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KFKA Radio Show with Barbara Hartwell: Hacked by Government Spooks?

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KFKA Radio Show with Barbara Hartwell: Hacked by Government Spooks?
I was interviewed on The Conspiracy Keepers (KFKA, Denver) earlier this month. It was a live program, but also recorded, and the show was archived on the Internet.
When I tried to listen to the program, checking to make sure the link worked, I could only get about a half hour, and then the sound cut out. As for the second hour, it just wasn't there....
So I asked Joe Lanier, the co-host of the program, to please see if he could find out why the second hour of the program was not online.
Here is an excerpt from an e-mail Joe sent to me:
"Hi Babs,
Just got back from talking to Scooter. Here's what the deal is....They don't know where the second hour of the show is. They know it went out over the air two Thursdays in a row, but they have no recording of it now. We know it went out Live on the first Thursday, and it went out the following Thursday, but it is gone now...

He told me it hasn't happened before..but the second hour of the show is they only have the first hour to run on the websites.

So, I suspect that somehow, someway, the second hour was hacked by someone on the outside that knew you named the perps in that hour and/or it took them a week to figure out how to hack the show. But Babs, be assured the live 2 and a half hours, did go out on the air...It's just the recording that's gone.

He [Scooter McGee] talked with the producer and they both agreed that what most likely happened is it was hacked somehow. It also tells me that we are dealing with someone with way more knowledge than I thought. I don't think the motley crew we named on your site or mine have enough knowledge to hack a commercial radio station. KFKA has a tower and an operating system outside the internet.

It seems to be a professional hack job to me."
This did not surprise me. Actually, it would have surprised me if the show had gone forward without a wrench thrown in by government spooks. Something weird...always something...happens each time I do a live radio interview. My shows often mysteriously "disappear" from archives as well, which has happened countless times.
And since the second hour of the show is now gone, I should mention that it was (naturally) the better half of the show, and that I named some names. Among them were: Former FBI chief, Ted L. Gunderson; and a government stooge, predicate felon, psycho-stalker, Timothy Patrick White, both originally from Denver, Colorado, coincidentally, the location of the station, KFKA.
However, the first part of the show survived the government purge....
Previous post:
Scooter McGee Interviews Barbara Hartwell

To listen, click here:

The Conspiracy Keepers interview Barbara Hartwell who has quite a story to tell about the C.I.A. and MKULTRA!

Note from BHP: Almost every time I am invited for a live radio interview, "technical difficulties" suddenly appear. On this show, there were some beeps and clicks on the phone line (heard on the air); and I was disconnected once, so the station had to call me back.
And when I checked the link given above to make sure it worked, the sound cut off about a half hour into the show. If you experience "technical difficulties", I suggest you contact the host; perhaps he can direct you to a link which has audio for the entire 2 hour show.
Comment from Conspiracy Keepers co-host, Joe Lanier:
We kept having computer problems whenever the term "CIA" was used. That's why the dozens and dozens of callers we had, we couldn't put on the air because we kept having to reset the computer. You're sooooooo right...It was those government rat bastards!!!

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Barbara Hartwell Percival
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Web site: Barbara Hartwell vs. CIA
Note: I continue to receive letters by post from individuals who are seeking professional advice and/or pro bono legal assistance and/or asking me to investigate cases.
As well, people are writing to me with their testimony about 'mind control' and/or harassment by the government. In some cases they request that I refer them to someone who can help.
So, I must once again state for the record: I am NOT an attorney. And although I may have professional expertise on some of the issues about which people are requesting assistance, I have neither the time nor the resources to provide such assistance.
Nor do I know of; nor am I in contact with anyone I can recommend for these professional services.
So please, once again, I ask that the readers not send me correspondence of this type.
The purpose of this website is very simply to disseminate information and expose government crimes, corruption and cover-ups. The readers may make of the information what they will. If it is helpful, educational or otherwise valuable, I am very glad for that, but I have nothing further I can offer.
Since I continue to receive such correspondence from readers, despite my notices on this website, here are some guidelines (previously posted) which may be helpful in clarifying my position on these issues.
Thank you for your consideration.
Barbara Hartwell Percival
February 27, 2009
Barbara Hartwell vs. CIA is the one and only legitimate website of Barbara Hartwell. I make this point in the banner heading because the opposition --those who wish to discredit, neutralize and generally destroy the good name, the efforts, the work, the livelihood and the person of Barbara Hartwell-- have engineered websites, blogs, "news groups", message boards and whatnot, using my name in the URL, or in special sections of their websites, which have also polluted the search engines with many libelous falsehoods about Barbara Hartwell.

There is also the issue of forgery, plagiarism and identity theft, which certain criminals among this network of my adversaries engage in. So, I will state for the record that I, Barbara Hartwell, authorize ONLY this website, and ONLY the material published herein.

Because there are a few legitimate persons/websites who have supported my work and published my reports (past and present) I will do my best to acknowledge them on this site, and to provide links where and when they are relevant.

The enemies of Barbara Hartwell are for the most part government agents and officials (former and current.) These government rat bastards (as I call them) have, over a period of many years, also recruited dozens of stooges, dupes, minions and useful idiots, whom they exploit to target legitimate government whistleblowers, patriots, government ops survivors, and sincere Christians, including Barbara Hartwell. Many of these workers of iniquity are exposed in considerable detail in reports on this site.

I will openly state, for the record, that anyone who is aligned with, affiliated with, in collusion with, or giving aid and comfort to, one or more of my enemies, is persona non grata to me. I am a straight arrow by nature and intent, and have no tolerance for liars, those who play spy-games, who meddle/interfere where they have no right, who do not respect the privacy/personal boundaries of others, or who adopt the "enemy of my enemy is my friend" philosophy. In fact, it's reached the point where I must, for my own protection and in my own defense, adopt the oppositte philosophy: I must consider any "friends of the enemy" to be my enemies. Such is life, at least for me.

Who is The Enemy? Anyone and everyone who would violate in an way, shape or form, the God-given Rights of others, individually and/or collectively. A very simple concept. Amen.


The main purpose of Barbara Hartwell vs. CIA is to present archives of the writings of Barbara Hartwell, including reports, articles, editorials; this site is meant first and foremost, to preserve the integrity of my work in one collection online.

As I have always done, I include the work of other authors which I find informative, valuable, or sometimes even just entertaining. So let me state the old standby disclaimer: I do not "necessarily" endorse the viewpoints, the opinions or the credibility of the writings of other authors presented on this site.

This is not meant to be a "news site"; and although I have worked as a professional journalist, in both print and electronic media, for over thirty years (both "inside", under the auspices of CIA, and "outside", as an independent) I do not consider myself a member of the "alternative media." God forbid!

