Tuesday, March 06, 2007

"The Government broke my heart" --Poetry by Janet Phelan

"The Government broke my heart"
For Special Agent Jack L. Smith
The broken-hearted
fill my mailbox
drown out my voice mail
jockey for position
in my yahoo inbox
I see them walk down the street
often alone
listing on the pavement
sometimes clutching
another broken-hearted hand
"The government took my husband
The government took my child
The government took my home
The government broke my heart"
The second story bedroom
where I lay on my side
frozen with grief
and wracked with loss
My heart breaking open
the slivers sticking
in my rib cage
You lying beside me
Your hand stroking my hair
Your breath even and slow
on my neck
Your third eye gleaming
as you de-constructed my life
I love her
more than you
I told you
I know
you said
homing in
on my slim
remaining pulse
Janet C. Phelan