Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Truth Hertz Radio: Charles Giuliani Interviews 9-11 Witness Anthony Cipriano

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Truth Hertz Radio: Charles Giuliani Interviews 911 Witness Anthony Cipriano
The persecution and harassment of Americans in our own country has become so prevalent it is astounding. Who is being persecuted? Anyone with the courage to seek and expose the truth about the massive government corruption, official lies and cover-ups, on any number of subjects, but certainly relating to 9-11.
In this interview, 9-11 witness Anthony Cipriano tells his story of being stalked, placed under surveillance, harassing phone calls, etc. -- and the failure of law enforcement to respond or investigate his complaints.
When he seeks assistance to identify the perps; to stop the harassment, he is called "paranoid" and told he needs to get "professional help" (As in: You are crazy, nobody is out to get you....)
I found Anthony's story to be credible and his delivery of the facts straightforward. His testimony had the ring of truth and it was very clear that he had been severely traumatized by this ordeal. If you are someone who still believes, It can't happen here, not in America, you need to hear this show!
If you are someone who already knows the truth about the persecution of Americans, those who dare to be Defenders of Liberty and Messengers of Truth, no matter the consequences, then please listen to this show and then tell everyone you know.
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February 16, 2009: Charlie Interviews Anthony Cipriano
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