My experiences with "alternative media" have been, for the most part, just as dreadful as with the mainstream media. Most are unprincipled scavengers, shills and prostitutes, willing, and even eager, to sell out for ego-gratification and/or financial gain.

News items will be presented at my discretion, including as I find them relevant to DEFENDING LIBERTY and the God-given (natural) Constitutionally Protected and Guaranteed Rights of the Individual.

All material published on Barbara Hartwell vs. CIA is FOR INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY. The readers may make of it what they will. Caveat Lector.


Because of the limited format of the "blog", as well as my own lack of expertise in web design, the archived reports have not been listed in chronological order, by date of original writing and/or publication, as they were on my old website (

However, each report is dated, either at the top of the page, or preceding the report itself. Reports are also signed by me with the date at the end. I also often include notes, brief commentaries, or an addendum, when I find that further information, clarification, corrections, or explanations are necessary.

Neither are the reports listed by subject. There is quite an eclectic mix of reports, and so I've decided it is best not to impose any sort of rigid order.

Each report is listed by title in the INDEX/LINKS section on the right hand column of the site.

Titles usually reflect the contents and subject matter, and I suggest that readers use their intuition in choosing which reports may be of interest to them.

The titles where persons are named may be self-explanatory, at least in regard to the identities of the persons/subjects being addressed.

For those readers who would like a general overview of my background and of the most important issues addressed on this site, I suggest that they begin with these reports:

Testimony of Barbara Hartwell, Target of Political Persecution (July, 2005)

COINTELPRO Revisited: Targeted by a Legion of Liars (January, 2006)

Another thing: I don't use a spell-check function, as my regular readers have probably noticed. My spelling is fairly good, though I might not win a spelling bee. Sometimes there are typos, as well. I'm not the best typist, and I don't worry about small issues like misspelled words. The spell-check is simply more trouble than it's worth!

And lastly, my suggestion to readers is that they PRINT the reports in hardcopy form. This suggestion is made for several reasons. Firstly, my reports tend to be lengthy. Secondly, they are written with the serious readers, those who have the "hunger for tangible paper", in mind. And lastly, hardcopy prevents the eyestrain of reading from a computer screen.

As for myself, I am an adoring fan of hardcopy and rarely use the Internet, except to read brief new items or summaries. I'm blind in one eye, and praying not to lose the vision (already poor) in the other. So, for the older folks and those with vision problems (both of which categories I fit into), try hardcopy. I can almost guarantee, your reading pleasure will be greatly enhanced.


Here is something I find it very important to clarify:

I speak about the political persecution being directed at me mainly to expose the outrages and crimes committed by the perpetrators. It's more about them than it is about me.

I'm only one of their many targets but I want to see justice done --FOR ALL OF US. It is very important to me that there is a public record of this persecution and the many injustices I have been targeted for. In this way, I also build my case with documented testimony, facts and evidence.


Though I sometimes reveal certain personal information in my reports, and often find it important and necessary to express my personal feelings in order to make my point, I am careful to protect my privacy, security and safety as best I can.

There are those among my enemies who have violated my privacy, compromised my security and endangered my safety through such unscrupulous (and in some cases, criminal) acts as publishing my PRIVATE, UNLISTED e-mail addresses; telephone numbers; and street address on the World Wide Web.

For the record, all personal contact information for Barbara Hartwell is, and shall remain, UNLISTED, UNPUBLISHED and PRIVATE. The exception is my postal mailing address, given at the top of this site.

It is very simply NOBODY'S BUSINESS, as to the location of my home. As for my private e-mail addresses and telephone numbers, they are for use by "authorized persons only." Case closed.

If there is anyone who feels it is urgent or otherwise important to contact me, for personal or professional reasons, you may do so through my postal address. That is the reason it was made public.

I have found that this weeds out most of the curiosity seekers, the "salesmen", the busybodies and the crazies. And again, I prefer hardcopy, in mail as in all reading material.

One last item: For years, I have continued to receive, by post, thick files of "legal cases" with appeals from readers that I take on their cases, pro bono. I am not a licensed attorney, nor have ever claimed to be. I don't know where so many people have gotten that idea, but I hope this sets the record straight.

Personally, I could use a good, honest lawyer myself....assuming one exists, who'd be willing and able to take on some government rat bastards, pro bono, just for the purpose of SEEING JUSTICE DONE!


The government has driven me into complete financial destitution, just as they have many other whistleblowers. I live in what I can only call desperate poverty.

Having no regular source of financial support, no "income" and no one I can rely on for the concrete assistance I would need to survive, I have lived for many years only through donations, "love gifts", and care packages of food and other necessities, mostly from family and friends, but also from supporters in the general public.

Donations are gratefully accepted, if given in the spirit and intent of Christian charity or love gifts.

Legal Defense & Research Trust was formed in 1997 by Barbara Hartwell for the purpose of investigating and publicizing information on government crimes and corruption. It is not an organization, has no membership and does not offer professional services to the general public; only to individuals by private contract agreement; not to be solicited from this website. It is funded by donations.

Barbara Hartwell has no connection or affiliation with any government agency or bureaucracy; uses no social security number; has no bank accounts or credit cards; and is not "employed" by any person or entity. Barbara Hartwell is a Sovereign Child of God and all professional business is conducted as such, under a common law trust.

All donations to Barbara Hartwell are to be regarded as "Christian charity" or "love gifts" and used solely at the discretion of Barbara Hartwell. Donations from the public are NOT tax-deductible. If you wish to make a donation to support the work of Barbara Hartwell, and this website, please send it in the form of a postal money order made out to Barbara Hartwell, at the mailing address given above.


All reports and articles written and published by Barbara Hartwell, as well as the work of other authors which may be posted on this site, are FOR INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY. The readers may make of the material on this site what they will.

No unsolicited e-mail wanted, no e-mail address for Barbara Hartwell has been made public.

All correspondence should be sent by post to the above address.

All harassment, stalking and threats will be documented as evidence and reported to law enforcement.
SUPPORTED BY DONATIONS: If you find the reports on this website valuable and/or simply because you care, please consider making a donation. All donations, in the form of Christian charity or love gifts, are greatly appreciated and are my only source of material support. No amount is too small, you are helping more than you know. Postal money orders are preferred. Please make payable to "Barbara Hartwell" and send to: PO Box 7487, Ocean Park, Maine 04063. Thank you for your consideration and God bless you. Barbara Hartwell, Sovereign Child of God, Believer in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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The She-Man Truth and Freedom Haters Club

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust
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Ocean Park, Maine 04063
Web site: Barbara Hartwell vs. CIA
Note: This is an edited version of a report I wrote in 2003. I don't know whatever happened to Brenda Negri, the 'Ace-G-Man'. The last I heard of her she had written an "intelligence report" on Barbara Hartwell, just chock-full of outrageous lies, under the pseudonym "James L. Choron".

