Thursday, March 19, 2009

Janet Phelan's Letter to George Little, CIA Office of Public Affairs

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Janet Phelan's Letter to George Little, CIA Office of Public Affairs
March 18, 2009

Dear Mr. Little,

I am contacting you with some questions concerning Seymour Hersh’s disclosure at the University of Minnesota last week referencing “executive assassination teams” operating domestically within the U.S. I called Public Affairs at the CIA yesterday and spoke with Marie. She told me that you were unavailable and that she would forward to you what questions I might have. She did mention that you were standing by your previous statement that Hersh’s allegations were unfounded.

I have several names of people who have died under highly suspicious circumstances of late. I was hoping either you or Marie could comment upon these circumstances. I began to state my concerns to Marie about whether reporter Gary Webb had indeed suicided, given that he had two bullet holes in his head. I mentioned that Webb had just gotten involved in the Michael Riconoscuitto matter at the time of Webb’s sudden and violent death. Parenthetically, I understand that several people who have gotten involved in the Riconscuitto matter have also died under suspicious circumstances.

I had other names on my list. I began to ask Marie about the untimely death of Sonoma attorney Jeff Zaret, age 49, of a sudden massive coronary. Zaret died within days of his agreeing to take on a vaccination lawsuit, in which the U.S. Government would have been one of the defendants. I don’t know if I was disconnected from my phone call to your agency before or after I mentioned that I was attacked by several officers of the law, including Loren Dawson, Long Beach Police Department, on January 3, 2003, in a sting operation involving several other assailants, also officers of the law. A federal officer who was my former lover, Jack L. Smith of 7911 Norton Ave. in West Hollywood, was involved in setting up the sting.

If I had died (and I was in a coma for two days from the assault) my death would also have been reported as a suicide.

But the line had gone dead, and I don’t know if I was disconnected before or after I began on the Zaret situation.

Hersh had tied the “executive assassination rings” to JSOC. I am providing a link to a de-classified document relating the Special Operations Command to a program of “Clandestine Tagging, Tracking and Locating” (CTTL).

There is mention in this document of the use of biometrics and other surveillance techniques. I have personal knowledge of how biometrics is a linchpin in at least one system, which can result in death by sudden massive coronary.

The capabilities of CTTL are designated as “Classified.” I was hoping you could shed light on what rule of law and what decision-making bodies are authorizing these attacks on American citizens.

I do have other names of deceased American citizens whose manner of death I would like you to comment upon. But let’s start with the above. As I am on deadline, I would appreciate hearing back from you by the end of business day this Friday, March 20th. If you choose to call rather than e-mail, please be advised that I will be taping the call.


Janet C. Phelan

647 240-9369

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