fellow Christian, they believe I am doing "God's work", please remember that the Christian charity you claim to be extending does not "buy" you the right to interrogate me about my personal/professional life; nor to attach conditions to your love gifts. A love gift means just that, nothing less, nothing more.

Some have withdrawn their support when they chose to believe the outrageous lies being promoted in the libel campaigns by my detractors (they're all exposed on this site, so I won't bother naming them) and I find that sad. I can only pray that God will give them a love of the truth, and have already forgiven them for their indiscretions, so enough said on that issue.

Christian charity means giving because you care. Period. It means loving your neighbor as yourself, and loving God with all your heart and mind. Amen and amen!

So for those who may need a reminder, despite my circumstances of hardship and poverty, I still share what I have with those less fortunate than myself (including the donations I receive) and even if it's only a dollar or two, I don't let the church collection plate pass me by.

I will share what I receive with others!

Thank you for your consideration and may God richly bless You and Yours.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Sovereign Child of God
Believer in the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Postal money orders are preferred. Please make payable to "Barbara Hartwell".
If sending cash, please secure by wrapping in heavy paper or aluminum foil.
Send all donations to:
Barbara Hartwell
PO Box 7487
Ocean Park, Maine 04063
Thank you!