Which can be found, by the way, on fellow government stooge, Ken Adachi's website, Educate-Yourself, along with many other libelous "reports" on Barbara Hartwell --part and parcel of Adachi's libel campaign against Barbara Hartwell going back to 2000.
Old Brenda's probably still out there somewhere....still in collusion with the same gaggle of misfits, cretins, perverts and spook-wannabes. Her past accomplices? The same old, same old bunch: Tim White; Todd Brendan Fahey; Ken Adachi; Larry Lawson.....
But anyway, it's amazing how these government stooges think (if you could call it that) and act so much alike. Most of them don't know the individuals they smear in their attack pieces; and even in cases where they do, they can't see the truth, as they are blinded by envy and spite; nor do they bother to gather facts or evidence before shooting off their mouths. And most use pseudonyms, aliases and screen names, a result of their dishonesty, duplicity and cowardice.
If nothing else, this one's good for some comic relief....

"Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds."
--Albert Einstein

What's a 'She-Man'? Something like a He-Man, with one little twist.

A He-Man is the consummate iron-pumping Macho idiot who has fallen prey to testosterone poisoning; the guy who wants to keep women barefoot and pregnant and probably believes, along with Aristotle, that women, like animals, were created by God to be subservient and submissive; and in the natural order of things, to fall under the authority of men.

Now it gets complicated, or rather, convoluted. A She-Man is a 'she' who desperately wants to be a 'he'; a gal with a bad case of penis envy. And without exception, a She-Man is a woman who is as misogynistic as her brother He-Man.

This is certainly a fitting description of Brenda Negri, a 46 year old uneducated secretary from San Pedro, California with no background in intelligence work or law enforcement, whose claim to fame on the Internet was posing as a male FBI agent named Ranger Rick, until she was first exposed in late 2001 as a fake; a phony and a psychopath.

Why was Negri pretending to be a male FBI agent, when she is ACTUALLY a female civilian? Because she worships male authority and power, that's why.

I remember back when I was a child, there was a TV show called Little Rascals. On one epidsode, one of the boys decided to form a club called The He-Man Woman Hater's Club, for the specific purpose of hating women and from which all the girls would be banned. Anybody remember that show?

Of course, there was a moral to the story, as that was back in the days when (call me naive, if you will) most people in our country still HAD morals. The moral was that hating individuals or groups of people for ANY reason, whatever the hate was based on, was ultimately self-destructive and only made fools of those focusing so much of their time and energy on hate.

Unfortunately, things have changed a lot since those long ago days, when there were MORAL ABSOLUTES and most folks knew right from wrong. Again, call me naive, but these days, if we really take the time to look around us, it seems that for all too many of the brainwashed masses, freedom is seen as slavery; lies are believed as truth and what's clearly wrongful behavior is touted and accepted as being right. I find it sad, even tragic, that so many people seem to have lost their capacity for critical reasoning; spiritual discernment and independent thought.

But then, we all know that the government-controlled Mainstream Media planned it just this way for the express purpose of brainwashing the public into compliance. And anyone who dares to think for himself or especially HERSELF, and worse, becomes a high-profile activist who tells the truth and fights for freedom, is seen by the Powers-that-Be as a threat to the NWO agenda of the Totalitarian One-World-Police-State, which of course has been their He-Man's wet dream for centuries.

But there you have it. And the ever-predictable, tiresomely mundane and mediocre mental midget, Brenda Negri, is emblematic of the New Thought System so prevalent in our society: Which as far as I can see, is having NO original or independent thoughts at all.

Again, it bears repeating that Negri worships external authority, specifically MALE authority; as demonstrated by her desperate desire to BECOME a male authority figure, such as Ranger Rick, whom she described, and verily, drooled over, as the tough-talking, crime-busting, mole-hunting Ace G-Man.

The ultimate status symbol for Brenda Negri is carrying a Government Shield. And as we are repeatedly reminded by Negri, ad infinitum, Ranger Rick drives a yellow Porsche Boxster, which Negri apparently views as WAY COOL.....

If only she could spell Boxster correctly, Brenda might have just a shred more credibility, who knows? But instead, she's been spelling it 'Boxter' now for the past two years. I guess old habits die hard.

Now, for the latest. The illustrious and industrious Wannabe MALE Government Authority and Law Enforcement Groupie has founded a brand-new club for like minded folks in the Male Power-Worshipping, Sour-Grapes crowd.

Do you have a burning hatred for the truth? Or more pointedly, for anyone who TELLS the truth?

Do your guts burn with malice every time you see an American Patriot defending Liberty or the Constitution?

Do you toil through the days and burn the midnight oil obsessively plotting the demise of our once-great country and the abolition of the liberties our Founding Fathers fought and died for?

Are you just waiting, with bated breath, for the glorious day when Homeland Security (lest we forget, where Brenda Negri is now alleged to be employed) will pound the final nails into the coffin, in which will be buried our precious freedom?

Are you an abject coward? A lily-livered, yellow-bellied slug, who cringes each time a victory is won by those with the courage to stand up for the principles they believe in, like TRUTH, FREEDOM and JUSTICE, despite the consequences to themselves?

Are you a hypocrite who loves to talk the talk, but lacks the guts and integrity to walk the walk?

Has your soul become so twisted that hating others just for HATE's sake has become your 'raison d' etre'?

Are you a pathological liar who revels gleefully in the damage done to others from your relentless libel and slander campaigns?

Are you spiritually and morally vacant?

Do you truly enjoy the cheap thrill of harassing decent people?

Do you have trouble even RECOGNIZING, mush less respecting, the personal boundaries of others?

Do you hide behind numerous aliases and pseudonyms, simply because you are ashamed of being yourself?

Several of the aliases used by BRENDA NEGRI:

Ranger Rick; XX; Black Bag Job; The Fifth Horseman; Captain Blood; Flynn's Ghost; Agent Scully; Angel of Mercy; The Blond Spook.

Do you lose sleep at night due to crippling envy and low self-esteem, because truth be told, you hate yourself as much as you hate others?

Can your philosophy of life best be described as 'Spite makes Right'?

Are you the proverbial loser whose entire life has been a miserable failure because all your time has been spent pretending to be something you are not?

Are you a pretentious and boastful poseur?

Are you SUCH a flaming asshole that you actually ENJOY making a fool of yourself every time you open your mouth?

Are you tired of the endless rejections?

No matter how hard you try, just like Rodney Dangerfield-- YOU JUST CAN'T GET NO RESPECT?

If you have answered YES to most or all of these questions.....don't worry, and fear not. There IS a solution for all that ails you. Help is on the way!

