Saturday, March 10, 2007

Drug Corruption and Murder in New Hampshire

Note: Received from Bill Miller, whom I know through the Ed and Elaine Brown case in New Hampshire. I am also a supporter of the Browns in their quest for a fair trial and JUSTICE.

Having spoken to Bill at length about issues which relate to government corruption and about the political activism he is involved in, I believe him to be a reliable source of information and a trustworthy individual.
Here, the latest document sent to me.
Drug Corruption and Murder in New Hampshire
Friends of Liberty,
What follows is a document mailed cert/ret. receipt by Dottie LaFortune, private investigator, to "Chief of Police" Roberge of Farmington, NH, one of the many officials I sued in NH federal court (Miller v Conway et al, 2001).
Chief roberge is not going to render any kind of responsible investigation into Dottie's complaint (has already refused to do so through one of his officers), because the complaint (murder of Phil Castora, private investigator), goes right to the heart of the local arm of a vast official corruption network, which resulted in Miller v Conway et al, and the death of Phil Castora, and because Roberge is a motorcycle travelling companion of Walter "Bubba" Haycock.
Who is Haycock? A Farmingotn man who...well, let's say he owns an awful lot of toys and dogs and stuff for a man on limited income (social security) and no other visible means of support.
I have recieved street level intelligence that Haycock is accustomed to getting escorts from the NH State Police, from the border of Massachusettes, to Farmington, NH, on his return trips from Florida.
The US federal court and various agents thereof, including the clerk of court and magistrate-judge Muirhead, are well aware of these matters as per Miller v Conway. Many local judges, a couple of AG's, City Councils, Farmington selectmen, etc., have been notified of these and related matters in a very lengthy document trail of my own, which intersects with Dottie's.
The lawsuit arrose because of the following:
A group of teenage thugs, often numbering thrity or more, were chasing my brother and nephew home from school on a regular daily basis. These thugs would stand in front of my woidowed mother's house in Farmington, NH, shouting obscenities, "You f-ing German, nazi c--t, come out and we'll kill you..." It turns out that the ringleaders are the sons of Walter "Bubba" Haycock, motorcycle travelling companion of "Chief of Police" Roberge.
When my mother made x number of complaints to Roberge, he began a campaign of harassment and false arrests against my family, necessitating that I return from Tx, and handle the matter, since my numerous missives to then Governor Jean Shaheen, had no lasting results.
I ended up, in the course of about two years, being three times arrested at gun point and twice having my ribs broken by the police after a gunpoint arrest, until my lawsuits and other actions got the point across, and having committed no crime!
Ed Brown, since 2000, was my mentor in these actions at law. Were it not for Brown, there would have been violence. My family and I were pushed pretty hard.
Now some US Marshalls are paying visits to exercise industry associates of mine in Florida (see my website, to inquire as to whether I am capable of carrying out violence against federal officials. The answer is, I am no criminal. DO NOT TREAD ON ME
I am sending a copy of this to the federal court, and to Farmington selectwoman Paula Proulx. Somoeone is going to give me a full accounting as to the nature of the relationship between Roberge and Haycock, and there will be a full accounting regarding the death of Phil Castora.
William Miller
Dear Chief Roberge,
On Wednesday, June 28, 2006 I contacted you about a pending case of elder abuse within the Town of Farmington at the home of XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, XXX Ten Rod Road, Farmington, N.H. which Corporal Ferguson was investigating and resulted in death. Since you had no knowledge of this case, I briefly informed you of this serious situation. You informed me that Corporal Ferguson would be in contact with me the following day.
On Thursday, June 29, 2006 I received a telephone call from Corp. Ferguson and I wanted to know the status of his investigation. I was informed by Corp. Ferguson that the investigation was in a preliminary stage, yet he saw no evidence of crimes committed. I once again told Corp. Ferguson that I hoped that his investigation would not be compromised by XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX's claim of knowing all of the officers in your department.
Since the end of July, people have tried to contact Corp. Ferguson via telephone regarding the status of this case and the status of assault charges filed. Messages were left on his answering machine and messages were left with the secretary/dispatch and I finally received a phone call from Corp. Ferguson on August 4, 2006. I was informed by Corp. Ferguson that he was closing the file on this case. I asked Corp. Ferguson if he had read my correspondence faxed to him on July 30, 2006 regarding N.H.'s Criminal codes and the violations that were pertinent to his investigation. He stated there was nothing to it. Myself, and others, totally disagree! People from Maine who have either filed complaints, complaints of assaults, reports, or telephoned Corp. Ferguson of their concerns about the abuse, including those who have knowledge of what took place in Farmington, had a gut feeling that this investigation would be compromised. With the closing of this case by Corp. Ferguson, one can conclude that this case WAS compromised. What did Corp. Ferguson have to gain by closing this case? Why has Corp. Ferguson taken the word of those who are the perpetrators of this abuse, resulting in death?
I would like to bring to your attention New Hampshire's Adult Protection Statute, RSA 161-F:42-57 which mandates the reporting of elder abuse. Why did Corp. Ferguson fail to report elder abuse to the District Attorney? His response will probably be that "XXXXXXXXXXXXXX was sick.". Corp. Ferguson is NOT a doctor. There is no evidence that Mr. XXXXXXX was "terminally ill" and required hospice care. Unfortunately, Corp. Ferguson does not know, or understand the law, and, therefore, should not close out a case for lack of intelligence or knowledge. As an officer in your department, why didn't Corp. Ferguson report elder abuse as mandated by law?
In my conversation with Corp. Ferguson on August 4, 2006, I asked if he had contacted the Bureau of Elder Services who was investigating my concerns of elder abuse. He said no. I learned from Melissa Sabina, Bureau of Elder Abuse, that she had left a message on Corp. Ferguson's answering machine regarding obtaining a police escort I had learned from telephone conversations with the elder abuse agency and your department, that neither agency corresponds with each other. What kind of protection is this? The life of a man has been taken by the failures of N.H. agencies/officials to communicate and take action. This is unacceptable! What has taken place in Farmington, N.H. contradicts the Farmington Police Department's Mission Statement: "To create a feeling of safety for the people within the Town of Farmington".
I am attaching my faxed message to Corp. Ferguson and request that you remove him from this investigation and that you reconsider the closing of this case. I will await your response.
Dorothy Lafortune