Friday, February 16, 2007

"Fair Trial" Blog Now Undermining Ed Brown's Cause

Here is a defamatory article which is posted on 'Quest for a Fair Trial in Concord, NH'. And the site no longer has ANYTHING to do with a "quest for a fair trial" for Ed Brown.
The "creators" of the blog have withdrawn their support from Ed Brown, as of February 14. Yet these unidentified "creators", who have never stated their real names, are now using this so-called "fair trial" website to promote articles from the mainstream media and others, which in fact attempt to discredit Ed Brown and undermine his cause.
It looks like a "bait and switch" tactic to me. Promote and "support" Ed Brown --get lots of publicity and traffic to the site-- then, gang up on him and betray him by portraying him in a false light.
This is absolutely despicable -- it is EVIL-- there is no other word.
WHO are the "creators" of the blog, Quest for a Fair Trial in Corcord, NH?
WHY don't they identify themselves by name?
WHOM do they work for?
By Associated Press

CONCORD, N.H. - Convicted tax evader Ed Brown has now added bloggers to his list of enemies.

Brown has said he would rather die than recognize a federal conviction against him and his wife, Elaine. Ed Brown stopped attending his trial in Concord last month and since then has been holed up in his fortress-like home in Plainfield.

Brown said the bloggers undermined his position. In turn, the authors of Quest For Fair Trial In Concord, NH bloggers have withdrawn their support.

“Ed was consumed with hatred and animosity,” the authors wrote Wednesday.

Brown earlier had said the owners of lied and undermined the position that income taxes are voluntary and no federal law requires their payment.
Brown and his wife were convicted of engaging in an elaborate scheme to hide income, to avoid paying taxes on employees of Elaine Brown’s dental practice, and other frauds. A jury recommended the couple surrender more than $215,000 in property, including their home or Lebanon dental office.
Browns’ hilltop home is part of a 110-acre compound and can produce enough energy to function. Supporters have been gathering there and are calling it a new Alamo. Some said they are armed; Brown carries a handgun in his waistband. “Ed seems to be on a destructive course and there’s nothing we can do to stop this,” the bloggers wrote.
Now, let's hear from Ed Brown himself, posted on another blog:
Aaron Russo and I continue to have a great line of communication and relations. I just got off the phone with Mr. Russo and we both agreed that there are people that are trying to devide well intended people from each other.

I have always stated that Fred Smart is one of the best assets that we have had however for some reason there seems to be a rift that keeps springing up. We speak of Fred with the highest regards.

During these times of ideas and political change society has always had people that wish to create unrest amongst the opposition, and we're seeing it now. I have a saying that I let most people know and that is"The only one that can come between you and me, is you". So if we have a problem with each other, it should be put to bed with only us, it is no one elses concern.

My wife and I do what we do for our own reasons and it should'nt have to be of concern of anyone else unless they agree with our platform. Our platform is to follow the lawful law of Creator and of the land. We are honorable people, meaning, "That we gave ourselves the gift of honor, that only we can give ourselves. Honor dose'nt come with a title or position. It is principle or set of principles that you decide to live by, celebrating life and your fellow man, as well as all the other gifts that Creator gave us". We can never lie, cheat, steal or con.
We can follow only the path that Creator set out for us, which is a life long journey of adventures that expand the mind with unlimited joys.

Some of these joys are the abilities to challange oppression and chaos set up by those that would have you as a slave, or something worse. Elaine and I choose to resist these actions and ride these ill founded waves of oppression for the sake of those that do not have the ability to protect themselves and we do this in the name of the Creator.

So to those of you that wish us ill will, we feel sorrow for you, for you do not know what you are missing with us as friends.

To those of you that hide and do nothing about the condition of man and woman, you will not be blessed by anyone and will suffer badly, and you will always suffer eternal shame. Inaction is as evil as an evil action.

To those that wish us well and aid us in the quest for a wonderful life for all mankind, you have our love and hearts and we will always be friends.

With that, I bid you a good evening and hope you will have a wonderful day tomorrow.

Your friends, if you want,

Edward and Elaine Brown...end.