Now for a limited time only, as a special introductory offer, you are invited to join:


Oh, but wait.......there are a couple of details I forget to mention. One of the most important requirements for membership is that you MUST swear a solemn and sacred oath, on pain of dying a traitor's death, to HATE with all your might, with all your spite, with all your blackened heart and withered soul, above ALL others, women who tell the truth; use our REAL names; are precisely what and whom we claim to be; and unlike Brenda Negri, REAL women who don't waste our time agonizing over not having a penis, nor praying to grow one.

Now, for those who still want to join up, don't be shy. What are you waiting for?

And don't forget, folks, as an added bonus for joining, you'll meet an absolutely MARVY bunch of people, including She-Man Brenda Negri herself!

--Barbara Hartwell
February 4, 2003

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Insidious New Age Doctrines: A Concern for Christians

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust
PO Box 7487
Ocean Park, Maine 04063
Web site: Barbara Hartwell vs. CIA
Note: Following is a link to a report I wrote in 2003, originally posted on Rumor Mill News. Recently, I did a series of radio interviews with Keith Hansen (Vyzygoth) in which Keith and I (both Christians) discussed the New Age movement (among other topics) and its connection to collectivism and the New World Order.
This New Age movement is insidious and all genuine Christians should be concerned.
From my observations (and certainly since this report was written) the New Agers are getting ever more aggressive in promoting their doctrines. Their infiltration of Christian churches also seems to have escalated.
Of course, this is all part of the NWO's indoctrination system for the 'New World Religion'.
So I decided to post a link to this report, for those who have expressed interest in my analysis of the New Age movement.
New Age Politically Correct Thought Police
In addition, here is a letter from a Christian woman who wrote to me in response to the brouhaha caused on Rumor Mill News by my reports exposing the New Age doctrines and their connection to the shadow government and New World Order, which ironically, Rumor Mill News claims to "oppose" and "expose".
Believer in the Gospel of Jesus Christ
February 25, 2009

Greetings Barbara:

It seems that most of these people do not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, or a clue. I have long admired your boldness and realize it can be nothing less than the very presence of the Holy Spirit in you.

I do not claim to be any "house o' fire" or anything, but I am a believer. I also have conversations with God and also hear from Him. I do not have the slightest problem accepting or "knowing" that you speak the truth.
Since early childhood I have had to deal with the demonic. You see, in my family all the women on both sides are either evangelist's or practicing mediums. So you see I have to be very careful about what spiritual things I allow myself to come into contact with.

I am a praying woman, and I too have the infilling of the Holy Spirit. I KNOW that your visions are from God and I will continue to intercede for you in prayer. There have been many times that I have had to do battle in the spirit, and I know that this thing you are about to undertake will be as much spiritual as it will be physical.

I have made a promise to myself that I will cease to debate my beliefs anymore on this board. Something IS happening at RMN, something that is deeply spiritual, and not altogether holy either. I will continue there for as long as God allows me to do so, but soon, if something doesn't change RMN will just be another "New Age" cyber cafe.
This makes me really sad because I have such respect for Rayelan. She is an amazingly strong, wise and accomplished woman. She has survived so many dire circumstances that I am sure I would have perished of long ago.
I just wanted you to know that I understood and deeply appreciated your testimony. Perhaps the others just aren't capable of understanding it.
In Christ's day the very people who should have most grasped and celebrated the words spoken to them by the Messiah, wanted nothing more than to crucify Him, so you are in excellent company!
I know how much you dislike people giving you advice, so please take this in the true spirit in which it is meant, don't take up the offense that is slung at you in the lounge or anywhere on RMN, it will only serve to tire you further.
Please don't get me wrong, you have EVERY REASONABLE right to be ticked off at some of the responses, but I believe that many of those responses are meant to anger you, and thus steal more energy and peace from you on a daily basis. There, that's all I have to say about that!
May Everything You Put your Hand to Be BLESSED OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST!!! The scripture I will leave you and yours with is Psalm 91, because it is my prayer for you.
Love & Victory!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust
PO Box 7487
Ocean Park, Maine 04063
Web site: Barbara Hartwell vs. CIA

Browns face conspiracy, arms counts
Couple arrested in standoff over taxes
By Margo Sanger-Katz
Monitor Staff
[Margot Sanger-Katz: servant of Big Government; toady to IRS thugs & extortionists; mainstream media prostitute; half-wit bimbo]
Sixteen months after their armed standoff with federal officials ended in a peaceful, undercover arrest, Ed and Elaine Brown were back in New Hampshire yesterday to face weapons and conspiracy charges for their activities.

If found guilty, the couple could receive what amount to life sentences. Just one charge, for possession of destructive devices, carries a mandatory minimum sentence of 30 years in prison.

The Browns, who were convicted of tax-related felonies in January 2007, fled authorities and holed up in their fortified and well-provisioned Plainfield home for nearly nine months. They entertained guests, accumulated weapons, spoke with news reporters and threatened violence against any agent who tried to arrest them.

An 11-count indictment unsealed yesterday accuses the Browns of conspiring with supporters to interfere with arrest attempts and stockpile weapons and homemade bombs. The indictment describes pipe bombs, exploding rifle targets, improvised booby trap guns and cans of gunpowder wrapped with nails. In testimony during the trial of several supporters last year, federal agents described finding Ed Brown's fingerprints on several of the devices, which were scattered strategically around the house near detonation cords, matches and high-powered rifles.

Throughout their tax trial and the standoff, the Browns challenged the authority of the federal government, saying repeatedly that no law required them to pay taxes and that they were not subject to federal jurisdiction.

During their separate arraignments in Concord yesterday, the couple maintained their positions. Though they were not allowed to speak to each other before the hearings, they both rejected appointed counsel, refused to offer pleas and expressed their view that the indictment was invalid.

"I am not the person on this indictment," Elaine Brown, 68, told federal Magistrate Judge James Muirhead yesterday. "I do not plan on taking part in any proceeding on it whatsoever."

Elaine Brown, who appeared in a green prison uniform and slip-on sneakers, looked transformed by her incarceration. Her previously coifed brown hair was gray and cut short. She wore no makeup, and she appeared to have lost weight. In letters to supporters posted online, she has complained about the prison food.

After Elaine Brown entered the courtroom, she began writing on papers at the defense table. Muirhead later read the papers and described them as an offer of a promissory bond of $1 billion and a "private offset bond" of $2 billion "so she and her husband can go free." Muirhead said he could not accept them.

Though she was seated next to Bjorn Lange, a federal public defender who assisted her in the final two days of her tax trial, Elaine Brown told Muirhead that she did not wish to have a lawyer. Lange, who avoided calling her by name, agreed to serve as her standby counsel and recommended that Muirhead enter a plea of not guilty on her behalf.

