Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Federal Bad-jacketing: Update from Farmington N.H.

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Situational Update, Farmington, New Hampshire: Federal "Bad-jacketing"
See: "Agents of Repression, The FBI's Secret Wars Against the Black Panthers and the American Indian movement."
From William Miller
August 20, 2007 Approximately 16:45 at start of this article.
It being the case that I have email blasted to quite a number of folks across the land, including various mainstream and alternative media sources, the story, "Federal Drug Corruption, Murder and The US Marshals,"
And it being the case that I alluded in my story line to "Federal Lawsuit 2001: 'Miller v Chief of Police Conway, et al," about the effort in three police "jurisdictions" to attack my family with unlawful, bogus, and prejudicial actions, conducted under color of law and authority,
And it being that I have become somewhat notorious or notorioutous as one may percieve, as a prior associate of Edward-Lewis: Brown; and
That, as a result of the story I have to tell; and due to evidence from Dotty Castora's very extensive and explosive archives, and
It being true that others have stories to tell, interlinking in such fashion as to expose once and forever, a murderous and terrorizing group of federal back door operators, acting in said and previously described backdoor operating fashion, if you know what I mean, whose backdoor actions integrate through "multi-jurisdictional task force" action, with murderous corruption on the ground, in New Hampshire, and
It being the case, that my story to tell, interacts with the aforesaid other operators' stories in the exposition by me, over several years, of the rape that the cheif of police in Rochester's son, got away with, and
The fact that my nephew, as described in Miller v Conway, was acted upon in deceptive, manipulative fashion, with prejudicial and malice aforethought, and ruthless intent, by agents of Barrington and Farmington Police Departments, and
One of aforesaid Farmington Police agents is Officer Boucher, then acting on behalf of Farmington Police Department and last known to be an agent of Rochester Police Department, and
That my nephew was thereby railroaded into a "guilty" conviction, by way of having an affair at age seventeen, instigated purposefully in observation of known witnesses, by a younger teenage girl (14), egged on by irresponsible words by a female teacher at Farmington High School, and my nephew turned eighteen while this was going on, thereby constituting "statutory rape," and my nephew was "represented," by a lawyer, who is now the law partner of the County Attorney at the time, whose agency prosecuted the matter, under charge of "statutory rape," and
That my nephew's life has been ruined by this matter, due to a concerted, interagency campaign to strike back at me, with unlwaful actions against my family, for various, obvious reasons, stated in previous articles pertaining to federal drug corruption, murder, the standard black ops stuff of plausibile deniability due to the mental instability of those who present such charges, as the aforesaid, and due to the fundamental, brainwashed general complacency in the controlled populace that is deeply challenged these days,
It being the case that the son of the Rochester Chief of Police committed a rape that would have been covered up had it not been for my timely reportage of street level intelligence regarding the rape, to Judge Pam Albee, at Rochester District Court, and that the Chief of Police in Rochester, clearly, used his influence to enable his son to walk away from rape charges that were glossed over by a letter of apology that is by no means an "admission of guilt," of course, and, that this was reported, in quite conciliatory and sympathetic fashion vis a vis the son of Chief Dubois, of course, in the "Foster's Daily Democrat," which has flatly ignored all of my presentations going back over several years, and
That the reason the "Chief of Police," Dubois of Rochester, brought said charges against me, was that he was acting in obstruction of justice, by attempting to derail my letters of interogatory, sent to him by me, for his officers to answer, in regard to federal lawsuit Miller v Chief of Police Conway, et al, and
His justification for charge of "criminal threatening," was for my stern apprisal, to the former Chief of Police, that someone had better aprise one Officer Archibald that he had better keep his hands off my teenage brother, whom he subsequently assaulted a second time, with a spray of mace directly into my brother's eyes, after the boy had been handcuffed and place in the back of a cruiser, having submitted peaceably to arrest, after being witch-hunted and caught in a peaceable display of possessing beer at a friend's birthday party, and Archibald was, subsequent to the posting of aforesaid document to Judge Pam Albee, to the Rochester City Council, fired from his position, due to numerous incidents of drunken wife-beating, often covered up, and
It being, clearly, the case, that there is overt, ongoing, prima-fascia evidence of ongoing systemic violations of Article Ten of New Hampshire Bill of Rights, The Right of Revolution, in that clearly, the Edward and Elaine Brown case, and many other cases, including the thousand or so cases of police misconduct in the last year, reported to the New Hampshire legislators...
Clearly indicates an institutional, ongoing, pre-existent, prejudicial complex of self-worshipping, greedy, racketeering merchants of sleaze and corruption, operating a pretense at "law and government," that is fundamentally self-serving to the select members of the oligarchy at any and all levels of "law and government," and their agents of thuggery, once again in violation of "Right of Revolution," by way of an institutionalized system of double standards of law, government, and justice, accorded common, ordinary plainfolk of the Nation, vis a vis the operators of the criminal instutions that masquerade as institutions of law and government, and
Whereas the aforesaid constitutes Universally objective, prima fascia evidence of Treason,and VIOLATION OF LAW OF NATIONS--ARTICLES OF CONFEDERATION--
And, it being the case that this morning, the "federal court" in Concord, received an email copy of the aforesaid article, posted on blogspot, www.barbarahartwell.blogspot.com,
And it being the case that street level information highly reliable, indicates that there is a visitor from the Barrington Police Department at the Farmington Police Department as this is written, and has been there for some length of time,
That, therefore, the police agencies are once again, cooperating to fabricate such "bad jacketing" documents as pertain to: "anti-government militias," and myself, and
Therefore, the Wheels of Justice are spinning, in New Hampshire.
William-Dexter, Expressly Reserving All Rights