"I'm satisfied that the woman beside me has sufficiently understood," he told Muirhead near the end of the hearing.

'A higher law'

Ed Brown, 66, similarly rejected the court's authority, refusing to agree that he understood the constitutional rights that Muirhead described. He rejected the assistance of Michael Iacopino, a Manchester attorney who was appointed to assist him, though he said that he would accept a "council" of legal advisers.

"It's not the type of law that we operate under," Ed Brown said. "It's a higher law."

Ed Brown appeared in court in leg shackles, wearing a neon orange Strafford County jail uniform with his familiar gray mustache and glasses. For most of the hearing, he sat with his hands clasped in his lap, raising his eyebrows, scrunching his face and shrugging as Muirhead asked him questions. Like his wife, he unsuccessfully suggested a bond in exchange for their freedom, but Ed Brown offered more: $5 billion.

Now that we've heard the media lies and propaganda, time for the Truth.

[Taken from comments section at Concord Monitor]

Tax his land, Tax his bed, Tax the table At which he's fed.
Tax his tractor, Tax his mule, Teach him taxes Are the rule.
Tax his work, Tax his pay, He works for peanuts Anyway!
Tax his cow, Tax his goat, Tax his pants, Tax his coat.
Tax his ties, Tax his shirt, Tax his work, Tax his dirt.
Tax his tobacco, Tax his drink, Tax him if he Tries to think.
Tax his cigars, Tax his beers, If he cries, Tax his tears.
Tax his car, Tax his gas, Find other ways, To tax his ass.
Tax all he has, Then let him know, That you won't be done Till he has no dough.
When he screams and hollers; Then tax him some more, Tax him till He's good and sore.
Then tax his coffin, Tax his grave, Tax the sod in Which he's laid.
Put these words Upon his tomb, 'Taxes drove me to my doom.. .'
When he's gone, Do not relax, Its time to apply The inheritance tax.

Accounts Receivable Tax
Building Permit Tax
CDL license Tax
Cigarette Tax
Corporate Income Tax
Dog License Tax
Excise Taxes
Federal Income Tax
Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA)
Fishing License Tax
Food License Tax
Fuel Permit Tax
Gasoline Tax (currently 44.75 cents per gallon)
Gross Receipts Tax
Hunting License Tax
Inheritance Tax
Inventory Tax
IRS Interest Charges IRS Penalties (tax on top of tax)
Liquor Tax
Luxury Taxes
Marriage License Tax
Medicare Tax
Personal Property Tax
Property Tax
Real Estate Tax
Service Charge Tax
Social Security Tax
Road Usage Tax
Sales Tax
Recreational Vehicle Tax
School Tax
State Income Tax
State Unemployment Tax (SUTA)
Telephone Federal Excise Tax
Telephone Federal Universal Service FeeTax
Telephone Federal, State and Local Surcharge Taxes
Telephone Minimu m Usage Surcharge Tax
Telephone Recurring and Non-recurring Charges Tax
Telephone State and Local Tax
Telephone Usage Charge Tax
Utility Taxes
Vehicle License Registration Tax
Vehicle Sales Tax
Watercraft Registration Tax
Well Permit Tax
Workers Compensation Tax
Not one of these taxes existed 100 years ago, and our
nation was the most prosperous in the world.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Ex-FBI Agent Geral Sosbee Comments on the "Living Dead"

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust
PO Box 7487
Ocean Park, Maine 04063
Web site: Barbara Hartwell vs. CIA
Ex-FBI Agent Geral Sosbee Comments on "The Living Dead"

RE: America's Vile, Evil Government at Work...

(See "mug shots" of these criminal perps at link above.)
Todd Fahey, Tim White, Brenda Negri
Even a minimal attention to the art of physiognomy reveals that these three creatures are not ordinary humans; they are ghastly goons & ghouls as I further describe as LD:


The modern day living dead are those individuals (including their silent, behind- the- scene supporters) who seek out others for torture, imprisonment and death.See:
We the living recognize the dire circumstances confronting the heartily alive among us who are in numbers increasingly unarmed and at the same time unsuspecting of the the atrocities inherent in the current stealthy onslaught. Blind trust in government often lures the innocent into the ranks of the LD, and they are all soon obsessed with and mesmerized by one and the same pragmatic, godless and collective goal: the conquest of Mankind by a singularly hideous and destructive creed . See:
Many of us among the living have come to view the reality of the LD phenomena as antithetical to human dignity and contrary to the laws of divine nature, because we recognize that the LD is characterized in his vile machinations by a macabre, immoral and murderous disposition from which no quick escape is apparent; ironically the LD shares a common fate with his new recruits: no way out of the labyrinth of hell created by the decadent and disturbed mind. See:
Finally, those remaining alive and strolling (on the surface placidly) amidst the turmoil created by the LD sometimes find comfort in the company of their own kind , as they welcome the inevitable return to grace offered by the heavens to the ever living and pure at heart who manage to avoid conscription into the ranks of the LD.

QUESTIONS! geral sosbee (956) 371-5210

Funding Sources for US Intel Operations

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust
PO Box 7487
Ocean Park, Maine 04063
Web site: Barbara Hartwell vs. CIA
Funding Sources for US Intel Operations
From Ex-FBI Agent Geral Sosbee
The fbi/cia thugs, kidnappers, torturers, assassins, burglars, etc., obtain all the money they need for their criminal operations from multiple sources: Congress, Illegal drug operations and money laundering schemes, theft and seizure of Targets' assets, blackmail, theft (including burglary & robbery) and the stock markets around the globe.
The two corrupt groups regularly tap into the equities,commodities and futures markets for guaranteed huge profits. the SEC and other federal agencies ignore these criminal market manipulations because the fbi/cia are "securing the USA from terrorist attacks and are at the same defending freedom."
Recently, I attempted to present evidence of the fbi/cia illicit financial market activities on the Yahoo finance message boards; my efforts to place a message was in response to a report on the corruption of financial institutions on the same message board by a different author. However, shortly after I signed in and attempted to post my messages, the fbi/cia caused error number 999 to appear, thus permanently preventing me from posting any message on the yahoo message board. Yahoo pretends that the error number is common;here is the Yahoo notice to me: "Sorry, Unable to process request at this time -- error 999."

Furthermore, the corrupt congress of the USA is aware of and allows market manipulations under the authority of its various intel, budgetary and oversight committees; also the intel courts have inside scoop regarding fbi/cia fraud in the money markets as a result of the secret courts' reviews of the global criminal activities of the fbi/cia assassins and torturers.


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Messengers of Truth, Defenders of Liberty: Remembering What Is Real

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust
PO Box 7487
Ocean Park, Maine 04063
Web site: Barbara Hartwell vs. CIA
Messengers of Truth, Defenders of Liberty: Remembering What Is Real
As you might imagine, it gets very tiresome (and more than a little depressing) writing reports which expose government rat bastards, their stooges and shills and other assorted liars, scamsters, scandal-mongers, criminal perps, psycho-stalkers and lowlife losers.
So for a refreshing change, here's a list of indivduals I consider to be Messengers of Truth and Defenders of Liberty. Some are acquaintances, friends, and/or professional colleagues. Others are those I may not know personally, but whose work and activism I admire and value.
Some of these individuals are unlawfully incarcerated at this moment for the uncompromising stand they have taken and the principles they uphold. Some are being persecuted. But all have won my respect and I thank them for their contributions to all who stand for Liberty and seek Truth. In a brief phrase, they "remember what is real".
Rick Biesada
Wayne Blanchard
Ed and Elaine Brown
Jeremy Floyd
Charles Giuliani
Lisa Guliani
Keith Hansen (Vyzygoth)
Michael Herzog
Sherry Peel Jackson
Kathy Kasten
Devvy Kidd
Joe Lanier
Jackie McGauley
Julianne McKinney
Ellen Mariani
John Perna
Janet Phelan
Danny Riley
Ed Schooling
Karl Schwarz
Lt. Eric Shine
Geral Sosbee
Rick Stanley
Eleanor White
Carl F. Worden
This is far from a complete list. But these individuals, from my observations over a period of years, all exemplify the principles outlined in this piece I wrote in 2005. May God richly bless them all.
Barbara Hartwell Percival
February 22, 2009
June, 2005

Remembering What Is Real

A Real Patriot loves his country and the principles on which it was founded, despite the corruption of its government.

A Real Patriot knows beyond a shadow of doubt that his/her rights and liberties are bestowed by God (whatever religion or lack thereof.)

A Real Patriot recognizes Individual Rights as the Soul of Freedom.

A Real Patriot respects the individual rights, personal boundaries and spiritual integrity of others. He thus recognizes the Inviolability of Personhood.

A Real Patriot despises Socialism, Communism, Fascism, Democracy, Utopianism or any form of collectivism as a basis for government.

A Real Patriot seeks Liberty and Justice for All and pursues the goal single-mindedly, whatever it takes, no matter the personal circumstances or hardship; no matter the consequences to himself.

A Real Patriot will not compromise his principles for any reason, including political or personal expediency.

A Real Patriot spends his time fighting tyranny, wherever he finds it, in whatever ways he is capable.

A Real Patriot exposes government corruption, wherever he finds it, from the lowest to the highest level.

A Real Patriot seeks the truth and gathers facts before disseminating information to others.

A Real Patriot supports others (in whatever ways possible) who have proven by their actions that they are standing up for their country.

A Real Patriot does not waste time in petty sniping matches and arguing over minutiae, especially of a subjective/personal nature.

A Real Patriot does not plant the seeds of suspicion, sow discord or engage in bashing and trashing of other sincere patriots, especially with gratuitous and unsubstantiated name-calling.

A Real Patriot should have no trouble agreeing to disagree with others on secondary issues, as long as there are agreement and solidarity on the main issue: Defending Liberty and the God-given unalienable rights protected and guaranteed under the United States Constitution.

A Real Patriot backs up his words by taking action and encourages others to do so.

A Real Patriot sets an example which will inspire others to stand up for their rights and their country, rather than seeking followers.

A Real Patriot loves liberty so much that he is willing to fight to the death, if necessary, and truly knows in his heart that death is far preferable to slavery.

A Real Patriot knows that when the government has become rotten to the core, it is time for a Revolution.

There can be no Revolution, whatever form that takes, without Real Patriots uniting to defend their God-given, unalienable, Constitutionally protected and guaranteed rights.

Barbara Hartwell
Believer in the Gospel of Jesus Christ
Defender of the United States Constitution
Enemy of the New World Order Police State

June 10, 2005

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Timothy Patrick White: Fed Snitch Run Amok

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust
PO Box 7487
Ocean Park, Maine 04063
Web site: Barbara Hartwell vs. CIA
Timothy Patrick White: Fed Snitch Run Amok
We, the People, have had enough! Legitimate journalists and whistleblowers exposing government corruption have been targeted by a psychotic predicate felon and career criminal named Timothy Patrick White.
White engages in outrageous libel, criminal harassment, stalking (including cyber-stalking) and has made many threats against targets. These include threats of lawsuits (in conjunction with John DeCamp, Ted Gunderson and others); threats of violence and bodily harm, even death threats.
Tim White first threatened my life in 2001, and since that time has made many other threats against my person, including additional death threats. I actually had to change my telephone number more than once, due to relentless harassing phone calls from Tim White and his criminal accomplices.
White has stalked, harassed and libeled Barbara Hartwell, including with obscene epithets and outlandish and bizarre allegations, none of which have any basis in fact. White claims I am CIA, a false notion he undoubtedly was fed by ex-FBI agent Ted Gunderson (Gunderson, in a public letter to Hartwell: "Once a CIA agent, always a CIA agent.") whom White frequently boasts is a "personal friend".
To my knowledge, Tim White has also libeled and/or harassed and/or stalked and/or threatened many others, including Colorado resident Doreen Bishop; investigative journalist Janet Phelan; talk show host/private investigator Michael Herzog; ex-FBI agent/whistleblower Geral Sosbee; investigative journalist Thomas Richards; constitutional activist Rick Stanley; McMartin Preschool whistleblower Jackie McGauley; ONI whistleblower Al Martin; JBS leader John Perna, and a host of others.....
White has stalked many targets over a period of years; has violated restraining orders with impunity, and yet, strangely enough, law enforcement (nationwide) have refused to apprehend and prosecute this violent criminal run amok.
Currently, his primary accomplice is another criminal, one Todd Brendan Fahey, identity thief, forger, blackmailer and a pathological liar just like White, who fabricates outrageous lies about targets and is in collusion with White and others, running a massive libel campaign against targets, including Barbara Hartwell. Both of these cowardly criminal perps hide behind many aliases and screen names. Both are hiding out in other countries (White in Canada, Fahey in Southeast Asia), fugitives from justice.
On one website, created for the express purpose of publishing lies about targets, run under the name of "Xena Carpenter", many libelous smear pieces are posted (targets: Barbara Hartwell, Michael Herzog and others); and this site is being promoted in posts (Rumor Mill News groups; APFN and others) and via harassing e-mails from "Patrick Alexander", just one alias used by Tim White.
The libelous "reports" on this "Xena Carpenter" site are written by Todd Fahey (with Tim White as one of the "sources") and promoted by Tim White; Todd Fahey (hiding behind many aliases and screen names); Pam Scuffert; Ken Adachi and other accomplices, all of whom are government stooges and promoters, defenders and supporters of Ted Gunderson and John DeCamp. (What a "coincidence"....)
But just to round out the picture, here are excerpts from one report by Thomas Richards, editor of a website called Spiritually Smart.
Barbara Hartwell vs. CIA Unverifiable Source but interesting. I found this doing a google search for ""timothy white" viet nam vet"

Apparently this woman is alleging that Timothy White is sending her harassing, threatening letters. ~Source

AND Here is yet ANOTHER person claiming to be threatened and harrassed by Timothy White. ~Source

I, Thomas Richards can witness and testify that this Timothy White is doing the same exact thing to me. And in regards to John DeCamp and Ted Gunderson as she claims! If you would like me to forward these emails from Timothy Patrick White to you let me know. They are filled with profanity or else I would post them in here.

More interesting info on this Timothy White:


"I should also add that I have never seen anything posted by Tim White which bears any resemblance to the truth, at least about any legitimate person he has targeted, and there have been quite a few. But aside from his vicious libel of various individuals, Tim White is just a scavenger who posts recycled information on generic issues, written by others, which he finds on the Internet. He claims to be a "Concerned Citizen" which is how he signs all his posts."

"However, Tim White's lack of credentials and bona fides; as well as his documented criminal background as a convicted (and predicate) felon, notwithstanding, let me pose this question:"

"What could possibly constitute "100% confirmation" about the identity of your son, Johnny Gosch as Jeff Gannon ? That is an awfully strong statement to make, especially to publish far and wide. More importantly, how is Tim White, an uninvolved bystander, and complete amateur, qualified to make this ironclad claim ?"

"The answer is clear: Tim White is not qualified to make any such claims, He knows nothing from his own experience. He is not an investigator. He is in fact, uneducated. His writings demonstrate this as well as anything could. Tim White is merely a loud-mouthed dupe who shoots off his mouth at every opportunity, often using obscenity to smear his targets. What he thinks he knows comes mostly from the disinformation he is fed by Ted Gunderson and his criminal cohorts, who are exploiting him for their own ends. Tim White simply parrots what he is fed (most of which is false) and has been doing so, to my knowledge, going as far back as 2001, when I first heard of him. Tim White does not know me and has never met me. He calls me "Barbara Hartwell, that CIA bitch" in his public posts and has been doing so for years. He also calls me a "whore", along with other vile epithets which I refuse to put into print."

"In point of fact, Tim White is a delusional pathological liar with an axe to grind, who made a deal with criminal government operatives and law enforcement personnel, for a get-out-of-jail-free card in 2002, in return for targeting legitimate whistle-blowers like myself. I have a file chock-full of the many lies Tim White has posted, about me alone, spanning a time period between 2001 and the present day, 2005. He has even tried to implicate me in murders, that is, of people I never knew, had never met nor ever had any contact with ! I have the documents, all in my file."

"Tim White has zero credibility among legitimate whistle-blowers and professionals and is mentally unstable (to say the least) to boot."

"Now, it's important that I add the testimony of another person who has been victimized by Ted Gunderson, and subsequently targeted by Tim White, Jackie McGauley. I am aware that you know Jackie but when I spoke to her recently she told me that she had not been able to get in contact with you for quite some time. She also knows that Ted Gunderson has told many lies about her to anyone he associates with." ~Source

America's Vile, Evil Government at Work

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust
PO Box 7487
Ocean Park, Maine 04063
Web site: Barbara Hartwell vs. CIA
When I first approached Barbara Hartwell a few weeks ago about posting her articles on this site, it was my hope we could get wisdom from a lady that had witnessed the corruption in the United States Government and could share her experience about the dirtbags, lunatics and creeps inside the CIA, and FBI as well as share her knowledge about the crooks and criminals that now run Washington D.C. (District of Criminals). Needless to say, I was thrilled when Barbara decided to share her story with us.
Barbara’s information should be taken to heart by every citizen of this nation who cares about what is REALLY happening to this once great Nation. Year by year, decade by decade we are witnessing America being taken over by thugs, rogue cops, liars, perverts and the occult. We’ve seen our freedoms snatched away from us on a daily basis. We see morals that would make the historic inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah blush. We see leaders that actually torture it’s citizens. Never in my life, did I think I would ever live to see the day where the leaders of The United States of America actually try to DEFEND the torture of other human beings.


SUPPORTED BY DONATIONS: If you find the reports on this website valuable and/or simply because you care, please consider making a donation. All donations, in the form of Christian charity or love gifts, are greatly appreciated and are my only source of material support. No amount is too small, you are helping more than you know. Postal money orders are preferred. Please make payable to "Barbara Hartwell" and send to: PO Box 7487, Ocean Park, Maine 04063. Thank you for your consideration and God bless you. Barbara Hartwell, Sovereign Child of God, Believer in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tim White AKA Patrick Alexander: Psycho Stalker & G-Man Wannabe

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust
PO Box 7487
Ocean Park, Maine 04063
Web site: Barbara Hartwell vs. CIA
Tim White AKA Patrick Alexander: Psycho Stalker & G-Man Wannabe
Who is this utterly loathsome character, this government stooge,Timothy Patrick White?
He made a deal in 2002 with corrupt feds and law enforcement in Colorado, for a get-out-of-jail-free card. This predicate felon and career criminal fancies himself (and I quote from White's signature on his Internet posts) : "whistleblower"; "investigator"; "researcher"; "concerned citizen".

He boasts about his "personal friendships
" with a number of current/former government officials (all bad guys, naturally). And he has been running amok, committing felony crimes against persons for many years. You see, part of White's "deal" with the feds was to become a stool pigeon/snitch and low-level provocateur. To harass, stalk and libel targets of our corrupt federal government.
Recently I've been questioned by quite a number of people who have a) observed Tim White's obsessive libel campaign against Barbara Hartwell and others; b) had the hellish experience of being targeted by White and his fellow government-sponsored criminals, most of whom are government stooges, grandstanders and scamsters looking for attention, a gaggle of lowlife losers who have nothing better to do with their time than attack patriots, whistleblowers, expositors of government corruption, Defenders of Liberty and Messengers of Truth.
It is important to state that Tim White is now hiding behind an alias: Patrick Alexander. Why? First of all, because he is a coward. Only cowards feel the need to use an alias. Legitimate people use their real names and have no reason to cover up their identities.
Secondly, it's because Tim White has been so thoroughly exposed for the criminal stalker, pathological liar and whackjob that he is, he has been booted off many message boards all over the Internet and thus cannot gain access under his real name to do his dirty work of libeling his targets.
Several sources have forwarded e-mails to me from this "Patrick Alexander", messages which threaten, libel, harass and promote the bogus "reports" about legitimate people which are fabricated/posted on various websites and message boards by Tim White and accomplices.
Over the past year or so, White has added a number of individuals to his target list; and has escalated the criminal harassment against others, including myself.
Janet Phelan, an investigative journalist, is one such target. Tim White was stalking her, and even followed her to Idaho (2006) with criminal accomplice Pam Schuffert. Tim White had made many threats against Janet, including threats on her life. He has harassed her by telephone and posted many outrageous lies about her on the Internet.
When Janet Phelan made criminal complaints and filed a restraining order to stop the stalking and harassment by Tim White, law enforcement and other government authorities in various locations refused to do their job to protect Janet from the crimes of Tim White; they refused to investigate the case; and even worse, tried to blame Janet for the terrible persecution which was visited upon her through no fault of her own.
As a result of all this hellish criminal harassment by Tim White and accomplices, Janet Phelan fled to Canada in fear for her life. Tim White even publicly threatened Janet that he would have HER put in jail!
Another target: Talk show host Michael Herzog. Yesterday evening I received a phone call from Michael, who told me that White is now posting a libelous "report" about Michael all over the Internet, as well as e-mailing a large number of people known to be associated with Michael (or listeners from his radio audience) in attempts to trash Michael's good name, and falsely accusing him of all sorts of dastardly deeds.
Tim White has also placed another target in his cross-hairs: Thomas Richards, editor of a website called Spiritually Smart. Thomas Richards has done a great job of exposing Ted Gunderson and John DeCamp, among others. White attacked Richards in "defense" of Gunderson and DeCamp, and was also harassing Richards by e-mail for months.
Tim White, in addition to stalking, harassing and libeling his targets, also perpetrates monstrous invasions of privacy by publishing PRIVATE street addresses and even photos of his targets' houses on many sites all over the Internet.
White and his accomplices have also solicited further crimes (stalking, criminal harassment) against targets (including Barbara Hartwell) by like-minded criminal scum, which is a crime in and of itself.
White has invaded the privacy of Barbara Hartwell; Michael Herzog; Thomas Richards and others, by posting such information on the Internet. But it doesn't stop there. White (along with his accomplices, most notably criminal stalker, forger, identity thief, blackmailer, etc. etc. Todd Brendan Fahey) fabricates outrageous lies about the personal/professional lives of the targets in conjunction with invading privacy.
I call these two, Fahey and White, the "demonic duo". And anyone who has ever had the displeasure of being assaulted by their horrible voices, spewing out threats and vile obscenities, can attest to the diabolical nature of these hideous excuses for "men". In addition to being criminal stalkers, both are sex perverts/predators and porno-mongers, whose targets include innocent children!
But aside from the other half of the demonic duo, Todd Fahey, White is not operating alone. Following is a list of individuals who have a) promoted Tim White; b) defended Tim White; c) been in collusion with Tim White to destroy reputations, even the very lives of targets; d) solicited "help" from Tim White and/or used him as a gopher to carry out their dirty work, as in libeling, harassing, stalking, making threats, intimidation tactics, etc. e) libeled/slandered decent legitimate people on the say-so of Tim White, parroting the outrageous falsehoods which originated in White's rabid, delusional psyche, his paranoid fantasies of persecution by the very people he has been tasked with targeting by his fed masters. In some cases, all of the above.
Beware of these individuals. Believe nothing they say, and most important, do your own research, rather than accepting at face value anything they claim to be "truth". All are grandstanders and liars with an agenda: to destroy lives of truthful, legitimate people in order to cover up their own crimes and/or aggrandize their egos and/or for material gain.
And their association with predicate felon, career criminal, transvestite, sex pervert/predator, G-Man wannabe, the despicable Timothy Patrick White, should speak for itself and tell you all you need to know about these unsavory characters. Birds of a feather flock this case, vultures and scavengers.
Ted L. Gunderson
Ken Adachi
John DeCamp
Todd Brendan Fahey
Pam Schuffert
Larry Lawson
Don Nicoloff
Eric John Phelps
Brenda Negri
Sherry Shriner
Shirley Anderson
Charles Bruce Stewart
Lenny Bloom aka Nelson Thall
Mark Hostlaw
Xena Carpenter (possibly an alias for one of White's criminal accomplices)
I haven't named them all, that would be a herculean task! Some of the little cowards hide behind aliases or screen names. Some are government operatives hiding in the shadows, whose names we will probably never know.
But if they're in collusion, on any level, in any way, shape or form, with Timothy Patrick White, they are to be avoided, shunned, boycotted and banned form the lives of all decent, legitimate Messengers of Truth and Defenders of Liberty.
Lastly, hear this, all you cops, feds, FBI et al, who have set this menace loose on the good people of America; and/or who have failed to do your duty to "protect and serve"; to enforce the law; to defend the Constitution and the constitutional protections of citizens who are being stalked, harassed, threatened by this lunatic and his accomplices; and/or who have refused to investigate, arrest, prosecute this criminal, Timothy Patrick White:
You people need to wake up! And for once in your lives, do the right thing. Nail this perp, take him off the streets and let justice (finally!) be served.
Barbara Hartwell Percival
February 19, 2009

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Truth Hertz Radio: Charles Giuliani Interviews 9-11 Witness Anthony Cipriano

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust
PO Box 7487
Ocean Park, Maine 04063
Web site: Barbara Hartwell vs. CIA
Truth Hertz Radio: Charles Giuliani Interviews 911 Witness Anthony Cipriano
The persecution and harassment of Americans in our own country has become so prevalent it is astounding. Who is being persecuted? Anyone with the courage to seek and expose the truth about the massive government corruption, official lies and cover-ups, on any number of subjects, but certainly relating to 9-11.
In this interview, 9-11 witness Anthony Cipriano tells his story of being stalked, placed under surveillance, harassing phone calls, etc. -- and the failure of law enforcement to respond or investigate his complaints.
When he seeks assistance to identify the perps; to stop the harassment, he is called "paranoid" and told he needs to get "professional help" (As in: You are crazy, nobody is out to get you....)
I found Anthony's story to be credible and his delivery of the facts straightforward. His testimony had the ring of truth and it was very clear that he had been severely traumatized by this ordeal. If you are someone who still believes, It can't happen here, not in America, you need to hear this show!
If you are someone who already knows the truth about the persecution of Americans, those who dare to be Defenders of Liberty and Messengers of Truth, no matter the consequences, then please listen to this show and then tell everyone you know.
Paranormal Radio Network
February 16, 2009: Charlie Interviews Anthony Cipriano
More Info on Anthony Cipriano
Truth Hertz Radio Hosted by Charles Giuliani
Mondays 7-8 PM Eastern Time on Paranormal Radio Network
Charles Giuliani's Storefront

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